Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 26


Being in love and admitting it is life-changing. I’m happier, and it feels like a rock has been lifted off my
chest. Breathing is easier.

I’m sweaty from running around on the field all day. Exhausted. Limbs shaking. Legs begging for a rest.
It’s like every other day, but there is a difference-food isn’t on my mind. Michelle is.

She is standing up. I’m happy to see her, thrilled she stayed here for the entire duration of the practice.

Michelle is amazing.

She saw Jason tackle me, and the idiot took it too far. I ended up eating the dirt on the ground. And I
can see the concern in Michelle’s eyebrows as I approach.

“Bet you’re going to cry to your girlfriend now,” Jason says from behind me when I take off my helmet.
“Are you going to shed a couple of crocodile tears to get what you want?” Michelle is by my side
instantly, ignoring Jason and instead focusing on me. A crease has formed between her eyebrows. “Did
you hurt yourself? Any area that you want me to look at?”

“No, I’m totally fine…” I mutter, throwing down my helmet on the ground. All I want is a hug, but
Michelle seems more interested in scanning my body for injuries.

Jason snorts when Michelle places her hands on me. I turn around to bark at him, but I fall silent when I
notice Jason doesn’t smirk. He is pouting, and it looks like it’s from jealousy.

Ha-ha, could it be the damn sucker is wishing to find a girlfriend to call his own?

Sure looks like it.

I bend down and pretend to be more injured than I actually am to spite him. Michelle is stroking her
hand over a bruise on my arm, and I meet Jason’s eyes when she doesn’t see me doing it. I’m a child,
but Jason deserves it. I stick out my tongue to spite him.

“Oh-my-god, Maddox!” Michelle exclaims. “You have like the biggest bruise on your arm! How did you
get that?” Jason’s eyes narrow, and my chest swells when I see his bubbling jealousy. I’m gloating.
Yes, Michelle, feel sorry for me and touch me with your sweet, delicate hands. Help me make Jason
realize being alone sucks.

“I will continue looking at you once we get to your place,” Michelle informs me and shudders at the
wind. She rubs her arms up and down with her hands. “Is it just me, or is it cold today?”

“It’s cold today,” I grab my backpack and take out a clean, black hoodie before handing it to Michelle.
“Wear this.”

“Oh, wow, thank you,” Michelle beams up at me while bringing it up and over her head. “You prepared
yourself for everything. Thank you again. It’s super comfortable.”

“No problem.”

I don’t tell her I bought it with me for her sake. It would be embarrassing. I’m turning sappy, goddamn it.
I’m a giant marshmallow, and it’s Michelle’s fault.

“So, what do you think of my new outfit?” Michelle spins around in a circle. My hoodie reaches past her
knees, and I try not to laugh. With her brown hair out, and her doe-eyes, she looks adorable.

“It looks good.” She blinks up at me. Filled with expectations. “Just good?” “Yes, it suits you.” Laughter
sips out through her lips. She is blushing yet comfortable enough to speak her mind, “It suits me? Wow,
you’re such a liar, Maddox. It’s too big for me! I thought you would tell me if something looked bad on
me! Not be the kind of guy to lie me straight up into my face… . Well, down, but whatever!”

“That’s probably the problem then. I can barely see you down there, shorty. It’s hard to tell if it looks
good or not. Is it a dress or a hoodie? My eyes can’t see the bottom of it…”

“Oh-my-god…” Michelle is bobbing up and down, entirely red in the face yet giving in to a laugh.
“You’re so mean!”

“Honest.” I correct her.

She shoves at my chest while laughing. “S-Shut up, you asshole! Don’t bring my height into this!”

“Why?” I show her a glimpse of my teeth. “Can’t you handle it?”

By now, her face is redder than a tomato. “It’s a touchy subject…” “Ah,” I relent and tap her teasingly on
the head. “You look adorable, Michelle. Really stinking cute. But then again, I shouldn’t speak. I’m an
asshole, and you told me to shut up.”

“Yes, you are kind of an asshole.”

I lift an eyebrow. “I must say you’re brave for insulting me.” “Please,” Michelle smiles up at me. “You’re

I lean in closer, hunkering to meet her eyes. “Am I?”

She rolls her eyes at me. “Your scaring techniques aren’t working today. Just pick me up already. Quit
stalling. I’m expecting a hug here.” “Okay, okay. So bossy.” Michelle yelps and laughs delightfully when
I pull her feet off the ground. I wrap my arms around her, hugging her to my chest with a content
exhale. She is lighter than a feather, but in my mind, she is larger-than-life.

Her arms sling around my neck, and her brilliant eyes meet mine. We haven’t really done anything
remotely affectionate, so this is new. Her proximity is burning my skin.

Goddamn. This sure got complicated fast. How the fuck am I supposed to get to first base with Michelle
when hugging her is all it takes for my heart to race?

It’s different now that I’ve admitted I like her, and we are dating, not fake dating. Everything

feels a hundred times more intense.

“Umm…” Michelle sinks her teeth into her lower lip, trying to hold back a smile that then just sort of
explodes. Her cheeks are all rosy and sweet. Adorable. “Hi.”

I swear to god, her awkwardness is infectious. I’m suddenly blushing, BLUSHING while holding her.

Next, her eyes scan mine while her fingers casually travel down from my shoulders to my biceps. She
squeezes them lightly. Maybe it’s hard for her, I don’t know.

Her eyes gaze into mine, and for a moment, I expect her to kiss me, but she backs out. Instead, she
falls against my shoulder, her heart thumping fast in rhythm with mine. Gosh, what is happening to us?
“I’m sorry…” Michelle says. She suddenly sounds extremely insecure and squeezes me in a hug. “I
just… I just really like you…”

I understand her because I feel the same way. “Me too.”

We stand on the field for an eternity, my chest heaving up and down with every breath like I’ve just run
a mile, even though I’m just hugging my girlfriend. I wonder if Michelle can feel it thumping-if she knows
she is the reason it’s beating.


Doesn’t matter.

I hug Michelle tighter to me and draw in a breath to sniff her hair as discreetly as I can.

Clean and fruity, the scent of that shampoo we got her from Rituals mixed with her own. I want to bury
my nose in it.

Michelle giggles. “Did you just sniff me?”

I smile because she can’t see it. “Of course not.”

Another giggle. “You totally did.”

“So what if I did?” If there weren’t people here, I would be tempted to place her on the ground and
inhale more than her hair.

Michelle tightens her hold around my neck, speaking in a soft, content voice close to my ear.” Should
we find the car? Because… I mean… You said w-we were going somewhere, right?”

I smile against her head. Even though I told her I was taking her back to my parent’s summerhouse
tonight to watch a movie through text, she didn’t take it for granted.

“Yeah, we are eating dinner at my place.” “Sounds great,” she chirps. “What are we eating?” “Why don’t
we head to the store, and you can pick whatever we should be cooking tonight?”

“That would be great because… I think I need tampons.”

“You on your period?” Why do I feel so disappointed? I need to stop thinking about sex. “No, or… I
should be…”

I lean away, blinking at her when I meet her eyes. “Oh… Should I be worried? Do you need to

see someone?”

She dismisses my concern with her hand. “No, it sometimes comes in late, but I would like to be

I relax a little. “Of course, let’s get you tampons.”

She giggles. “I should let you go in and buy them on your own.”

I grin. “You really think I would be nervous doing it?”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“No, but… I will admit I wouldn’t know what to buy.”

Her smile is identical to the Chesire Cat. “That’s why it would be fun. I’m curious which ones you come
out with. Oh, and let’s not forget the other stuff that… You know… Girls need for their period.” Damn it.
Is this a test? What have I gotten myself into?


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