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Chapter 1396: The Treasure Daoist

Chapter 1396: The Treasure Daoist
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"What is the black ball that the fat daoist threw out? How was it so powerful that it even wounded Huo Leng?"
"How would I know? I didn't expect the fat daoist to be this powerful."
"You are wrong. I don't think the fat daoist is powerful, but his black ball is surely something."
The surrounding self-cultivators talked among themselves, their eyes full of astonishment. Of course, they were not astonished by the fat daoist's strength but the power of the black ball and the black shield.
Hearing the comments of the nearby self-cultivators, Huo Leng's face turned dark and chilling light flashed in his eyes. As strong as he was, Huo Leng had not expected that he would have been wounded by a black ball.
Suddenly a thought occurred to Huo Leng and his expression changed. He asked, "Black Fire Grenade! That's a Black Fire Grenade in your hand."
The fat daoist snapped his fingers and snickered, "Congratulations! You are right; it is indeed Black Fire Grenade."
Hearing the fat daoist's confirmation, Huo Leng's expression changed, shock in his eyes.
According to the legends, the Black Fire Grenade was a well-known existence during the ancient era.
There had been a master of forging weapons during that period, and he was known as the Weapon Saint.
The Weapon Saint didn't cultivate martial techniques, but rather specialized in making weapons. He was so good at what he did that he became a powerful Saint. The weapons he made, such as swords, sabers, iron clubs, and hammers, possessed such powerful attacking power that they could kill a Saint with one strike.
The Weapon Saint himself was not very powerful, so he made many powerful Black Fire Grenades for self-protection.
Black Fire Grenades were categorized into different levels, such as the Saint Black Fire Grenade which could kill Saints, and the Black Fire Grenades that could kill Spirit King Realm masters, Spirit Emperor Realm masters, Spirit Supreme Realm masters, and Spirit Royal Realm masters.
Huo Leng was sure that the fat daoist was holding Spirit Emperor Black Fire Grenade in his hands.
His face dark, Huo Leng retreated and dared not to attack the fat daoist, knowing that he was no match for the Black Fire Grenade.
At this moment, Jianhuang Zhao, the leader of Sword Emperor Sect, recognized the fat daoist.
"Are you the Treasure Daoist of the self-cultivation world?" Jianhuang Zhao asked in surprise.
The fat daoist turned his head and answered, "You seem to know your daddy."
Jianhuang Zhao's expression changed. As the leader of Sword Emperor Sect, he was quite famous in the world of self-cultivators since few self-cultivators could exceed him in strength. Jianhuang Zhao was very displeased that a young daoist in his twenties had called himself 'Daddy' in front of him.
Thinking of the strong power of the fat daoist and his Black Fire Grenade which had wounded the leader of Blaze Sect, Jianhuang Zhao suppressed his anger since he didn't want his own fist to be wounded by the fat daoist.
Huo Leng's expression changed and a chilling light flashed in his eyes. From Jianhuang Zhao's comment, he realized that the fat daoist was the legendary Treasure Daoist.
The Treasure Daoist had shown his face in the world of Huaxia self-cultivators only three months ago and his appearance caused a stormy upheaval.
The Treasure Daoist was not strong himself, but he had many spiritual treasures. No matter if it was attacking spiritual treasures, defensive spiritual treasures, flying spiritual treasures, or escaping spiritual treasures, they were all unrivaled.
Each time the Treasure Daoist met a rival or an enemy, he would use his spiritual treasures instead of attacks to defeat them.
His opponents were very frustrated since they were not all not afraid of his strength, but his spiritual treasures could easily seriously wound them or even kill them.
From the comments of the nearby people, Qingfeng Li knew the name of Treasure Daoist. The guy had treasures all over him.
Qingfeng Li's eyes heated since he loved spiritual treasures the most and the Treasure Daoist was a walking treasure vault.
Seeing Qingfeng Li's heated glance, Treasure Daoist was startled, saying, "Qingfeng Li, don't look at me that way. It feels like you are in love with me."
Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes in frustration and said, "I wouldn't like you since you are fat and a man. What I like are your treasures."
Treasure Daoist retreated two steps with fright, saying, "Qingfeng Li, I saved you today. You can't take my spiritual treasures."
He knew everything about Qingfeng Li, who was a super strong fighter with an unimaginably great future. He was asked by an unrivaled master to protect Qingfeng Li, otherwise he wouldn't have shown himself.
Qingfeng Li smiled slightly. He had guessed that the Treasure Daoist was sent by someone to protect him and he was just teasing about his treasures.
Besides, he himself had many powerful spiritual treasures. For example, his Golden Flames was one of the top 100 fires in the universe and could even kill a Saint when it was used.
But the current power of the Gold Fire was limited since Qingfeng Li had only mastered five percent of its strength.
"Treasure Daoist, please help Linger Yao defeat the third elder," Qingfeng Li said to the Treasure Daoist with a smile.
Since he knew that the Treasure Daoist was his friend, Qingfeng Li decided to make full use of him. It would be a crime to let such a powerful strong fighter stand idle.
Speechless, Treasure Daoist rolled his eyes. But the unrivalled strong fighter had told him to do whatever Qingfeng Li asked him.
If anything happened to Qingfeng Li, the Treasure Daoist would be put into a nest of snakes to be their food.
With a thought, Treasure Daoist took out from his interspatial ring a Black Fire Grenade and threw it at the third elder.
The third elder of Blaze Sect was terrified at the sight of the Black Fire Grenade thrown her way.
She had witnessed her sect leader being wounded by the Black Fire Grenade and knew that she was no match for it since her power was inferior to her sect leader.
The third elder leapt up high in the air trying to flee, but the Black Fire Grenade was too fast for her, landing on herinstantly.
With a huge sound, the Black Fire Grenade exploded with a column of black fire which burned up the whole sky.
The third elder was set on fire, which burned her clothes and a hole in her body.
Ignoring the pathetic third elder, Qingfeng Li walked to Linger Yao, saying, "Linger Yao, are you ok?"

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