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Chapter 1944 - Fighting for Fire Essence

Chapter 1944: Fighting for Fire Essence

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When Qingfeng Li was searching for the saint level fire essence at the bottom of Fire Essence River, Xie Ming stopped going in the other direction.
As the Monarch of a supreme dynasty, Xie Ming was known for his most powerful weapon, the Dark Hell Flame.
The Dark Hell Flame was a powerful saint level flame that he had gotten from a Saint’s tomb. Xie Ming had sensed something unusual when crossing over the Fire Essence River, for his Dark Hell Flame reacted a bit.
But Xie Ming was very clever and alert, so he didn’t stop because Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, and Jun Po were in front of him.
If he stopped and searched the Fire Essence River, the other super masters would notice the peculiarity, then they might have to fight for the treasure under the river.
Seeing Xie Ming stop, Hao Ming, his Chief Advisor, asked, “Your Highness, why don’t we proceed? The tomb of Sun Monarch should be in the depths of the tomb.”
Xie Ming smiled and glanced at Hao Ming, a man who he regarded highly of. Hao Ming was the Chief Advisor of the entire Underworld Dynasty, and also Xie Ming’s junior disciple-brother, with cultivation strength at the Seventh Level of the Spirit Monarch Realm. Xie Ming figured that he didn’t have to conceal this from Hao Ming.
Xie Ming turned serious and whispered, “Junior brother, let me tell you, there is absolutely a big secret lying under Fire Essence River. A treasure! Even my Dark Hell Flame shook a bit just now. It only shakes like this when saint level treasure shows up. I’ll give you a quest now. Go back and find the treasure in the Fire Essence River.”
Hao Ming was a bit confused. “Your Highness, why don’t you return yourself? With your power, it’ll be much easier to get the treasure.”
Xie Ming shook his head and said, “Junior Brother, you are forgetting that Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, and Jun Po are keeping an eye on me. If I turn back, they’ll notice the abnormality. Then the treasure might be taken by others. For now, I’ll proceed forward with them, and they won’t notice you returning.”
Hao Ming nodded, saying, “Your Highness, don’t worry. I’ll go back and find the treasure under the river.”
Then, he turned around and rushed toward the Fire Essence River quickly.
At this moment, Qingfeng Li was still walking around under Fire Essence River, with the fire essence flaring like red fairies around him.
The fire essence wanted to get close but dared not to in fear of Qingfeng Li’s flames, which made Qingfeng Li a little speechless.
Qingfeng Li felt it too hot under Fire Essence River with all the fire essence around. Luckily, he was powerful enough to survive. If it were someone else, they would’ve died a long time ago.
Qingfeng Li operated his clairvoyance ability with his right eye, shooting out golden lights, and searching around the bottom of the Fire Essence River, but he still found no clue.
Suddenly, his eyes blinked when he passed through a rock. Even his soul quivered a bit, sensing some remarkable treasure around.
Qingfeng Li searched over but found only this rock other than the fire essence.
He was a little confused, thinking, “Could the treasure under Fire Essence River be in this rock?”
Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and touched the rock, but he found nothing special. It was basin-sized and looked pretty heavy. Qingfeng Li tried once but couldn’t lift it up.
As for the appearance, it looked like normal rocks, only with a different color. It was flame-red.
Qingfeng Li swung his right fist and punched at the rock with the powerful strength of the Strangle Hell Fist.
He was bounced one step back the next moment, but the rock was still intact.
Qingfeng Li was shocked, saying, “What a hard rock, withstanding the power of myStrangle Hell Fist. It must be a saint-level treasure.”
Qingfeng Li then took out the Sky-Breaking Halberd, piercing an arc in the air and stabbing at the red rock. But the rock was still undamaged even under the attack of his secret Dharma treasure.
“If the tiger doesn’t show its true power, you’ll just think of it as a kitty.”
Qingfeng Li was irritated and decided to use the power of the Dragon Bone.
He knew the red rock would be broken by Dragon Bone even if it was a saint-level treasure.
Qingfeng Li activated his dragon blood, with dragon chants resounding through. Then, the dragon bone in his right index finger started to mutate, shining bright lights, and a golden scale was then formed on this finger.
He pointed his right indexed finger at the red rock quickly as a flash and instantly pierced it through. Then he cut it in half with a slight pinch of the Dragon Bone.
Qingfeng Li became delighted, for he found a fist-sized Crimson fire essence in the middle of the rock. It looked tiny, but was extremely hot, of at least 9000 degrees.
“Saint level fire essence!” Qingfeng Li shouted out excitedly.
Qingfeng Li’s golden flames had reached 9500 degrees. After devouring the saint level fire essence, they would definitely reach 10000 degrees. Even the masters in the eighth level of the spirit monarch realm would hardly be able to take this temperature then.
When Qingfeng Li was about to take the fire essence, a creepy voice rose behind him, “The saint level fire essence is mine.”
Qingfeng Li frowned with disappointment after hearing the voice. He had gone so far to find the saint level fire essence under Fire Essence River. Then someone else just showed up and wanted to take it. It was just too irritating.
Qingfeng Li turned around and found an elder over 800 years old, wearing the clothes of the Underworld Dynasty, with a freezing aura emanating from his skinny body.
Qingfeng Li frowned, for he knew this elder in black. It was Hao Ming, the Chief Advisor beside Xie Ming.
Qingfeng Li smiled, saying, “I found the saint level fire essence first. It belongs to me. Now get off before I get mad.”
Hao Ming sneered and said in a cold voice, “How bold of you to stand against our Underworld Dynasty. As the Chief Advisor, I can easily kill you.”
Qingfeng Li didn’t even pay attention to Hao Ming and held the saint level fire essence in his right hand directly.

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