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Chapter 3069 The Second Element of Utmost Purity!

Chapter 3069 The Second Element of Utmost Purity!

Among the disciples of the secret aristocratic families that Zhao Chen knew, even the core direct descendants of the aristocratic families could not be nonchalantly assigned Grade 5 Creators.
However, Lin Yuan could do it.
Zhao Chen was very curious about Lin Yuan's identity. He thought, Lin Yuan is most likely the direct bloodline of that Grade 6 Creator. Otherwise, why would those Grade 5 Creators give Lin Yuan such respect?
Zhao Chen had begged for this opportunity. When this Grade 5 Creator arrived at his residence, Zhao Chen would definitely treat this Grade 5 Creator well and strive to improve his feys.
Zhao Chen would not hesitate even if he had to exhaust his resources in the end.
As the City Lord of Diverse City, he had many channels to accumulate resources but there were not many opportunities for Grade 5 Creators to customize potions.
If he spent all his resources, he could still continue to obtain more. If his strength increased, his status and influence in the family would greatly increase.
"Brother Lin, thank you so much. If there's anything you want me to do in the future, I won't refuse!"
After saying that, Zhao Chen had his servants move the treasures in his treasury to the banquet hall for Lin Yuan to choose from.
There was no price system for asking Creators to concoct potions in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. The Creator could choose whatever resources they wanted. The deal would only be sealed after Creator had chosen the resources.
However, when they could obtain the potions depended on the Creator's mood.
Instead of saying that paying resources first was for the convenience of Creators, it was more like a guarantee for the person who customized the potion. They did not have to be afraid that the Creator they found might give up on their order one day.
Soon, Lin Yuan saw Zhao Chen's collection. Many of the resources were very versatile and were very helpful to the core members of Sky City in strengthening their feys.
The more resources Lin Yuan chose, the happier Zhao Chen would be.
This meant that he would be able to order more potions from the Grade 5 Creator.
If the Grade 6 Creator in the Sky Beyond the Clouds did not take action, the resources from the Grade 5 Creators would be considered the peak. There was nothing in this world that Grade 5 Creator resources could not trade for.
When Lin Yuan opened a brocade box, his eyes suddenly lit up. Inside the brocade box was a crystal emitting five-colored brilliance.
The crystal seemed to have countless tornadoes that were constantly being created and destroyed. This crystal emitting five-colored brilliance was like a world and the tornadoes were constantly destroying, creating and forming things in this world.
Zhao Chen actually had a pure variant of the wind element, which made Lin Yuan think of his contracted Golden Wings.
Shiny also possessed an extremely pure variant of the wind element called the Sacred Golden Wind.
Any elemental energy-to-pure-element variant had great dominance over that element.
There was more than one purity variant of each element and almost all purity variants of each element's purity variant were different.
However, these pure elemental variants were able to digest and devour each other, thereby strengthening their own pure elemental variants.
If Shiny absorbed the pure mutation of the wind element known as the Five-Colored Ripping Wind, be it its bloodline or its control over wind elements would both greatly increase.
Shiny had long been able to reach the Holy Spirit level. The reason Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to evolve Shiny was that he had been waiting for an opportunity to evolve Shiny.
Lin Yuan had finally waited for this opportunity.
Among all of Lin Yuan's feys, Shiny could be considered an extremely special one. Lin Yuan had spent a lot of effort on Shiny which had the Barren bloodline.
In order to provide food for Shiny, Lin Yuan had worked with Long Tao to nurture a large number of dragon species to obtain dragon livers.
It could be said that Shiny's food was the most difficult to provide among all Lin Yuan's feys.
Lin Yuan had never mistreated Shiny and had high hopes for it.
This allowed Shiny to absorb utmost pure elements when it reached the Divine Kingdom level.
When Lin Yuan was communicating with Ling Muzhuo, he had deliberately mentioned utmost pure elements in order to find opportunities for Shiny.
Lin Yuan remembered that Ling Muzhuo had said to him very seriously that utmost pure elements were the top elemental resources in this world. Even a Grade 5 Creator might not be able to find utmost pure elements of a certain type.
Utmost pure elements were beneficial to any living being that matched their types. It was difficult for such resources to be obtained by individuals.
Ling Muzhuo's words let Lin Yuan know how rare utmpst pure elements were. At the same time, he knew very well that even if Fortune Treasure Palace really had a collection of pure elements, Ling Muzhuo would not take them out to trade with him.
Ling Muzhuo cared so much about and valued those resources. It would be impossible to obtain them without some channels.
When Lin Yuan first came to the Sky Beyond the Clouds, his biggest channel was the Fortune Treasure Palace.
For a moment, Lin Yuan gave up on the idea of searching for wind-type variants.
To be able to see the Five-Colored Ripping Wind at Zhao Chen's place today and for him to be willing to use the Five-Colored Ripping Wind to trade was definitely a great opportunity for Shiny.
When Zhao Chen saw that Lin Yuan had been observing the Five-Colored Ripping Wind for a long time, he hurriedly said, "Brother Lin, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have taken out this pure wind-type element. The Elders of the family had asked me for this Five-Colored Ripping Wind before, but I didn't take it out."
Lin Yuan now had a certain understanding of the secret aristocratic families in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Many factions within the secret aristocratic families had been passed down for countless years, and every faction insisted on their own interests. It was the same for everyone in every faction.
Zhao Chen's so-called not taking it out was actually because the benefits given by the Elders were not good enough.
He and Zhao Chen had just met and Zhao Chen treated him like this because he had abundant resources.
Lin Yuan had always been a very clear-headed person and would not lose himself in other people's flattery.
Even so, Lin Yuan still accepted Zhao Chen's favor.
Lin Yuan continued to choose some resources. After that, he returned to Fortune Treasure Palace and did not stay in the City Lord Manor under Zhao Chen's hospitality.
Apart from the Five-Colored Ripping Wind, Lin Yuan had also obtained a vine that could evolve the Perfect Touch Wisteria.
The Vine Wood True Essence was as beneficial to vine-species feys as it was to wind-type feys. Furthermore, the Vine Wood True Source was extremely gentle. It was not as dangerous as the Five-Colored Ripping Wind.
After Lin Yuan left, Zhao Chen happily stood in the sky garden of the City Lord Manor and looked at the night scenery below as he let out a happy sigh. He finally had a chance to increase the strength of his feys!
Zhao Chen had contracted a few feys. Once the strength of these feys increased, Zhao Chen would be able to increase his ranking ten years later so that he could obtain more authority and resources.
The moment Lin Yuan returned to Fortune Treasure Palace, he entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone and summoned Shiny.
[Fey Name]: Golden Wings
[Fey Species]: Barren-species/feather-winged-species
[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (10/10)
[Fey Type]: Wind
[Fey Quality]: Medium
[Divine kingdom grade]: Medium
[Snapped Neck Falling Death]: When its sharp claws make contact with a target, the target's neck will be snapped. At the same moment, the Golden Wings will extract the target's soul and absorb the soul into its feathers. The soul will imbue the storm patterns on the feathers with intelligence.
[Flowing Wind Claws]: When the wind elements in the Golden Wings' feathers are released into the environment, it will be able to control the surrounding winds and manipulate it to attack its opponent. The attacked target will feel like it is being slashed by claws. After attacking a target, the Golden Wings will also be able to inject wind elements into its target through explosions and cause double the amount of damage.
[Rapid Wind Whistle]: By flapping its wings to activate wind-elemental energy, it will simultaneously let out a roar that causes both physical and elemental damage to a designated target. A headwind will also lower the target's speed. Each time a headwind is released, its own speed will be increased.
[Hurricane Added Protection]: A vicious hurricane shield will be added to one's own body. Every time elemental damage is inflicted on it, the hurricane shield will absorb the damage before reflecting it. The hurricane shield can also absorb wind-elemental energy from the surroundings to replenish the wind-elemental energy in its body.
[Folded Wings Wind Valley]: With the Golden Wings at the center, an environment charged with wind-elemental energy will be formed. Wind-elemental energy will be continuously produced in this environment. When it makes a sacrifice to this territory, the wind-elemental energy will be absorbed into its bloodline and trigger a one-time explosion.
[Disappearing Wind Attack]: Its body will be combined with wind elements. Even a slight breeze will be enough for it to hide within. While it is hiding in the wind, it will be immune to damage as long as the wind remains.
[Revived Seasonal Winds]: The wind elements' state will be changed. The wind elements will gain powerful healing abilities. Targets will be healed wherever the winds exist. They will continue to heal as long as the wind does not stop moving.
[Swift Wind Death]: The sharpness of wind elements will be activated. The wind elements will change into wild winds that will continuously attack the target until the target has been ground to pieces. The sharpness of the wind elements will have Flowing Wind Claws' tearing effects and Snapped Neck Falling Death's bone-breaking effects.
[Elemental Sword Feathers]: All the feathers will be elementalized. The pure elemental traits in the feathers will be activated. When the feathers are attacked and damaged, the wind flowing in the environment will naturally replenish the feathers. The feathers can be shot into the outside world and will have penetrating effects.
[Sacred Golden Wind]: All the wind elements under its control will be transformed into sacred gold wind. The sacred gold wind will go beyond the regular elemental state. The lowest elemental state will have damaging and immunity effects.
Exclusive Skill:`
[Unset State]: When interacting with another fey, the Golden Wings can copy the fey's exclusive skill and triggered abilities. Unset State will then turn into the copied exclusive skill and triggered ability. The abilities can only be switched out once every lunar cycle.
[Wind's Descendant]: By placing itself as the heart of all wind elements, it will become the eye of a hurricane and control all of the surrounding wind elements. It will become the master while all other winds will become its disciple.
[Summoning Wind Changing Spirit]: Use wind elements to accommodate other elemental energy and turn them into vassals of the wind elements. In extreme environments, the accommodated elemental energy can change its own attributes and allow it to become better affiliated with the environment as well as use elemental attacks of different elemental types.
[Whirling Wind Compression]: Use the energy in its body to compress and coordinate wind-elemental energy. The wind elements will be tightly locked together and will resonate. Its ability to control wind elements will be stronger than that of the natural environment and it will become stronger at controlling wind elements in different elements. The power of its abilities and exclusive skills related to wind will also be strengthened.
[Golden Wind Enters Body]: The sacred golden wind will be absorbed into the body and be used to change the body. The sacred golden wind will transform into sacred entities that command wind elements and will be able to suppress all inferior wind elements. In the transformed state, it will be able to comprehensively increase its energy and the characteristics it controls.
[Wind Territory Release]: The sacred golden energy will be released into the surrounding environment. The environment filled with the sacred golden wind will be under its control and the wind territory under its control will suppress lifeforms of other types. Each suppressed target will lead to an increase in the wind speed of the sacred golden wind in the wind territory.
Divine Kingdom Abilities:
[Sacred Golden Wind Nest]: A large nest of faith power will be created in the divine kingdom. The sacred golden wind can be released from the body in the nest and condensed into sacred golden wind crystals.
Shiny had already evolved to World Emperor X. In terms of divine kingdom evolution, Shiny was faster than all of Lin Yuan's feys.
The reason why Shiny's divine kingdom evolved so quickly was because of the Sacred Golden Wind that Shiny had.
Shiny's divine kingdom had already produced wind-type lifeforms using Sacred Golden Wind.
Chimey's divine kingdom was at a disadvantage when compared to Shiny. This made Lin Yuan realize the power of utmost pure elements once again!
When Shiny was by Lin Yuan's side, it habitually changed its form. However, even when it changed its form, it could not stand on Lin Yuan's shoulder like Chimey.
If it stood on Lin Yuan's shoulder, Shiny' sharp claws would pierce through his shoulder.
"Yuan, you said you have something good for me. What is it? I'll invite Chimey to evolve the divine kingdom with me later. I want to make my divine kingdom stronger so that I can protect you!"
In the Sky Beyond the Clouds, spirit contractors were so noble that some large clans would prioritize disciples with spirit contractor talents.
It was not only because the contracted feys of the spirit contractors were stronger in combat. When the contracted feys reached the Holy Spirit level, the divine kingdoms of these creatures would be located around the contracted divine kingdoms and become the country's defense. When the divine kingdom was invaded, the defenses would prioritize helping to defend against the invaders.
Shiny had been working hard for this.
Lin Yuan looked at Shiny and thought, Shiny's temperament is completely different from when it was young!

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