Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 13


My stomach is tied in a tight bundle of nerves. Maddox is walking ahead of me, holding up the door to
the fraternity house. A carpet is rolled out on the cobblestones outside. It’s yellow-just like the color of
Maddox football pants.

It somehow adds to my nerves. I feel like I’m visiting the royal family, but the members are all insanely
big, muscular men.

Maddox peers down at me. “Ladies first.”

“Thank you,” I step inside and immediately freeze when I catch a dude as tall as Maddox raking me up
and down.

They are both walking mountains, but this guy’s arms and hands are tattooed. Dark eyebrows lift guiltily
when I catch him staring at me, and a slow-spreading smile takes over his lush lips.

“Ah! You must be Michelle,” the tattooed guy reaches out his hand for me to take. His expression is
actually friendly and there is a lowkey, husky Spanish accent. “I’m Jason, the mutt.”

Oh, he is referring to the phone call…

My heart hammers as I look Jason up and down to search for any sign of hostility or resentment.

I find none, and it calms me.

Usually, I’m afraid of men, but Jason gives off that “I will take care of you” vibe. Like the type of person
you call when you get yourself into trouble, which helps me relax.

He is also attractive, yet I wouldn’t call him beautiful like Maddox. His features are rougher, but he
definitely looks more approachable.

I force out my voice. “Michelle.”

Jason’s smile turns into a grin. “Oh. I already know who you are. I’ve heard so much about you,

He has?

Stunned, I let him take my hand, blushing upon noticing our height difference is downright comical.
With Maddox, I feel safe enough not to care, but with a total stranger, I see these things.

Jason is huge and talks while shaking my hand up and down. “Maddox usually mentions your name
late at night when he-”

“Seriously?” Maddox growls behind me. “Do you have a death wish? Don’t tell Michelle any weird
fucking shit!”


“Shut up, Jason!” The death glare given by Maddox pushes Jason to visibly grimace and shudder. I bite
back a laugh. Jason doesn’t seem that bad, and after meeting him, I’m less reluctant to stay the night.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding.

I fled here because my roommates thought having a party tonight would be a great idea. They invited
Thomas Hennington, and that made me panic and text Maddox.

So now I’m here, following Maddox like a shadow into a kitchen filled with beefy guys that grow silent
upon seeing me.

There are cards and alcohol on the kitchen table, and I repeatedly blink when I realize it’s UNO that
they are playing. Not Poker-UNO.

“Are you thirsty?” Maddox asks me.

1 silently nod, and he steps away from me.

I watch Maddox take a cup from a shelf, and he raises an eyebrow when no one says anything.
Everyone is too busy staring at me, prompting Maddox to sigh. “The girl’s name is Michelle. She is
staying the night; anyone got a problem with that?” All the guys shake their heads, and Maddox calmly
continues pouring bubble water into a cup. 1 “Good,” Maddox hands me the cup, then looks at his
roommates with a bored expression.

” Because she ain’t leaving.” I’m not sure what the guys are thinking. I expect them to laugh at me or
call me a nerd, so imagine my surprise when they whistle and clap their hands as if celebrating.
“Maddox finally took home a girl!”

“Are you guys dating?” “Have you given her the chocolates yet?” “Chocolates? Oh! This is her –
Michelle is the girl our team captain made those chocolate hearts for! Holy shit, she is real!” Why are
they all acting like teenage girls all of a sudden? It must be the alcohol…

There is plenty on the table, and some of these guys are entirely red in the face. Yeah, they must be
drunk Yet even with that knowledge, I’m freaking out. I’m not used to being around this many men at
once. And these are BIG men. Like they have muscles on top of muscles, and why are they all so tall?!

Holy cow.

I’m nervous.

Close to suffering a panic attack. But there is nowhere to go, so what do I do?

I freeze onto my spot and catch Maddox calmly sitting by the table. He pulls a chair and releases it next
to him. He then lifts an eyebrow as if daring me to come and sit with him.

Even without Maddox saying it. I can read his face: “So, Michelle You’re afraid of men, right? So come
and sit here. Let’s practice on that sell confidence of yours.”

It makes my lips (witch, and then I do the impossible push my fears aside and stride towards Maddox
My heart is pounding the entire way, and I’m close to barfing when I plump down in the chair

So many men at once…

My head is spinning, and I’m close to crying. The hyperventilation isn’t far away, but everything stops
when Maddox looks at me.

His concerned eyes roam over my face, and before I can tell him no, he lifts me up and sets me in his

“What are we drinking?” Maddox asks the other guys, crossing his arms over my stomach. It makes my
heart race.

“Anything you want,” one of the guys says. “Jason has a lot of good stuff in his collection.” “¡No
manches!” Jason appears upset. He rakes his fingers through his dark hair and shakes his head. “Are
you seriously drinking my vintage collection of wine?! Do you know how much those bottles are?!”

Another one of the guys picks up one of the empty bottles with a funny smile. He then laughs. “No shit?
That’s why it’s so damn good.” “Yeah, it’s fucking delicious.”

Jason sighs heavily. “Well, since every fucking bottle is open, we better drink it,” he sits down on the
chair I was sitting on a few seconds ago and throws a smile my way. “Do you want some Michelle?
This is probably the best wine you will ever have in your life.”

I want to say yes, but I can’t find my voice. I’m not afraid of being around all these football players
anymore, but my heart is racing for another reason: Maddox.

The close proximity is almost too much. I’m hyperaware of Maddox’s hot breath on my skin and the
bulge in his pants. It’s close to my ass, and I’m leaning my back against his insanely ripped chest. My
pulse kicks into overdrive as I peer down at Maddox’s veiny, muscular arms tightening around me. An
unwanted whizz of electricity snakes down my spine. I’m not used to this.

“She will have some,” Maddox says behind me, and I shudder at hearing his deep voice up close. His
blue eyes catch mine. “Are you good at playing UNO cards?”

I lift an eyebrow and answer shyly. “Isn’t it about luck?”

Maddox shrugs. “I don’t know, but the losers of each round have to drink. So are you in or not?

There is a warning bell at the back of my head. Something about how it’s a bad idea to get drunk in a
house filled with men. A scene of Thomas taking advantage of me plays inside my mind

But I hate being afraid.

I don’t want to be a prisoner anymore because that’s what I am. My past experiences keep me from
having fun and living life to the fullest. But I’m feeling courageous tonight.

I want to change.

And with Maddox, I think I can. I force a smile. “Game on.”


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