Novel Name : Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 694: Keeping Calm

Chapter 694: Keeping Calm....
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Wang Lang was so frightened that he did not even dare to raise his head after being scolded.
He had never taken Director Yan, who had always been kind, to heart. He felt that Yan Jing was a softie.
He did not expect Director Yan to be so scary when he was angry.
Wang Lang rolled his eyes and lowered his head. “I had a high fever some time ago and my energy couldn’t keep up. It was all done by my subordinates. I really don’t know anything.”
Yan Jing chuckled. His expression was still cold and he did not speak.
He looked at Ruan Dong and his expression softened a little. “Ruan Dong, I’ll hand over the Wu Zhen case to you. You don’t have to worry about anyone else. Capture the real culprit immediately after confirming it. This is the privilege I gave you.”
Ruan Dong immediately replied, “Yes sir!”
At the side, Wang Lang thought of Director Yan’s previous words. Whoever could handle Wu Zhen’s case well would most likely be able to take over the position of the head of the Metaphysics Management Office. His heart skipped a beat.
He asked nervously, “Director Yan, I want to redeem myself. Please let me continue to participate in the case. I promise to complete the mission successfully. You can’t do this!”
Yan Jing narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Lang coldly with a hint of mockery on his face. “Didn’t Minister Wang just have a high fever? Go back and rest for a week. Leave the matters of the Second Department to the three captains first.”
“Director Yan!” Wang Lang exclaimed in disbelief.
Yan Jing said with a cold expression, “This is an order. There’s no room for bargaining. Alright, the two of you can leave. Wang Lang, hand over all the clues about the Wu Zhen case to the First Department. The Second Department will no longer participate in this case.”
He paused for a moment and continued, “The two of you can leave!”
“Yes!” Ruan Dong and Wang Lang said in unison. They turned around and walked out.
Wang Lang looked indignant and walked very slowly. He wanted to quietly plead with Director Yan after Ruan Dong left.
Yan Jing seemed to have sensed his thoughts and said coldly, “Hurry up and leave. Do you want to stay and continue getting scolded?”
Wang Lang had no choice but to speed up and leave the director’s office.
After walking out, Ruan Dong said calmly, “I’ll get the captain of the third team to go to the Second Department later. The Second Department will organize the evidence as soon as possible and hand it over.”
Wang Lang’s face was malicious, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. “Ruan Dong, you’re very smug, right?”
“Yes,” Ruan Dong said without hesitation.
He was indeed proud. He was proud that he had finally revealed Wang Lang’s true colors and made Director Yan lose his trust in Wang Lang.
Wang Lang clenched his fists and his face was covered in dark clouds. “The position of the director is mine. If you want it, you have to see if you have the life to take it.”
His brother was from the military, and his subordinates knew a lot of gangsters.
It was not difficult to get rid of Ruan Dong.
Ruan Dong had a gentle smile on his face. “Let’s wait and see who gets thrown into jail first!”
After saying that, he went downstairs.
Wang Lang was so angry that he punched the wall a few times. He only stopped when his hands were covered in blood. “Ruan Dong, let’s see if your bones are stronger or my relationship is stronger.”
One day, he would make Ruan Dong die without a burial place.
His lips curled into a cold smile as he said hoarsely, “Before that, I have to kill Wu Zhen first.”
After Ruan Dong took over the evidence from the Second Department, the evidence of Zhao Lan hiring a murderer was even more complete. He immediately applied for an arrest warrant from Director Yan.
As soon as the arrest warrant was obtained, Ruan Dong led the elites of the first unit towards the Ye family at eight o’clock that night.
When Ye Heng received Yu Su’s message, he returned to the Ye family that day.
Zhao Lan asked the kitchen to make a large table of dishes and beat around the bush to ask Ye Heng for money, but Ye Heng resolved everything.
After dinner, Ye Heng called the three children and asked Ye Tao, Ye Chang, and Ye Tang to return to the Ye family.
Zhao Lan listened from the side, her expression becoming more and more proud.
It seemed that her husband still loved her as much as ever.
Knowing that she had suffered in front of Ye Tang and Ye Chang, the moment he returned to the Ye family, he asked these two unfilial children to come back and apologize to her.
She called Ye Tao back because she wanted Ye Tao to see the outcome of unfilial children.
Zhao Lan said coquettishly, “Hubby, you’re so good. You took revenge for me the moment you came back. It’s my blessing to have a husband like you in my life!”
She approached Ye Heng and reached out to grab his palm.
Ye Heng’s back stiffened. “As long as you like it.”
He was going to shed all pretense of cordiality tonight. Before the people from the Metaphysics Management Office arrived, he had to stay calm and not reveal any flaws..

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