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Chapter 906: Burning Everything

Chapter 906: Burning Everything
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"Langtian Koizumi, you think you've recovered from injury and are able to fight against me, today I'll let you know my strength." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, and his voice was extremely chilling.
He had just learnt Fire Dragon Fist and intended to practice it to check out the power of the fist technique, now this Langtian Koizumi happened to hand himself in, what a perfect target for Qingfeng Li.
"Ocean Wave Fist, Wave Whirlwind." Langtian Koizumi growled, directly applied Wave Whirlwind, the strongest skill of Ocean Wave Fist. A giant wave of vital essence was being formed around his fist, and the wave was mingled with the power of whirlwind.
Just imagine it, a whirlwind along with sea water in ocean, which had horrifying power to destroy everything.
Of course, there was no sea here, but Langtian Koizumi was able to gather water style vital essence from the air to form an Ocean Wave, which indicated the power of half-step True Spirit Realm.
The Ocean Wave mixed with strong wind blew upon the air, and the air around it was turned into a dark zone, which looked very horrific, and therefore the surrounding people were startled to back off from a distance with the fear of being struck to death by the wave.
This force was too strong that the bricks and stones on the ground were all blown to the sky and crushed by the force, ending up with dense debris all over the sky, blown away by wind without a trace.
A man with half-step True Spirit Realm could be regarded as a self-cultivator, and self-cultivators could take advantage of the energy of heaven and earth for their own purpose, which was the difference between self-cultivators and ancient Martial Artists.
Qingfeng Li stood in front, his clothes were rustled by the whirlwind, but his body stayed still.
Qingfeng Li's face appeared calm while the dragon blood was boiling in his body, as if there had been a true dragon's awakening, his blood began to boil as well, and his body was full of furious energy.
"Fire Dragon Fist, Dragon Flying in Sky." Qingfeng Li shouted and suddenly blew out right fist, a shadow of a Fire Dragon was formed above the fist, bringing out overwhelming flames, and the power of flames spreading within a radius of 10 meters.
This flame was different from Qingfeng Li's vital essence flame, and the latter merely condensed from the fire style vital essence in the air, which was simply of lower quality and less damage power, while the flame generated by Fire Dragon Fist was the golden flame released by Fire Dragon.
Fire Dragon was one of the nine most powerful dragons in heaven and earth, which was in charge of fire in the world, and even though it had died away and left only a trace of fragment in the golden light ball, its power could still not be withstood by a master with half-step True Spirit Realm.
Boom, boom ...
The golden flame of Fire Dragon that contained terrifying energy, hit the sea and whirlwind, immediately burnt the Ocean Wave and whirlwind into nothing, none was left at last.
Apart from that, Fire Dragon Fist had directly knocked onto Langtian Koizumi once it burned down the Ocean Wave and whirlwind in the air.
The soft gold wire armor of Langtian Koizumi was blown open and burnt down in an instant. Even though the soft gold wire armor was upper-grade defensive spiritual device, it was not able to withstand even one punch of Fire Dragon Fist.
After burning down the soft gold wire armor, the golden flame of Fire Dragon Fist straightly spread onto the body of Langtian Koizumi.
Langtian Koizumi had just been able to make one miserable scream before his body was swallowed by the golden flame. The body was turned into nothing, not even the ash of the corpse remained.
The people around were startled at the sight of what had happened, staying where they were, with wide-opened mouths and horror full of their eyes.
As was known, Langtian Koizumi was with half-step True Spirit Realm, Master of Karate among super-class clans, also a peerless top master, but now he had unexpectedly been killed by Qingfeng Li with one punch, no, in fact he was burnt to death by the golden flame turned by the one punch rather than simply being beaten to death.
Same as the people around, Qingfeng Li was also with a shocked look on his face.
F*ck, the Fire Dragon Fist was so violent, I was almost startled to death. The thought of it terrified Qingfeng Li.
He had learned the Fire Dragon Fist inside the golden light ball, also once smashed a small hill that was dozens of meters high and burned it to nothing, but he did not expect that it could be so powerful in real world that it straightly burned Langtian Koizumi into death.
It could not be ignored that Langtian Koizumi took upper-grade defensive spiritual device with himself, even so, the spiritual device seemed to be burned into ash either.
It had to be said that the Fire Dragon deserved to be regarded as one of the nine most powerful genuine dragons, the power of fire it could control was too powerful.
Considering the fact that 'Dragon Flying in Sky' was only the first blow of Fire Dragon Fist that Qingfeng Li had applied with such strong force of attack, if he could learn the other nine blows, it was very likely for him to be able to burn down the earth.
"I feel dizzy." Qingfeng Li suddenly had a feeling of dizziness, seeming to pass out at any time.
"Boy, in terms of your current strength of vital essence, it's impossible for you to use the first blow of Fire Dragon Fist, since you've applied it forcibly, which consumed all of the vital essence in your body, you must replenish it at once, otherwise it would do harm to your body." The voice of Fire Dragon came into Qingfeng Li's mind.
It had to be said that the Fire Dragon was extremely powerful, even if it was only a trace of fragmented spirit, it was able to transmit its voice without being detected by Dark Night Emperor.
It would do harm to my body?
Qingfeng Li got frightened when hearing the words. Although he killed Langtian Koizumi with one punch, which made everyone shocked, he had felt that there was no strength left in his body.
Fortunately the people around were all shocked by the powerful means of Qingfeng Li, and therefore there was no one attacking him for the time being. It was sure thing that he could be killed if someone attacked him.
Qingfeng Li bit the tip of his tongue and the blood flew into his mouth along the tip of tongue, which had sort of sobered him up.
"Senior Fire Dragon, what shall I do to recover?" Qingfeng Li was trembling and shaking, and he felt himself was about to pass out the next second, therefore he asked with anxiety.
"Boy, I've sensed you have a dragon grass, which is spirit herb and is very precious. If you eat it, the vital essence in your body will be replenished without any sequel." The voice of Fire Dragon appeared in Qingfeng Li's mind, which was a little weak.
"Boy, I'm not the genuine Fire Dragon, just a trace of fragmented spirit after its death. It had cost a huge amount of my spirit power to teach you Fire Dragon Fist, so I'm about to fall into a deep sleep state, you have to conduct cultivation all by yourself in the future." The voice of Fire Dragon became weaker and weaker, fading away at last.
F*ck, Senior Fire Dragon, don't fall asleep. Qingfeng Li hurried to send out a voice transmission, but he received no response, it was apparent that Fire Dragon had fallen in a dead sleep.
Qingfeng Li was with a depressed look on his face. When the Fire Dragon showed up in the golden light ball, Qingfeng Li originally thought he had found a great patron, and with its help, he could roam freely around the universe, being invincible, unifying the whole world under his domination.
And now, Fire Dragon had already died, what had shown up was just a trace of fragmented spirit, which was very weak and fell asleep without knowing when to wake up next time.
Well, he had to rely upon himself. Qingfeng Li sighed, pulled out the dragon grass.
The dragon grass was actually for Xianzhi Qin's father to extract spirit-level life prolonging elixirs, now that Qingfeng Li needed to recover his strength, he had to eat it up, helped her later.
Qingfeng Li knew the situation was urgent and he had no time to waste. The people around were now being in a daze due to the fact that he killed Langtian Koizumi with one punch, but they would absolutely come to kill him once they found he had no vital essence in his body, then he could be dead for sure.

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