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Chapter 1666 - Finding Scorpion Alliance HQ

Chapter 1666: Finding Scorpion Alliance HQ

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The legs of the Giant Spider were extremely hard and tough, looking like they could stab through everything in the world. Those legs were even harder than all demonic beasts’ skin. However, when those legs met Qingfeng Li’s arms, it was like an egg meeting a rock; easily shattering into pieces.
“Giant Spider, I am going to test the power of the dragon bone on you.”
Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and pointed his right-hand index finger towards the front. A bright golden laser that contained the Godly Dragon Breath shot out of his finger.
As the dragon bone in Qingfeng’s right-hand index finger contained the Godly Dragon Breath, it contained the power of the Godly Gold Dragon, a dragon that an invincible body. Once the golden laser was shot out of Qingfeng’s finger, it shot through air and space, and a giant hole suddenly appeared out of thin air.
In a blink of an eye, the golden laser shot through the Giant Spider’s head and its brain, creating a giant hole in its head.
The golden laser did not stop right there, it continued to shoot a few hundred meters further and made a bottomless giant hole in a tall mountain.
Qingfeng Li’s ‘Godly Dragon Finger’ was too powerful, nothing could stop it from destroying everything in the world.
The giant spider did not even have the time to scream as its head was shot through, all its spirit energy was shattered in an instant. Its brain was spilling out of its head as it fell on the ground and died.
Qingfeng Li walked towards the Giant Spider, and split open its belly with his ‘claws’. A giant supreme level demonic pill appeared as Qingfeng Li took it out and threw it to Black Puppy.
Black Puppy wiggled his tail as it caught the demonic pill. He was extremely excited as he knew that his strength would dramatically increase after refining the Supreme level demonic pill.
Black Puppy did not hesitate as he opened his mouth, consumed the demonic pill and started chewing.
Although the demonic pill was more powerful than Black Puppy, his teeth were extremely sharp. Under those sharp teeth, the demonic pill shattered in pieces and turned into a giant force of demonic vitality, refined and absorbed by Black Puppy.
Black Puppy used the Dog Ancestors Super Power and made a hand formation. This was an ancient chant of the ancient dog ancestors, and it contained powerful forces and mythical power.
The chant released Time Talisman script as Black Puppy refined all the Supreme level demonic vitality, turned it into its own power, and then concentrate it all in its lower abdomen.
Black Puppy’s demonic core started to mutate and turned into golden color, a sign of reaching the half-step supreme realm for demonic beasts.
Have to say that as a dog ancestor of the continents, and the ancestor of all canine demonic beast, Black Puppy had a very low speed on strength improvement. Even though he consumed the Supreme level demonic pill, he has only reached the half-step Supreme Realm.
If it was another demonic beast who was consuming the demonic pill, it would definitely reach the First Level Supreme Realm.
Despite that, Black Puppy’s fighting skills were no weaker than those in First Level Supreme Realm. He might be even stronger by looking at his sharp claws.
Black Puppy waved his claws, a few cracks appeared in the air and the emptiness could be seen through those cracks. The space within those cracks exploded, as it felt like everything in the surrounding exploded as well.
Qingfeng Li nodded proudly after he saw what happened. Li knew that Black Puppy would become his number-one assistant after it had a breakthrough. In time Black Puppy would be a great help in wiping out the entire Scorpion Assassin Alliance.
Qingfeng Li and Black Puppy continued walking as they have encountered more demonic beasts within the ancient old trees and vines.
Some of these demonic beasts could fly, some crawled on the ground, and some contained deadly venom. However, all of them were killed easily by Black Puppy and Qingfeng Li. None of these demonic beasts were strong enough.
Five minutes later, Qingfeng and Black Puppy already reached the Black Tiger Mountain.
Like its name, the mountain looked like a black tiger.
The mountain was measured to be 3000 meters tall, and it looked like a tiger, dignified and solemn, with a hint of murderous yarn.
A few demonic beasts Qingfeng Li encountered outside the mountain were Supreme level demonic beasts, but they were all killed by Qingfeng Li.
Both Qingfeng and Black Puppy were standing at the foot of the mountain, trying to find the entrance of the Scorpion Assassin Alliance HQ.
Qingfeng walked along the foot of the Black Tiger Mountain accorded to the memories of the Black Hood Man. They found an array not far ahead of them.
It was an supreme level illusion array, and it could hide all scenery. It seemed like a cliff from the outside. However, from the inside, it was a vacant land with a tombstone.
Qingfing Li used clairvoyance with his right eye as it was shedding golden light and saw everything behind the array.
He directly summoned Dark Night Emperor, asked him to find the flaws of the Talisman script of the illusion array and then report it back to Qingfeng Li.
After he heard the advice from Dark Night Emperor, he directly hit and broke the right bottom angle of the array.
After the supreme level illusion array disappeared, the cliff disappeared as well. A tombstone, or perhaps a giant stone tablet appeared.
There were three giant words on the surface of the stone tablets – Black Tiger Mountain. Right after those words were “Death Place”.
The meaning of these words was simple – whoever entered this place will die, outsiders were forbidden.
Qingfeng Li reached his right arm and started to circulate the vital essence inside his body. His arms started glowing in golden color and smacked toward the black stone tablet.
The stone tablets shattered into bits and pieces and disappeared into thin air.
After the stone tablets disappeared, an entrance appeared right beneath where the stone tablet was. The entrance was very narrow, around one meter wide, and it only allowed one person enter each time. There were green stone steps at the bottom, spreading downwards step by step.
Qingfeng Li and Black Puppy, one in front and the other behind, started walking downwards. Not long after they started walking, dark sword intents started shooting from both sides of the wall. These sword intents were extremely sharp and were covered in venom.
Qingfeng Li laughed coldly and waved his palm. All the sword intents were broken and fell on the floor.
Qingfeng Li and Black Puppy were walking very fast, it did not take long for them to reach to the bottom. In front of them was a spacious underground palace. The palace was built with black marbles as it contained a hint of murderous horror.
The underground palace was around 10000 square meters big. Many Black Hood Man gathered here and were training their killing techniques.
There were around 500 Black Hood Man gathered at the underground palace and they were all the elite assassins of the Scorpion Assassin Alliance, training the novice assassins.
They were all shocked as they saw a teenager walking down from above with a dog. As they recalled, there was an supreme level illusion array at the entrance, normal people would not be able to enter. So how was it possible for this teenager to enter?
A Black Hood Man took a step forward and yelled, “Who are you! Who let you enter here?”

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