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Chapter 1921: Send Her Aboard

Chapter 1921: Send Her Aboard

"But... But..." Yi Meirin still wanted to say something.
"No... I don't care anymore. After we reach home, you will pack up and leave the house immediately. I will send you to your auntie's house overseas. Mr Qin did not say that I can not send the money to you when you are overseas. Just stay there for now." Yi Mingli said.
They arrived home. Because everyone knew that Yi Mingli, Yi Mingwei and Yi Meirin went to see Qin Xia's today, they stayed home and waited for their return. Today's decision would affect the whole family. They saw the three people that they had been waiting for finally arrive. "How is the negotiation? Is Mr Qin willing to forgive us and let our company survive?" Yi Mingxia asked it right away.
"Yes." Yi Mingli nodded.
"What condition did he request?" Yi Mingxia asked again. She knew that it would not be free. "He wants Dad to throw me overseas." Yi Meirin shouted and rushed over to her room. "Dear, what does she mean by that?" Huang Liqiu asked.
"Mr Qin wants her out of the country and never come back." Yi Mingli stated. "What?" Huang Liqiu was shocked. "And you accept that condition?"
"She will just be going to live aboard. Nothing will harm her. Mr Qin never says that we can not send her money. It is going to be better." Yi Mingli responded. Yes, that was what he thought. It was not like they would not see her anymore. If they wanted to see her, they would just go over there and see her. He did not see what the problem was. "But...." Huang Liqiu wanted to say something.
"Enough. I already made the decision. She is going to go abroad this week. Prepare for her departure. If she refuses, I am going to force her anymore. Tell me if she refuses, I will cut her from the family, and she will not receive any more or future inheritance." Yi Mingli stated.
Yi Mingli left the living room and went to his study room. Everyone looked at each other. "Is that only the condition that Mr Qin wants us to do?" Yi Mingxia asked Yi Mingwei.
"He also wants us to go to Ms Tang and apologize to her. Dad told me that he would go and apologize before we send Meirin aboard." Yi Mingwei stated.
"Mingxia, what should we do? Your sister is going to be sent aboard." Huang Liqiu cried. "Mom, you should understand. Dad is thinking about everyone. Dad also does not want to send Meirin away but if he does not do that, we can not live anymore. Meirin would be fine living aboard. It is not like she was starving. She also will be living under Auntie Mo's care." Yi Mingxia stated.
"But Meirin seems not to want to do that." Huang Liqiu sighed.
"Don't worry too much, Mom. I will talk to Meirin. Besides, Dad already told us what if Meirin did not want to listen to us. She also does not want that. I am sure." Yi Mingxia said. As Yi Mingxia suggested, she went to talk to Yi Meirin. After a whole night's talk, Yi Meirin finally gave up and followed Yi Mingli's order to go abroad to live with her auntie.
The next day, Yi Meirin was sent aboard. Yi Mingli then tried to contact Yu Qi through Qinyue Group. So, he contacted Lei Yingtai. "Want to meet Ms Tang? For what?" Lei Yingtai asked.
"To apologize to Ms Tang directly for what my daughter caused." Yi Mingli explained.
"Hmm... Okay... I will inform Ms Tang about this first. I will get back to you later." Lei Yingtai stated.
"Thank you, Ms Lei." Yi Mingli said. Yu Qi got the message from Lei Yingtai about that. She suddenly remembered about Yi Meirin. She wondered why her father wanted to meet her. Well, she checked her schedule and informed Lei Yingtai about that. Long Hui was still away from home. So, Yu Qi often stayed over at her family's house. However, right now, she was annoyed because she was often being followed by Dai Junjie. Dai Junjie seemed to want to talk more to Yu Qi whenever he saw Yu Qi. Yu Qi wondered when this family would leave. During the dinner, Dai Junjie made an effort to talk to Yu Qi. Her mother always helped him. "Ms Tang, I wonder if I can go and see your workplace?" Dai Junjie asked.
"My workplace? Well, you can if you want." Yu Qi said.
"I will go over there tomorrow." Dai Junjie was happy.
"Junjie is really good at his work." Cheng Lihua stated.
"Owh okay... That's good then." Yu Qi said. "By the way, what is your job?"
"I studied accounting. But I work in administration. I am thinking of finding another job." Dai Junjie said.
"Owh... I see." Yu Qi nodded.
"But it is so difficult to find a job nowadays." Cheng Lihua added.
"Yeah. I already sent my resume to several companies but I never get the feedback from the companies." Dai Junjie sighed while checking on Yu Qi's reaction. Yu Qi did not say anything. "Then, you should keep sending the resume, then. That is the only way that you will get the job. Or, you can search for online jobs. There is so many outside there that could use your service." Tang Jin Wei interrupted.

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