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Chapter 2508 One And Only, One Man&##039;s Madness Through Time, Descendant Self Sword&##039;s Transfo

Chapter 2508 One And Only, One Man's Madness Through Time, Descendant Self Sword's Transformation

"You moved an entire universe with just one thought? Your spatial technique is as good as Void Ruler's," God Emperor said.
After that, blinding Immortal Sparks shone from the silent void, and a white figure emerged.
It was Chu Kuangren!
However, the God Emperor was not surprised by his arrival.
"So it is you who stands before me at the end," God Emperor said.
"It has always been me."
"Before I kill you, human, tell me your name."
Chu Kuangren swung his sleeve, releasing three thousand Daoist laws and a rampant qi that swept over the void, shaking even the Infiniverse.
The rampant qi felt like it could penetrate time and shake space itself.
"I am Chu Kuangren, the one and only madman throughout time! God Emperor, are you prepared to die?"
Chu Kuangren stood with his hands behind his back, releasing his rampant aura to pressure the God Emperor.
The God Emperor laughed upon hearing Chu Kuangren. "Hahaha! Not even the Human Ancestor dared to claim that he could kill me. Chu Kuangren, you're the first and only human who has the nerve to do that. Very well, one and only Chu Kuangren. I will remember you. After I kill you, I will erect a tomb for you until the end of time."
Then, his God Emperor qi spread and shook the entire Infiniverse.
The clash of their auras alone shattered the universal wall of the Pan Gu Universe and formed a terrifying distortion field.
Like a black hole, neighboring universes were sucked in and molded together like a piece of dough.
Multiple universes' Great Daos shattered, and more than a dozen universes molded into a chaotic universe due to their clashing auras.
That chaotic universe would be the new battlefield for Chu Kuangren and the God Emperor.
Their battle was reflected across the Infiniverse, so all cultivators could watch it from a safe distance.
Back in the Great Hongmeng Universe, countless cultivators watched the battle solemnly.
"Master's sword isn't repaired yet. Isn't it a little too rushed for him to fight the God Emperor now?" Lan Yu glanced at the Descendant Self Sword on the altar.
"The God Emperor is already in the Pan Gu Universe. There's no way Kuangren would sit back and do nothing," Gu Linglong said.
Their second meeting was fated, and Gu Linglong looked nothing but worried.
"Kuangren, you have to come back safely."
Devil King, Shen Qixue, Tempest King, Chu Hong, Shang Honghua, and the others also watched the battle with a pounding heart.
That would be the most important battle throughout history as the fate of the Infiniverse and the lives of all living beings depended on it.
Back in the chaotic universe, the God Emperor stared at Chu Kuangren and decided not to hold back anymore.
With his hand raised, God Emperor qi erupted, and a spear dropped from the sky. Powerful rage qi emanated from the spear.
One glance at it and the intense rage qi could hurt one's eyes.
"This is the final battle. Where is your sword, Chu Kuangren?" the God Emperor asked as he wielded his spear.
"It will come."
Chu Kuangren then hurled the All Creation Cauldron at the God Emperor. The vast Creation energy could easily destroy an Overlord.
However, the God Emperor swung his spear in a flurry, and rampant energy erupted from its tip.
The cauldron was blasted away.
Chu Kuangren flew high up to catch the cauldron and followed up with a sword hand sign.
Multiple Overlord Great Dao energies erupted, and together with the Unlimited Great Dao energy, they formed a massive sword shadow that attacked the God Emperor.
"Three Thousand Great Dao Slash!"
That strike was terrifyingly powerful.
Unfazed by its overwhelming power, the God Emperor countered by releasing his God Emperor qi.
"God Emperor Art, King's Heaven Calling!"
When the spear was thrust forward, disaster befell. Upon collision with the sword shadow, the chaotic universe, formed by molding a dozen universes together, almost shattered.
Amidst the blinding explosion, Chu Kuangren was sent flying away while the God Emperor was pushed back two steps.
"Not bad. You're stronger than the Human Ancestor, but not all three thousand of your Great Daos have reached the Overlord Realm. You can't beat me," the God Emperor said.
He then raised his spear high, and his God Emperor qi shone brightly. He released another unparalleled attack that distorted the chaotic universe again.
Chu Kuangren simply stood there in the void. "We'll see about that."
A massive amount of fortune energy rushed into his body.
It was the blessing of the kingdom's fortune energy!
The Pan Gu Kingdom was currently the strongest kingdom in the Infiniverse. Its fortune level was even higher than Chu Kuangren's fortune level when he first started the kingdom. With the blessing of such a massive fortune energy, Chu Kuangren's powers surged to a new height.
At the same time, Gu Linglong and all the other cultivators in the kingdom raised their hands.
"Take our powers! You must win!"
Their energies flew across time and space to reach Chu Kuangren, and it boosted his energy level higher.
His aura skyrocketed, almost matching the God Emperor's, but it was still not enough! Chu Kuangren's white hair danced wildly in the wind as he shouted, "Fleeting Beauty!"
He used the time ability again to siphon endless power from time itself.
Time had no end, so his powers had no limit either.
Chu Kuangren's eyes gleamed with determination, and he said coldly, "I won't deactivate the Fleeting Beauty before I defeat you."
"Great! Ever since I destroyed all the Primal Gods, I saw no rival anymore. But now, I've finally met you, someone who I can fight to my fullest with!"
The God Emperor laughed boldly and gripped his spear tighter.
His golden hair danced with the wind, his God Emperor qi rumbled, and his golden Immortal Sparks shone blindingly like the sun, shining its light across the Infiniverse.
"Let's fight!"
Both of them shouted and locked eyes before darting out at each other at the same time in golden and white streams of light.
It was the God Emperor qi versus three thousand Great Dao.
Two of the most powerful energies in the Infiniverse clashed in the fiercest way possible.
Universes were destroyed as they fought.
However, they did not use any kind of divine abilities.
At their level, Immortal Techniques and divine abilities were no longer as effective or efficient as pure energy.
"Bang! Bang!"
The clash lasted for some time, and their battle continued to wreck the Infiniverse.
When the All Creation Cauldron clashed with the spear again, it started to crack, and a massive amount of Creation energy leaked out.
Due to the crack, Chu Kuangren was blasted backward by the spear.
"Admirable opponent, it's time to end this," the God Emperor bellowed.
He raised his spear high and wanted to deliver the final blow when a loud sword chime from the Pan Gu Kingdom suddenly reverberated throughout the Infiniverse.
The Descendant Self Sword had repaired the crack on its blade!
With the blessing of the kingdom's fortune energy and the people's power of wishes, the Descendant Self Sword had transformed completely and grown a lot stronger.
At that moment, all the swords in the Great Hongmeng Universe buzzed to its chime and rose to the sky.
The Descendant Self Sword then flew across the universal barrier and headed to the chaotic universe. Right before the God Emperor could deliver the final blow, endless sword qi tore apart the chaotic universe's barrier, and swords rushed inside in the form of a dragon.
The sword dragon dashed toward the God Emperor, attempting to crush him.
The God Emperor grunted and channeled his God Emperor qi, forming an indestructible barrier to block all the swords from attacking him. Chu Kuangren's eyes gleamed. "Descendant Self Sword, to me!"

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