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Chapter 1833 - Spiritual Root Escapes

Chapter 1833: Spiritual Root Escapes

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Qingfeng released a golden Strangle Hell fist that clashed onto the Spirit Talisman Emperor’s talisman script and shattered it. Both of their bodies stepped back, as they coldly looked at each other.
Qingfeng stood up against three third level spirit monarch realm masters without a sign of defeat.
Meng Lin, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor all looked at each other in shock.
They were all intermediate-tier kingdom Emperors, with their own fames, and were listed amongst the top hundred and five super powers, as countless Crimson Fire Mainlanders respected them.
Before, they could kill any self-cultivator easily, even if they were a first level spirit monarch realm master, or even a second level spirit monarch realm master.
Qingfeng was only at the first level of the spirit monarch realm, two realms lower than them, yet they still couldn’t defeat him even if the three of them fought together, which meant that Qingfeng was far too powerful.
For example, his Golden Flames could penetrate through anything, such that not even Meng Lin could withstand it. His Sky Breaking Halberd was mysterious as well, being an unknown kind of spiritual treasure.
The Sky Breaking Halberd weighed four million kilos; such that no self-cultivator dared to block it unless they were above the seventh level of the spirit monarch realm.
Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor looked at each other as they channeled their vital essence again and crazily charged towards Qingfeng.
They knew that a grudge was built with Qingfeng, one side had to die, and they had to kill Qingfeng, or else he would seek revenge once his power increased. By then, they would never defeat Qingfeng.
Qingfeng naturally saw through the three’s plans, but he wasn’t worried, because he trained in the Heavenly Immortal Chant, which could supply him with endless vital essence.
His internal sun spirit nucleus matched the sun vital essence in the Mysterious Sun Realm, such that he could absorb it at a great speed and thus didn’t need to worry about his vital essence running low.
However, on the other side, Mengyao, Ya Yun, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and the others were fighting with the ten or so self-cultivators.
Clearly, Sky Wolf Emperor, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake were more powerful, and each time Mengyao florished her Fairy Sword, all the self-cultivators were forced back with new sword wounds on their bodies.
The Sky Wolf Emperor was ferocious, as he released his Monarch Law every time to form a Sky Wolf with horrific force and charging towards the self-cultivators to break their bones, as they cried out in pain.
Qingfeng looked at Mengyao and the others and felt relieved when he saw that they were safe.
Qingfeng then continued to release his spiritual treasure attacks at Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor. The four were entrenched in an incredibly fierce battle, as they used up all their energy with their strongest attacks.
The space around shattered, as they punctured a deep hole into the ground, a few thousand meters deep.
The wild force killed all the demonic poisonous snakes, centipedes, and spiders in the ground, as their bodies shattered into ashes.
A five thousand or so tall mountain not far from them was also shattered into ashes, as plants, animals, and demonic beasts all died, like it was the end of the world. This was the force of the third level of the spirit monarch realm; it was absolutely invincible.
Qingfeng, Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor’s forces all clashed together, creating a powerful force that rushed several thousand meters deep underground.
The headless demonic corpse was just training, as he had just killed several thousand self-cultivators and absorbed all of their blood essence.
However, the wild force disrupted the headless demonic corpse’s training, as he roared out in anger.
The headless demonic corpse prepared to rush above ground, but just as he was about to leave, he found the spiritual root, filling him with joy.
The headless demonic corpse knew of the spiritual root powers, as he had been searching for it for a while, but had found no trace of it. Who knew that he would bump into it just as he was about to leave.
The spiritual root grew scared when he saw the headless demonic corpse. It had spirituality, and originally planned to watch Qingfeng fight the other self-cultivators, hoping that they would kill each other. It had no idea that it would be found by the headless demonic corpse!
The spiritual root’s eyes filled with shock. It knew that the headless corpse was a huge devil, and if he managed to catch it, then he would definitely eat it.
The spiritual root grew scared, and immediately ran into the depths of the ground.
In its eyes, the headless demonic corpse was much more powerful than Qingfeng and the others, so it was not afraid of being found by Qingfeng and the others.
Qingfeng was just fighting fiercely with Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor, but they suddenly saw the spiritual root come out from the underground, and their faces changed as they stopped fighting.
They all looked at the spiritual root with desire, because it was what they all came to the depths of the tunnel for.
They only wanted to kill Qingfeng to steal his Golden Flames to fight the headless corpse underground, so that they could then get the spiritual root. Everything was done for the spiritual root, but now that they’ve seen it, they naturally ceased fighting.
Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor looked at each other, as they shouted at each other, “Catch the spiritual root!”
The three of them all stopped fighting Qingfeng, as they ran towards the spiritual root like a pack of bees.
The spiritual root was shocked. As soon as it escaped the tiger, it found itself before wolves; this infuriated it.
The spiritual root screamed like a baby in anger, “You bad guys are all picking on me, I’ll run away.”
The spiritual root’s two feet ran forward like crazily, and looked ridiculous. Even Qingfeng was dumbfounded, who knew the spiritual root would have human intelligence, talk like a human, and even run like a human?
Roar roar!!
Suddenly a massive roar erupted from the ground, as the headless demonic corpse caught up. He suddenly waved his devilish palm towards the spiritual root, but it was far too fast, as it disappeared instantly.
The headless demonic corpse failed to catch the spiritual root and decided to vent off his anger onto the self-cultivators around.
The headless demonic corpse slapped out, and clashed onto Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor, as the three of them flew out, as more of their bones shattered, and blood poured out as their eyes filled with horror.
At this time, Meng Li, the Sky Array Emperor, and the Spirit Talisman Emperor had no time to bother with Qingfeng and the spiritual root, as they ran all in three different directions.
All the other self-cultivators ran off without even turning back their heads.
The headless demonic corpse turned to look at Qingfeng, as he released devilish energy and murderous intent.

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