Novel Name : Stand User in Marvel Universe

Chapter 844

Chapter 844

In the blink of an eye, another three months had passed.
And this day was destined to be remembered by history.
Because the first collision between Marvel and DC was about to happen!
All of the Avengers had returned!
Dio, Tony, and Scott, who were taking care of their children at home, changed into their respective suits.
Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy returned by borrowing Loki’s Tesseract.
Even Carol, who had been running around, was called back by Dio.
Because this time, they might be facing an entire collapsed dark world!
In addition, Hulk, Vision, Natasha, Hawkeye, and the others all returned to the team.
This battle was not to invade but to save and protect them, so they were duty-bound.
Apart from Wanda, who had to stay and look after the child, even the little spider volunteered to participate in this big event.
And unlike the mysterious guest who deceived him, this time they were going to the real world!
The gate to the Multiverse was about to open!
“Are you ready?”
Dio looked at Batman, who was wearing a classic black suit. Although he was only a mortal, his wisdom and understanding of that world would be an invisible and important force.
Moreover, during this period of time, Stark Industry and Wakanda had taken out tens of billions of dollars for him to squander.
At the thought of the preparations this black-bellied fellow had made to deal with his old friends, he felt his scalp tingle.
Sure enough, he was playing tricks. His heart was dirty!
Bruce Wayne looked around at the people from the Avengers and touched the shrunken weapons and equipment in his bag. His heart was suddenly at ease.
If he had only one point of confidence before, then in such a sufficiently prepared situation, he was already half confident that he could save his world.
The reason why it was only half was because there were two guys who could not be targeted with common sense!
“Let’s begin.”
Bruce Wayne immediately turned on the latest space-time machine, and then Quicksilver in silver armor immediately began to run rapidly inside a huge metal ring that was erected.
Only when his speed reached a certain limit, the space-time machine could smoothly open the space-time gate and let everyone cross into another world!
And Quicksilver had already done it once!
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Soon, everyone could only see a silvery-white storm colliding with lightning and vortex inside the metal ring!
When the vortex finally stabilized, Bruce Wayne immediately shouted, “Now, come in!”
Some of the precautions had already been warned.
So when he spoke, everyone followed behind him and quickly rushed into the vortex.
The whole process only lasted about five seconds. Then, with a bang, Quicksilver could not control his speed and directly flew out!
Fortunately, with the lesson from last time, the surrounding was covered with sponge pads, so the Quicksilver was not injured.
“The locator is normal.”
“Space-time travel was successful.”
Shuri, who had woken up from a coma for almost half a year, said excitedly.
Then she looked back at Quicksilver who was lying on the ground and did not get up. She shouted directly, “Pietro, get ready. If the signal is triggered, you must turn on the space-time machine again in one minute and bring them back.”
He was so tired that he only wanted to die, so he only nodded reluctantly and continued to lie there, pretending to be dead.
But in the end, he still realized his own idea. He was no worse than anyone else!
On the other side, Bruce Wayne came out of a cave with Dio and others.
“Is this your world?”
Bruce Wayne looked at the marks he made around him and nodded silently.
But suddenly, he looked at the wall on one side, and his expression suddenly became serious.
Because there was an extra sentence on it, an extra sentence that someone left for him!
“Are you finally back?”
There was a familiar smiling face behind him.
This was.
The clown left him the words!
Not good!
“Alert! We have been discovered!”
Bruce Wayne immediately shouted. He must have been discovered since the last time he came back here.
That guy would not let him go, so he would definitely monitor this place closely.
He also wanted to avoid this place, but there was no other way. His spatial coordinates were set here, so all his messy plans were void. There was only one way left. find that bastard and kill him!
And just as he finished speaking, a tremendous force came.
In addition to Dio who directly activated the “epitaph”, the rest of the people were knocked into the air, and they didn’t even catch the figure of the other party!
“It’s the Flash!”
Bruce Wayne shouted before he landed. He was too familiar with these people.
But, did even you fall?
Bruce Wayne felt a pain in his heart and then gently pressed the bat symbol in front of his chest.
The moment he landed, he wore steel bat armor that was completely different from his previous style!
It was a super combination of Tony’s nanotechnology, super alloys, and his own unique technological style!
He was named the Savior!
Facing the person he could not see at all, he was already prepared.
In the spending of ten billion dollars, more than a dozen billion was spent on the code in this armor!
It was so that the speed of the processor could catch up with the Flash.
Therefore, when the Flash took advantage of the fact that he was still standing, the set of codes automatically operated, and the needle hole in his right arm instantly shot out a large amount of seamless coating that wrapped the ground.
The Flash, who did not expect this move, immediately lost its balance and rolled out in a sorry state.
Then, Bruce Wayne shouted.
In fact, there was no need for him to remind him. Dio, who had been through hundreds of battles, was already prepared.
[The World] instantly appeared behind Dio.
“Time, stop!”
When [The World] successfully stopped time, Dio also breathed a sigh of relief. He was also worried about whether his Stand’s ability couldn’t be used in this world.
But now, his worries were completely unnecessary!
After pausing time, Dio quickly came to the side of the fallen Flash, took out the specially prepared ropes and handcuffs, and tied him to a dumpling.
Then he removed the ability of time freeze and threw the Flash to Natasha.
Because the next battle was not something ordinary people could participate in.

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