Novel Name : Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1364 Unwilling! Trap! Crisis!

Chapter 1364 Unwilling! Trap! Crisis!

The group of young people around the girl with two ponytails could not help but berate her.
They would never allow anyone to slander their idol!
Furthermore, no matter what, Senior Chu Feng was once a hero who led the entire human race to bravely resist the Abyss Demon Race. How could a junior like you evaluate him?!
Even the young man holding the ponytail girl frowned and hurriedly shouted, "Xiao Ru, be careful with your words!"
The girl called Xiao Ru looked indignant.
"Brother Xuan, did I say something wrong?!"
"Even if Senior Chu Feng returns now, he might not be stronger than you."
"You have a seventh-grade Spiritual Abode! You're an outstanding existence in the entire human race! Who else can do it?!"
"Your talent has been recognized by the ancient phantoms in the Desolate God Gu Realm!"
Hearing his sister's words, Lin Xuan fell silent.
What his sister said… did not seem to be groundless.
Although he was usually humble, he was extremely proud.
Along the way of cultivation, the thing he heard the most was… You are very talented. If you work harder, you might be able to become the second Chu Feng.
Everyone compared him to that former genius.
However, no one had ever thought that he would surpass that young man.
To be honest, Lin Xuan was still a little indignant.
Although he also admired Chu Feng, he felt that the current him might not be inferior to Chu Feng!
However, just as Lin Xuan was deep in thought, in front of everyone, Ye Qingtian suddenly chuckled and glanced at the clamoring young lady, Lin Ru.
Then, he said faintly, "Do you think your brother is stronger than Chu Feng?"
Although Lin Ru was a little intimidated by the might of this alliance higher-up, she still braced herself and said, "That's not necessarily true, but my brother shouldn't be inferior to Senior Chu Feng!"
"At the very least, my brother established a seventh-grade Spiritual Abode in just a year. He could even escape from a Lesser God with his full strength. No matter what, his performance is not inferior to the former Senior Chu Feng, right?"
Ye Qingtian smiled faintly.
"Really… A youth knows no fear. The ignorant are fearless."
Before Lin Ru could retort, Ye Qingtian continued.
"Do you think you improved so fast by yourselves?"
"If not for the Ancient Realm of the Desolate God, the Ancient Desolate Pagoda, the Stargate, and the Golden Ranking Lists with a 50% discount, ask yourselves, would you have come this far?!"
"Let me tell you, the former Chu Feng had nothing! He relied on his own strength to turn the tide!"
"In fact, all the cultivation resources you're enjoying now were left behind by him for humans!"
"Back then, when Chu Feng left, he almost laid all the groundwork for us!"
"The Ancient Desolate Pagoda he snatched from the Abyss was left behind, the authority of the Stargate chiliarch was left behind, and the 50% discount privilege on the Golden Ranking Lists was also left behind!"
"Otherwise, do you think all of this fell from the sky?!"
"To kick someone to the curb when they've outlived their usefulness… This is not something we should do!"
Hearing Ye Qingtian's low laughter, Lin Xuan lowered his head in shame.
However, Lin Ru was still unconvinced.
However, Ye Qingtian could not be bothered with her.
Business was more important now.
Before the enemy discovered them, the most important thing was to sneak into the Stargate!
Looking at the surrounding people, Ye Qingtian took a deep breath.
His side was not weak. He, Ares, Quade, and Taylor were all Lesser Gods.
Apart from himself, the others had just broken through in the past few days.
But they should be able to resist the enemy for a while, right?
As long as they could send these little fellows into the Stargate, their mission would be completed!
After coming up with a plan, ye Qingtian no longer hesitated.
He suddenly shouted, "Let's go! Pay attention to hiding!"
The group set off carefully.
He continued to approach the tall Stargate not far away.
In front of him, dozens of Minotaur Demons were scattered all over the Stargate.
There were thousands of low-grade demonic creatures around.
Although these low-grade demonic creatures were not strong, once they formed a scale, they were also some hindrances.
Looking at the situation in front of him, Ye Qingtian instantly had a solution.
He looked at Ares beside him.
This man was once the famous First Light Bringer of the Holy Church of Light in the Western Region.
His strength could not be underestimated.
"Brother Ares, lead Quade and Taylor and catch them off guard. Kill a divine-grade Minotaur Demon first!"
"I'll also attack another target at the same time. No matter which of us wins, we'll be more confident in our next move."
As an experienced Lesser God, Ye Qingtian was naturally not someone an ordinary Lesser God could compare to.
With a sneak attack, Ye Qingtian was quite confident in killing a demon of the same rank.
Beside him, the blond Ares nodded.
As he spoke, the group instantly split up.
The remaining young people, including Lin Xuan, were waiting for an opportunity at the back. As long as the enemy was entangled, they would charge towards the Stargate!
But just as everyone was proceeding step by step, suddenly, for some reason, the leader of the Minotaur Demons suddenly turned around and a series of white smoke came out of his huge nostrils. He laughed wildly.
"Hahaha! Little ones, the meat people are here! Our Minotaur Demon Race is in for a treat this time!"
As he spoke, the originally lazy Minotaur Demons seemed to have expected this and surrounded everyone.
The leader of the minotaur sneered.
"Do you really think you can hide from me with your lousy concealment methods?!"
"Furthermore, those little meatballs have soft skin and tender flesh. Their auras are the purest. How can I not sense them after starving for so long!"
"Little ones, kill them for me!"
"These are all top-notch meat!!"
As he spoke, the minotaur leader could not help but swallow.
These days, he had really suffocated! Instantly, all the Demon Race members in front of the Stargate became restless and roared as they rushed forward.
Seeing this, Ye Qingtian's expression instantly darkened to the extreme.
"Oh no!"
"The second plan is the Square Formation. We must protect these little fellows!"
There was no hesitation.
Ye Qingtian and the other three instantly changed their formation and stood in all directions, protecting Lin Xuan and the others.
The battle erupted instantly!
On the other side, under the lead of the powerful minotaur leader, five Lesser Gods instantly rushed forward.
Dozens of ferocious horns charged over.
The terrifying impact even swept away the surrounding seawater.
Behind them, countless demonic creatures were launching attacks.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
The violent roar caused huge waves to rise in all directions.
In just one confrontation, Ye Qingtian and the others were beaten back repeatedly and vomited blood.
"Not good! The information is wrong!"
"That Minotaur Demon leader is actually an Intermediate God!"
"Everything they just said was just to confuse us!"
"It's over!"
At this moment, despair appeared in the eyes of Ares and the others.
Originally, they might not even be a match for the five Lesser Gods. Now, there was actually another powerful Intermediate God…
He made up his mind.
Ye Qingtian suddenly burst out laughing.
"Everyone, don't hesitate. Self-destruct and blow up a way out for the little fellows behind us!"
"As long as we send them into the Stargate, we humans will still have hope!!"
Hearing this, Ares and the others nodded without any hesitation. A calm smile appeared on their faces.
"Actually, we should have died during the last Abyssal Demonic Tide. However, at that time, the senior Heavenly Masters stood at the front and protected us. Today, it's our turn to help the juniors…"
Ye Qingtian laughed out loud.
"In any case, the few of us will be able to take care of each other on the way. I only hope that our great human race will last forever!"
With that, their auras immediately began to soar.
Seeing this scene, the minotaur leader's face turned green as he roared in exasperation.
"Damn! This again?!"
"These stubborn humans always like to die together with their opponents at critical moments!!"
"Damn it, damn it! Damn it!!"
"This is great. Not only will we not be able to eat meat, we might even lose a few of our own!"
The minotaur leader cursed angrily, but at this moment, he could only let his clansmen retreat quickly.
And at this moment, suddenly…
Everyone realized that not far away, a hazy light was slowly coming out of the originally closed Stargate.
Right on the heels of that.
A crunch.
The two doors of the Stargate slowly opened.
Everybody could vaguely see more than ten thin figures walking over gently…

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