Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 6


The library is peaceful and serene. I’m here with Michelle and eating an apple while she is working on
our project.

Everything would be damn near perfect. IF ONLY THAT GLASSES-WEARING GUY WOULD STOP

The bloke is sitting at his own table. Tie and slicked-back hair, all proper, with a nervous smile on his
lips. He is undoubtedly in love with Michelle, and it bothers me.

Who the fuck does he think he is staring at her like that?! Can’t he see that Michelle is here with me?

Michelle isn’t my girlfriend. She will never be anything like that, and I’m DEFINITELY not jealous, but
come on! That idiot better stop fucking staring at her!

I move closer to Michelle while glaring at the other guy. I would be barking at him if I had been born as
a rottweiler.

“Uhh…” Michelle glances up at me. She seems uncomfortable, frightened by the proximity even. “W-
why you sitting so close?”

I narrow my eyes, muttering. “No reason.”


Michelle returns to tapping away on her keyboard, and my hackles rise when that bloke keeps looking
at her with a dreamy expression.


He got some balls…


I have to end this once and for all! I will do it with a move that says, “I’m the fucking alpha here, and the
bitch is mine!”

Slowly, I let my arm slip over Michelle’s shoulders. She shudders in response before turning tense, but
it doesn’t matter. All I need is for that other dude to stay away

“W-what are you doing?!” Michelle loses her shit and glares at me. It’s hard to take her seriously,
though. She is like this tiny angry bunny mad at the lion for eating its entire family.


I better plan dumb since I’m not going to remove my arm from her shoulder anytime soon there are
snakes in this library! 1 I don’t trust that other guy for a second. The moment I let go, he will try to get
into Michelle’s pants!

“What do you mean?” I smirk her way. “I’m doing nothing.”

“Don’t play coy with me! Why did you hang your arm around me?! It weighs a ton!”

“It’s as light as a feather!”

“No, it’s huge, and your weight is pressing me down!” It’s true. I’m a big guy and need it for the football,
but Michelle is overreacting because my arm isn’t THAT heavy. “My weight isn’t pressing you down.”
Her nostrils flare. “Maddox, why are you hugging me?” Oh shit!

I didn’t even notice.



I look up and suppress a snarl when the tie-wearing bloke stands in front of our table. His smile
determined, and what the hell? He is holding a letter and shoves it forward over the table!

“I wrote this for you, Michelle.”

Fucking hell.

Is that a love letter?!

To my utter horror, Michelle blushes upon receiving it. “Oh, thank you so much, Harold… W what is it?”

Yeah, that’s what I would like to know!

I’m being totally ignored here, and my heart is racing. Why? I have no damn clue, but I feel threatened
by Harold’s presence. My chest is tight, and I dislike Michelle’s reddening face.

Is she into him????

Not that I care. Pfft! Never. BUT IS SHE?! She couldn’t be, right? Harold got nothing on me! He is
shorter and lankier and definitely lacks muscle definition…

But what if Michelle is into that shit? She hasn’t “accidentally” touched my abs even once, and that
happens all the fucking time with other ladies!

Which means…



“Why don’t you read it later?” Harold asks sweetly. “I have to go now, but… Look at it later, okay? I
know you don’t like close proximity, so I thought a letter might be nice.”

Is Harold actually glaring at my arm that is around Michelle? Well, tough luck, kiddo; I move closer to
Michelle. She stares at me like I’ve grown two heads, but it’s worth it. “Uh…” Michelle clears her throat
and smiles. “That’s so thoughtful of you, Harold. I will definitely read it once I’m back home.”

“Great!” Harold beams at her. “See you later then!” “See you later, Harold!” After the fool is gone,
Michelle places the letter back on the table. I glare at the letter like a hawk and wish I had super
powers so I could burn it with my sheer mind.

“I wonder why he gave me a letter…” Michelle wonders aloud and turns tomato red upon noticing my

I’m inches from her face and stare into her eyes. She shrinks back into her seat, yet I keep my gaze on
her. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Her lips tremble. “Uh, no? It’s not.” Is she stupid?


I sigh. “Harold gave you a love letter, Michelle. It’s probably filled with all kinds of cheesy and dumb
lovey-dovey stuff. What do nerds even write to each other: you make my heart race like a Mario kart?”
2 “That’s mean, Maddox,” Michelle removes my arm from her shoulder with a glower. “And Harold
doesn’t like me.”

I snort and grab her letter. “You wanna bet?”

“No, don’t read it!” I smirk and hold the letter out of her reach. “Too late. I’m already ripping it open. I
want to know how much Harold LOOOOVES you.”

“No, please, Maddox! It’s embarrassing! Don’t read the letter!”

My devil horns sprout out as I clear my throat. “Dear Michelle,” I dry a fake tear with my finger, “Aww,
Harold is actually cute-he calls you dear Michelle. Isn’t that a gentleman?”

Michelle is red in the face. “Maddox, stop!” “Not yet,” I read the following lines. “I know you’ve had a
rough start to the year, but the book club misses you. And I miss you. We used to be such good
friends. Best friends.” “Please just stop…”

I continue. “You moved away from your parent’s house. It might be for the best. Your mother misses
you, the times when she is sober, at least I think she does. I hear her fight with your father a lot. She
had a lot of bruises the last time I saw her –“.

My lips close when I realize this is some personal shit, and I worriedly look at Michelle. She is glaring at
me while crying right now. “Are you satisfied now?” “Michelle-”

“No, just fuck you!” Michelle grabs her stuff. “I’m going home. But don’t you worry, Maddox. I will finish
the stupid presentation for both of us because some people take things seriously.”

With those words, Michelle storms away, and I stare down at the rest of the letter with a pounding

I skip the parts where Harold talks about Michelle’s alcoholic parents and stare down at the last

I love you, Michelle. And while I know your situation isn’t the greatest, maybe I could help improve it?
You could live with me. We are childhood friends, and even if you don’t have feelings for me… I would

like to help put a smile back onto your facé.

Love to hear back from you.


I swallow thickly.

That little bloke is a way better person than me. Harold cares deeply about Michelle, but… Why didn’t
she tell me about her parent situation?! I can’t be THAT unapproachable, right?!


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