Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 2298

Spoiled by mr. russell chapter 2298-“Where could he be if not the palace?” Rhea thought for a moment,
then suddenly realized something. “Wait a minute. How do you know he’s not in the palace? Who told
you that?”

Mike caught himself. He lost his cool, not knowing where his son was, but Rhea’s question brought him
to his senses.

‘Oh, shit! I can’t tell her Prince Ross told me, can I?’ he thought in alarm.

“I…” After a pause, he said, “Based on what Alex found out, Nick is not even in the palace. Everything
is nothing but a smokescreen. Since you’ve established yourself in the organization, help me find
where my son is, okay?”

“Alexander?” Rhea frowned but thought Mike’s explanation was reasonable.

Indeed, Alexander had been helping Mike find Nick, but to no avail. That was why Rhea could tempt

“How could you believe what Alexander told you? Has he visited the palace?

Did he take you there, or are you saying he has relatives or friends in Yudonia?”

Rhea retorted dismissively.

“He can’t even save his wife. Do you think he can save your son? Don’t be naive, Mike.”

Since Mike had made up the excuse, he did not argue. Instead, he said, “If you’re so confident, why
don’t you help me rescue my son?”

“I will, okay? But before I do, what about the invisibility potion? You promised you’d find out about it,
didn’t you?” Rhea tried to push him instead.

Mike was stumped. He kept quiet to show he was feeling guilty, making Rhea think she had managed
to appease him.

After a moment, she said, “Be patient, Mike. If we agitate them, they might harm your son, you know?
What matters most now is for you to help me find the formula for the invisibility potion.

“Oh, yeah, do you know who Dr. Blanc is? Which hospital or lab is his team from? How come I’ve never
heard about them before?”

Having stayed in the country for some time, Rhea had a fair understanding of the local medical field.
Still, she had never heard of Dr. Blanc. From the way Mike described things, Dr. Blanc and his people
knew what they were doing.

Mike mumbled, “I have no idea because they haven’t told me everything.

Besides, Dr. Blanc has always been secretive and hasn’t visited often.


Intrigued, Rhea quickly asked, “However, what?”

“I’ve learned something about the invisibility potion. Dr. Blanc said they had a breakthrough, but they
were still working on it. He couldn’t guarantee they would succeed.” Mike then added, “However, I think
he only said that so no one would try to steal their creation.”

“You’re right!” Rhea nodded in agreement. “If they hadn’t succeeded, they wouldn’t even mention it,
would they? At the same time, they can’t afford to let the outsiders know that they have succeeded.”

The more she said, the more convinced and excited she became. “Then you must get your hands on
the formula. Once I manage to develop the potion, rescuing your son will be a breeze.”

Giving no reply, Mike seemed hesitant.

Rhea grew nervous. As she was never 100% sure about the effectiveness of her hypnosis, she would
grow wary if he did not act as he should.

“Did you hear what I said?” she asked, raising her voice.

Mike finally said, “Okay. I believe you.”

Rhea sighed in relief immediately after.

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