Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 21


Despite the hurting in my heart and the images of Thomas Hennington haunting my brain, I can’t help
but let my gaze slide over to Maddox. He is calmly driving his black BMW, eyes on the road.

He beat up Thomas so easily. I know violence isn’t the answer to most of the earth’s questions, yet my
blood pumps faster seeing his flexing biceps as he turns the steering wheel. Holy shit.

I try not to stare at Maddox even though he is focusing on driving, afraid that when he does glance
down, he will find my eyes molesting his front side. I can’t believe there is an outline of his pecs.

I also can’t believe how incredible this guy’s body is.

His tanned arms have a light smattering of hair, and the color of his skin is a beautiful contrast to his
white t-shirt. The sandy hair is fixed tonight, though a bit on the wild side after he got physical. “You’re

I almost choke at the tone of his voice. Maddox is still looking out the window, not even glancing my
way. Still, I’m grateful the dark light hides the maddening blush on my face.

“Sorry…” I lift my chin, and my eyes are fixed straight ahead. I pretend to be interested in the houses
and the signs, carefully avoiding admiring Maddox.

It’s hard, though. My eyes keep wanting to lock onto the behemoth in the driver’s seat, but I’m fighting
the temptation. It’s terrible to be looking at him. He saved me from Thomas tonight, and I admit he won
more of my heart, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Maddox would never date someone like me. I’m not his type, that’s what he said. We are only good
friends, and we will never become anything more.

Even though I must admit the way that he hugged me earlier kind of blurred the lines…

“I didn’t…” Maddox swallows and palms his neck. He sounds calm, but his expression is caught in
concern. “Fuck, why is this so hard to ask out loud?”

I blink in surprise. “You didn’t what?” “I’m just going to say it,” Maddox’s eyes meet mine in the rearview
mirror. He looks worried. Concerned. It’s a face I haven’t seen him make before. A clear contrast to his
usual anger. “I didn’t frighten you, did I? The way I punched Thomas…” I What? No!

“Not at all,” I assure him and heavily exhale. “I mean… You did it for my sake, right?”

“Yes, but to be fair, I’ve always wanted to beat up Thomas. The guy annoyed the crap out of me even
before it was revealed what a sad prick that idiot is.” A tiny smile tugs on my lips. “Will tonight get you
into trouble?”

“Maybe if Thomas opens his mouth to cry to coach, but I don’t even care at this point. What he did to
you deserves a death sentence. I honestly don’t know how to even look at him anymore…”

My heart warms.

Maddox sounds annoyed and irritated. Furious. And it’s endearing to know that anger is for my sake.
He is mad because I was hurt. Because I was mistreated. He really cares.

“I saved all the messages that Thomas sent me,” I peer up at Maddox tentatively. “I’m too afraid to go
to the police alone, but do you think you would mind- …” I shrug. “Going there with me?”

“Of course not,” Maddox briefly meets my eyes. “Do you… Do you want to talk more about it?” I
breathe a laugh. “Not really… You know what happened, and that’s enough. I just want to relax and get

this bath you promised me. After that, I’m heading home to sleep.” “Michelle, it’s already late.”

Disappointment fills my chest. “Oh, is it too late for a bath?” “Your bath? No, of course, it’s not too late.
I’m just saying you should stay the night.” I pause. “S-stay the night?” There is a pause. “Would you
want to?”

My heart pounds faster. I know Maddox probably wants us to sleep in different rooms. Yet my head is
already spinning, reminding me of that night I slept beside him, trapped in his arms.

He was so warm.


My face burns. “No! I mean… No, it’s fine, really. Just let me take a bath, and then I can walk home

“Alone? No chance. This summer house is far away from the city and walking isn’t an option. You can
crash with me. I really don’t mind if you stay over.” “C-crash with you?”

“Yes?” Maddox blinks at me in confusion and parks the car outside a fancy mansion. “Would it really be
that bad? There are plenty of rooms, and all we will do is sleep.”


We won’t be sharing a room, and while I know I should feel relieved, I’m also disappointed. But I
understand that’s silly. Like, duh, of course, we won’t be sleeping together. We aren’t like that.

“I guess staying the night isn’t bad,” I say lamely and try to show my gratitude with a smile.” It’s very
nice of you to take me here. Thank you again, Maddox. For everything.” “Don’t mention it. Anyone in
my position would have done the same thing, Michelle,”

Maddox opens the car door, nodding ahead. “Also, we are already here. This is my family’s
summerhouse.” I look at the mansion and freeze. It looks like something taken out of the pages of a
romance novel. One of those houses the wealthy CEO lives in, or the kind of picture you get when you
g* ***e “white mansion” or something similar.

“Uhhhh…” I drawl because I just can’t help myself. “This is your summerhouse?” What is their actual
house like then? This place is enormous and luxurious.

“Yup.” He pulls the keys from the ignition and hits the button to open our doors. “When I want nice and
quiet, I come out here. It’s too far from school and the gym to live here permanently, though.”

“It is… Like the nicest house, I’ve ever seen.”

Maddox chuckles. “Come on, let me show you the inside.”


I get out of the car and follow him to the door. It feels so unrealistic being here. Maddox comes from
money; that much is clear. It makes the difference between us more apparent.

I grew up in the slums, and Maddox has a summerhouse with an actual laundry room. Light is
streaming from a small room at the side of the garage, so I’m just assuming. We enter the hallway, and
my eyes almost bulge out of their sockets at how nice and clean this place is. Everything is in order,
and the furniture looks expensive. “I’m going to be filling up your bath upstairs,” Maddox announces
while I’m taking off my jacket. He then peers down at me with something looking a lot like a smirk. “Feel
free to check out the place.”

I hand him a smile while fidgeting, unable to keep still. This whole situation is so bizarre.

Somehow, I find words. “Will I be sleeping upstairs or downstairs?”

Maddox’s voice goes low and playful. “You can sleep wherever you want to, that includes my room. In
my bed. With me.”

I stare at him. I think his words were meant as a joke, but when I don’t laugh and end up blushing, we
end up sharing this weird moment. My mouth is wide open, and Maddox blinks down at me before
awkwardly clearing his throat.

“Obviously, that was a joke…” “Yeah, o-of course!” I smile, yet I can’t stop the racing inside my chest. I
already imagine him naked. “I will… Sleep downstairs after my bath.”



We both smile like idiots, and the situation gets even weirder. Since when does Maddox smile?! He
looks like a hyena before finally, he clears his throat again.

“I will go and fill up that bath…”

“Thank you very much.”

“No problem.”

I watch him disappear up the stairs and release a breath I didn’t know I had been holding after he is

Now then… How do I survive this sleepover without fantasizing about sleeping with the landlord?!


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