Novel Name : My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

Chapter 2700

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 2700-“Gloria, there’s really no need to,” Tia, who was helpless,

Everyone in the Riddle family really cared about Tia and was doing this for her sake. On top of that, Tia
had been with the family for a really long time and had taken care of Mrs.

Wallace Sr. for nearly a decade now. Something about leaving her to be single for the rest of her life
just did not sit well with them.

Stanley narrowed his eyes at Tia as a heart wrenching feeling gripped his heart.

“I know you have feelings toward her,” Cherry whispered to Stanley.

Everyone in the room could sense that Stanley had reserved a soft spot for Tia in spite of the fact that
he had announced Cherry as his official girlfriend now.

At a loss for words now, Stanley turned to Cherry and frowned.

‘Why do I feel like I have done something wrong?’ Stanley wondered.

Cherry saw right through him and patted his arm to comfort him. “Hey, hey. Pipe down, would you? You
don’t want to let all of your previous efforts go to waste now, do you?”

“Mom, I think it’s better to wait for a moment before you set Tia up on blind dates. Perhaps you should
let nature take its course first.” Lulu suggested with a smile on her face, trying to persuade Gloria out of

“Well…that’s true. It’s just that Tia’s always at home every day. I guess she can go out and mingle
around every now and then to make more friends,” Gloria thought out loud.

“This can easily be solved. Since everyone is already familiar with her at the wedding, we can have her
attend our company dinners!” June chimed in.

“That sounds like a great idea!’ Gloria agreed as she looked at Lulu and June.

“It’s great that you girls are in the same generation. You can hang out often together too!”

“Yeah, that way, Tia will have more opportunities to meet more friends,” Mrs.

Wallace Sr. agreed, speaking up for the very first time.

Tia was still a young woman, and being confined at home all day was not something anyone her age
should be doing. Everyone in the Riddle family agreed that it would be better for Tia to go out more

Tia, however, was adamant. She had initially wanted to protest, but it was too late. Everyone in the
Riddle family had made up their minds about it and was already enthusiastically discussing a schedule
to have Tia go out and socialize.

“Thank you, Lulu and June,” Tia said in embarrassment.

Lulu and June giggled and waved it off. “Oh, hush. It’s nothing!”

And just before dinner was served, the dining room was nothing short of lively again.

As everyone was eating happily, Sally suddenly announced,” Hey, everyone.

Could you please excuse me? I’m done eating for the day.”

Everyone around the room immediately became concerned and began asking questions.

“Are you okay?”

“Is the food not to your liking?”

In response, Sally shook her head. “No, I’m fine. I don’t usually eat a lot and I’ve eaten more than I
usually do…”

“Yeah, I can vouch for that. She’s got a small appetite,” Steve explained.

With that, the room immediately was filled with ‘Oh’s’ and sighs of relief.

“I’ll go ahead and accompany the twins,” Sally said as she excused herself and made her way to the
living room.

As she entered the living hall, she saw that the twins were completely immersed in the TV show they
were watching.

Meanwhile, at the dining room, Gloria went on to shoot Steve a stern look.

“Don’t get too busy with work and please remember to take care of Sally. You hear me?”

“Yeah, I know, Mom. Don’t worry about it. I know what I’m doing. I’m being assigned less work these
days. I’ve got to thank Sean and Jane for that. They’re working twice as hard because of that now,”
Steve replied.

It was expected, as cutting back on Steve’s workload meant that Sean and Jane would have theirs
doubled. They would have to do what he could not.

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