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Chapter 5501

Recognizing the immense supernatural power and the shared heritage of the elderly figure before them,
Lucius instinctively knelt to the ground, his voice choked with emotion. “Honored master, our people are
now under the cruel yoke of the Tartars. Our homeland lies in ruins and our people suffer unimaginably.
The younger generation, though willing, lacks the strength to oppose the brutal rebel forces. We can only
watch helplessly as our Dynasty crumbles. Since you too are of our blood and kin, we beseech you to
intervene, to banish the rebel invaders and restore the glory to our people.”

Morgana, too, regained her senses and swiftly joined Lucius in prostration.

She spoke with utmost respect, “I implore the venerable master to take action.”

Morvel found himself mildly surprised by their actions, responding with a mocking chuckle, “I have
secluded myself here for centuries. The affairs of the outside world no longer concern me. Whether the
Chinese, Mongols, or Manchus ascend the throne matters not to me.”

Lucius and Morgana felt a profound despair wash over them. They had assumed that the old deity’s
incredible power, capable of vanquishing rebel troops with a mere flick of his fingers, would effortlessly
grant them access to the Imperial City and the rebel Emperor’s head. Yet they had overestimated
Morvel’s devotion to the cause.

In reality, Morvel, in his advanced age, had long forgotten any sense of national justice and integrity.

With an indifferent expression, he continued, “This is my sanctuary for cultivation. I would advise you
both to leave and cease disturbing my meditation. I have dispatched the troops pursuing you. You are
free to go.”

Lucius knelt firmly, pleading, “Ancient one, driving the scourge from the land and saving countless lives is
an act of great merit. It would surely aid in your spiritual pursuits. Besides, such a task should be child’s
play for you. I beseech you to reconsider!”

Morvel sneered, “Merit? Merit is as fleeting as a memorial arch. What use is accumulating more merits?
Can they grant you eternal life?”

Lucius was taken aback. The concept of longevity was foreign to him and he couldn’t grasp the
significance behind those words.

Seeing his confusion, Morvel explained calmly, “Do not assume I am the sole possessor of such power.
Those who ascend to the throne are in harmony with the times, circumstances and their allies. Invading
the pass and seizing the Dynasty’s imperial city indicates a superior fate, dragon veins from other clans
and the Manchu national destiny surpassing the Chinese at this juncture. They must have expert allies.”

Morvel paused briefly and added, “I advise you not to act recklessly. With your abilities, defeating a
nation on the rise is nigh impossible.”

Lucius’ spirits plummeted upon hearing this.

He held his head high and spoke resolutely, “Even if I, Lucius Clark, cannot aid my people, I shall never
cease opposing the rebels. Though they number only a million, they have conquered our land. If every
Chinese person remains indifferent, we shall never reclaim our homeland!”

Morvel offered a wry smile, saying, “Your ideals and ambitions hold little value in the face of the fleeting
years. If you live to my age, it will matter little who sits upon the throne.”

Unwilling to yield, Morgana hastily interjected, “Master, the rebel army advances relentlessly southward,
their momentum unstoppable. They have reached Hillcrest and are poised to enter these Mountains.
After that, they will encroach upon southern territories. Even across the Central Plains, you may find no

A hint of unease crossed Morvel’s face at her words.

Morgana seized the opportunity, her voice resolute, “Honored Immortal, your presence exudes strength
and majesty, especially your long hair, a finishing touch!”

Then, turning sharply, she continued in a loud voice, “My Jagoan, the rebels are forcing all Chinese to
shave their heads and sport a meager rattail braid. Defiance leads to beheading. They demand we
forsake our hair. Can you accept such an affront?”

Morvel’s expression darkened noticeably. For centuries, he had enjoyed solitude in this cave, and visitors
were a rarity. Yet today, the tumultuous rebel soldiers had disrupted his peace. What Morgana said now
made him profoundly uneasy. He remained silent for an extended moment.

As the mountain below ignited in flames, a wildfire set by the rebel army, Morvel suddenly changed his
tune. “Very well, if you both are determined to aid your people, I shall grant you an opportunity.”

Lucius’ face lit up and he eagerly responded, “My Jagoan, please instruct us!”

Morvel spoke calmly, “Today, you shall become my disciples. I shall impart to you techniques for
combating this threat. Once you leave Shiwan Mountain, you may continue your battle against these
Manchus and support your people.”

Lucius could barely contain his excitement, declaring, “I, Lucius Clark, humbly accept your teachings,

Morgana followed suit, kneeling and proclaiming, “I, Morgana, express my gratitude, Master!”

Back then, Morgana had no inkling of why Morvel had this change of heart. However, as she recalled this
event from over three hundred years ago, she began to piece together a different story.

In 1650 AD, there remained thirteen years before Morvel’s supposed limit. Perhaps Morvel had accepted
them as disciples to delay the rebel army’s advance upon Shiwan Mountain after their training was

complete. In other words, Morvel had a larger scheme in mind. He had taken Lucius and Morgana under
his wing for his own purposes, to ensure thirteen more years of undisturbed peace.

As these realizations struck her, Morgana felt an overwhelming sense of regret. “Master has always been
obsessed with extending his life. He couldn’t have so readily accepted his fate back then. The only
logical explanation is that he had already discovered a method to defy the limits. He concealed it all
along, even feigning farewell to me and my senior brother. I fear we’re mere pawns in his grand scheme.
If the Master demands my loyalty and the entire broken society’s submission in exchange for longevity,
what shall I do?”

At that moment, Morgana deeply regretted her journey.

She regretted not having come to China. But now, her course was set and all she could do was distance
herself as far as possible.

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