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Chapter 1414: Stopped by Old Monster Lishui

Chapter 1414: Stopped by Old Monster Lishui
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Qingfeng Li saw that the Ghost Emperor Sect disciples had suddenly kneeled in front of him and began begging him for forgiveness. He wasn't feeling sorry at all. In fact, there were chilling lights flashing in his eyes.
The followers of the Ghost Emperor Sect were not good people. Before, these men used to bully the followers of other orthodox sects and kill those disciples. They also robbed the women from other sects just because they were superior in strength.
"Towards scoundrels and enemies, I won't show any mercy," Qingfeng Li sneered and said.
After saying this, Qingfeng Li swung the Fire Emperor Sword in his hand and smashed forward, creating an arch in the air and forming a red flame sword aura.
The red flame sword power was very powerful and created a circle pattern in the air, cutting through the necks of every follower of the Ghost Emperor Sect, slicing apart their jungular veins. The blood splashing out dyed the ground red.
Their bodies fell to the ground and their eyes closed. In a short period of time, they had all lost their breaths.
Those around, seeing the followers of the Ghost Emperor Sect dying, were all clapping and admiring Qingfeng Li's behavior.
Because not long ago, these practicers suffered a lot from the bullying of the Ghost Emperor Sect. Many of the wives and daughters of these practicers were also bullied by these followers. But they didn't have the ability of getting revenge for them, so they could only stifle their unsatisfaction. Now that Qingfeng Li had avenged them, they were all very glad.
At this moment, the status of Qingfeng Li in the hearts of these self-cultivators was increasing, becoming the representation of justice.
"Qingfeng Li, you demon! You bastard, you bastard! How dare you kill all of my men." Xiao Gui looked at Qingfeng Li with rage and coldness in his eyes.
But now that Xiao Gui was seriously injured, he couldn't even stand, lying on the ground and unable to take care of himself any more. There was no way that he could go and save his disciples.
Qingfeng Li sneered and walked to the side of Xiao Gui, reaching out his right feet, stepping onto his chest, and breaking the rest of his ribs.
Qingfeng Li looked at Xiao Gui from above and said coldly, "Xiao Gui, were you trying to kill me?"
Listening to what Qingfeng Li said, the look on Xiao Gui's face changed and he started to look grim. He was being very arrogant and domineering just now because he thought he would be able to kill Qingfeng.
But Xiao Gui never imagined that Qingfeng was so powerful, or to say that Qingfeng Li's spiritual force was too strong.
Qingfeng Li, in a few seconds, improved his spiritual power and even learned the third skill of the Lion Roar Technique, which directly broke the black bell and defeated Xiao Gui.
Xiao Gui noticed that Qingfeng Li was not alone. There must be other powerful men behind him or he wouldn't be able to learn the spiritual technique as powerful as the Tornado.
One must know that even Xiao Gui, as the sect master of the Ghost Emperor Sect, was not able to practice Third Roar - Tornado because he didn't have enough experience. Even if he continuously searched for treasures in Huaxia, he will never find any spiritual attacks as powerful as this one.
Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and slapped Xiao Gui's face, which made his face red and swollen like a bun, looking very miserable and terrible.
Everyone around who saw this scene were all shocked and opened their mouths.
"That Xiao Gui's face was smashed by Qingfeng Li!"
"That's because Xiao Gui was not as powerful as Qingfeng! He is still arrogant now, but not only are his ribs broken, even his face is lost."
"I will swear that from now on, the status of Qingfeng Li in our world will increase rapidly, ultimately becoming a top tier force all by himself."
Everyone around were all discussing, looking at Qingfeng Li with admiration and worship.
Some of these admired Qingfeng Li's ability, hoping that they themselves would become as powerful as Qingfeng Li so that they could do whatever they wanted to their enemies.
Of course, many worshipped Qingfeng Li because he was so young, only about twenty years old and could already reach such status in their world. If he was given a bit more time, it was very possible for him to become the number on in the entire world of cultivation.
"Qingfeng Li, how dare you hit my face. If I am not dying today, I will tear you into pieces." Xiao Gui was so embarassed today that he continued threatening Qingfeng Li.
Xiao Gui swore that if he would be able to survive today, he will give up everything just to kill Qingfeng Li. That would be the only way for him to be happy again.
Qingfeng Li sneered and said, "This is for Linger Yao. If you were not chasing Linger Yao, I wouldn't have done this to you."
Linger Yao, who was still beside him, heard what Qingfeng Li said and was moved. She never thought that everything Qingfeng Li did was for her.
The look on Linger Yao's face was complicated. She looked at Qingfeng Li with glamor. She knew that from now on, this man would leave an image in her mind that she would never forget.
"Xiao Gui, do you still have anything to say? If not, I will send you to hell." Qingfeng Li took out the Fire Emperor Sword, placed it onto Xiao Gui's neck and said.
Xiao Gui looked scared. Though he was the sect master of the Ghost Emperor sect, he was afraid of death. He knew that even though he begged, Qingfeng Li wouldn't let him go any way. So he was tough and just looked at Qingfeng Li with viciousness.
Qingfeng Li channeled his fire vital essence into the Fire Emperor Sword and was about to decapitate Xiao Gui.
At that moment, an old voice rang out from the sky.
"Qingfeng Li, please let Xiao Gui go." An old but loud voice echoed from the further side of the sky.
Qingfeng Li looked up and saw an old man flying on top of a water bridge, quickly arriving on the top of his head.
This old man was standing on a bridge formed from water that was floating in the sky.
Qingfeng Li naturally knew this old man. His name was Old Monster Lishui. He was a very powerful predecessor, someone undefeatable by any normal cultivator.
Rumors said that Old Monster Lishui had arrived at the eight level of the Spirit Emperor Realm, almost at the same level as Qixuan Zhenren.
Although Old Monster Lishui was very powerful, Qingfeng Li didn't plan to respect him because Xiao Gui, the sect master of Ghost Emperor Sect, had to die.
Qingfeng Li swung the long sword in his hand and smashed down, trying to cut off the head of Xiao Gui.
But Qingfeng Li realized that he could not move his long sword. This was not good. His body couldn't move as well. He was stuck there.

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