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Chapter 1251: Fifth Fist - Moving heavens and Earth

Chapter 1251: Fifth Fist - Moving heavens and Earth
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Although Sky-Splitting Golden Light was different from the previous four techniques, Qingfeng Li wasn't worried, as he was already adept in spatial techniques. Regarding the practice of the fifth sword technique, he felt confident.
Qingfeng Li was occupied by his learning of the fifth sword technique and was continuously pushed back by Ta Tie.
At the sight of him retreating, everyone thought that Qingfeng Li was about to lose.
He wasn't fazed by their comments, rather he was confident that he would defeat Ta Tie.
Qingfeng Li still had many tricks up his sleeve. Attacks like the Golden Flames, the Green Tower, and the Golden Calabash were all his to use.
Qingfeng Li decided not to use these cards because he wanted to master the fifth technique of the Golden Light Sword.
He was mentally going through the stances of the fifth sword over and over again, mastering the technique completely.
He was indeed very talented, mastering the fifth sword technique after only a short moment.
"Sky-Splitting Golden Light!" Qingfeng Li roared as he struck out the Golden Light Sword, unleashing the freshly learned fifth sword.
Suddenly a ray of sword light flew from the skies, slicing through the atmosphere and creating a huge gash.
With a loud booming sound, Ta Tie's Meteor Stone Axe was split in half, falling to the ground.
"What?! Your sword light broke my ax?" Ta Tie was completely shocked, his face turning pale.
Ta Tie's axe was no ordinary weapon. It was made from a combination of Meteorite and Black Crystal Steel.
These two materials were both extremely rare and precious. Ever since he crafted the meteor ax, Ta Tie had been invincible, defeating countless opponents.
But now, the ax was broken apart.
Qingfeng Li looked delighted. He was also surprised by his attack power.
The fifth sword was too powerful. Not only did it split open heaven and earth, it even broke apart the famous Meterorite Axe.
Taking advantage of Ta Tie's hesitation, Qingfeng Li launched himself off the ground and arrived in front of Ta Tie instantly.
Qingfeng Li struck forward with his Golden Light Sword, directly stabbing into Ta Tie's heart.
With a huge sound, an image of a pangolin erupted from Ta Tie's body, blocking off Qingfeng Li's attack.
"Hahahaha, kid, I have on me a pangolin. It's a treasure armor. There is no way for you to break my defense!" Ta Tie laughed arrogantly, his eyes full of contempt.
Qingfeng Li was caught off guard by the name. He was familiar with this demonic beast. It was an advanced level demonic beast of the Spirit King Realm, famous for its defensive abilities.
The skin of a pangolin was extremely thick, tough, and hard.
An armor created from a pangolin possessed an incredibly high defensive power and was impenetrable by normal knives and swords.
"Kill!" With a loud roar, Qingfeng Li attacked Ta Tie once more, but to no avail. The attack was once again blocked by the pangolin
Qingfeng Li frowned in irritation. The pangolin's defensive power was too strong. With his current attack power, Qingfeng Li just couldn't break through its defense.
Unless of course, he lifted off all the seals on the Golden Light Sword, but that was impossible since he wasn't strong enough yet.
"Ta Tie, you think that I can't defeat you simply because you put on a pangolin armor?" Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, his eyes cold.
Qingfeng Li put away the Golden Light Sword. Since it was currently useless, he decided to try other attacks.
Pangolins were known for its defensive abilities, so Qingfeng Li wanted to break through to test how strong he was.
"Strangle Hell Fist." Qingfeng Li swung out his right hand, conjuring out a giant mass of vital essence. The attack tore through the air, shaking the skies, hitting Ta Tie ruthlessly, and creating a loud bang.
Deng Deng Deng Deng!!!!
Ta Tie took a few steps back. His face was pale, but he didn't fall.
"Your attack is not bad, but it will never penetrate my pangolin," Ta Tie said arrogantly, sneering.
"Oh yeah? Let's try again. Fourth Fist Breaks Firmament!" Qingfeng Li directly unleashed the fourth fist of the Strangle Hell Fist.
Qingfeng Li condensed his vital essence into a gigantic hundred-meter sized fist, and smashed down on Ta Tie's body with an unrivaled force.
Ta Tie was forced back even farther this time, stepping back more than a dozen steps.
The pangolin was dented this time, but it still managed to defend against Qingfeng Li's attack.
Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows in surprise.
The fourth punch was an extremely powerful attack. Normally, he would have already beaten his opponent to a pulp with just this one punch.
But now, this powerful attack was stopped by the pangolin skin.
The defensive power of the pangolin was indeed impressive. No wonder it was known as the demonic beast with the number one innate defense.
Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows and swung out his fists once more, punching Ta Tie relentlessly. His attacks were only strong enough to dent the pangolin but were too weak to kill Ta Tie.
Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in his head. He had already reached the fifth level of the Spirit King Realm. Why not practice an even more powerful technique?
The Strangle Hell Fist had many techniques and Qingfeng Li had only mastered four. He could now learn the fifth fist.
At this thought, Qingfeng Li felt a sense of joy. He began to search for Strangle Hell Fist's fifth fist, condensing his vital essence.
The vital essence in his body became massive, containing unrivaled power. The Heavenly Immortal Chant had brought him an unending steady stream of strength.
Qingfeng Li focused his vital essence and began to condense the fifth fist.
The name of the fifth fist was Moving Heavens and Earth . One strike and it would turn the earth upside down. It also had the ability to stop time, but only for a second.
Qingfeng Li had just begun to focus his vital essence, but it disappeared before he could condense a fist.
The fifth fist was too difficult. Qingfeng Li had just learned it and had already failed.
But he wasn't discouraged, as he began to condense a fist once again. However, the fist didn't form; Qingfeng Li failed again.
"Kid, did you use up all your vital essence? Why are you so weak?" Ta Tie laughed coldly as watched Qingfeng Li with mocking eyes.
Qingfeng Li wasn't bothered by Ta Tie. He continued to attempt to condense a fist.
The fifth fist of the Strangle Hell Fist required a deep understanding of spatial theories, so it was naturally very difficult to master.
Qingfeng Li had failed twice, but learning from his mistakes, he began to combine his fist techniques with the spatial knowledge that he had previously understood.
Space was one of the most mysterious concepts of all time. There was one-dimensional space, two-dimensional space, three-dimensional space, and so on and so forth. Normally, people only existed in the three-dimensional space, which was up and down, left and right.

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