Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 32


I’m nervous, shaking as I carefully reach forward to grip the fabric of Maddox’s white t-shirt. He is
kneeling, wordlessly watching me with his intense, beautiful eyes.

My heartbeats are quick, matching my fast breathing as I slowly try to help him remove his t shirt. My
fingers are on the hem, and Maddox keeps his eyes on mine as I pull it up over his abs

Since he is taller than me, I can’t reach to remove it all the way. I feel silly then like I don’t know what
I’m doing, but Maddox removes the t-shirt for me without laughing.

Not a second later, my hands skate us his chest, trailing over his chiseled muscles, mapping out the
hills and valleys. He is a work of art, carved to perfection from years of running on the field.

Sparks fly in the air, and I flatten my hand against his abs, meeting his eyes, willing him to lay down. He
does it without questioning it, and heat spreads over my face.

He is beautiful, and I mean more than his face and body-his whole soul is bared to me. Soft under his
sharp edges. Big and strong, yet softhearted underneath it all.

Maddox came in like the northern wind, sudden and cold. I wasn’t ready for it, but now that he is here, I
never want him to leave.

Courage finds me, and I dip my head, kissing his lower abs. When I come up to breathe, he is watching
me. His gaze is searing and searching, and I smile while blushing.

“I like this part right here the most,” I say softly, stroking my hands right over his heart, but I feel naked
saying it, vulnerable. I move back to his abs and trail kisses down to his v-lines.” And these too.”

Maddox isn’t speaking, but I can feel his breaths coming in faster, and there is a low groan as I grab his
shaft. He trembles underneath me, and a shudder sweeps through me too. 1

Maddox is breathtaking. With his eyelashes cast over his cheekbones and his whole body naked and
on full display, I’m not sure what other man could compare.

Desire pools in my core, and I take the tip of his cock into my mouth while one hand is on his thick
thigh. There are immediate shudders as I take him deeper into my throat.

I’ve never done this before. I’m inexperienced, but I’m so turned on that my mouth is watering. Maddox
seems to like that, and I’m not afraid to get wet and give him a sloppy blowjob.

My hand strokes down his shaft and my fingers squeeze the bottom of it as I lick his head. Maddox
seems to hold his breath, and my other hand skims over his abs while I suck him.

“Fuck…” Maddox groans and his muscles turn tense. It’s so sexy watching him quiver, convulse. “That
feels so good, baby… Don’t stop… Take it deeper… That’s it… Fuck…”

His words excite me.

This man is so gorgeous; even his belly button is sexy. My hands are smoothing over his muscles,
squeezing every part of him I can find. I’m growing wetter between my legs,

throbbing with need.

He is so sexy.

So hot,



And his cock is so big, and he is groaning, probably close to trashing against the pillows. I want
Maddox to lose himself and cum for me, but I also desperately need to feel him inside me. Maddox’s
mammoth upper body is a wall of steel. Intimidating. Strong. Unyielding. I want to ride him, straddle his
cock, and get lost feeling his rippling muscles underneath me. Pecs. Abs. Everything

He is ridiculously attractive.

Maddox’s bulging biceps flex when he parks his arms underneath his head for support.

My eyes go on a joyride.

His nipples are hard, muscles corded. Tan skin from running under the sun. Tight six-pack and the
perfect v-lines pointing at the dick I currently have in my mouth. “Michelle…” Maddox’s eyes are closed,
and his voice is half a groan when he says my name. “If you want to ride me, you will have to do it
now… I’m not sure how long I will last…”

I don’t need to be told twice. My lust is at its peak, and I position myself over Maddox, straddling that
immense body.

My hands land on his round pecs, bracing themselves as Maddox grabs his cock before he pushes in
effortlessly. Slowly.

He is bigger than I remember him being.

Thick and long-I’m moaning and sinking my nails into his skin before he is even all the way inside me.
The pleasure is almost too much for me to handle.

I thrust back and forth, breathing hard.

It feels amazing

We moan in tandem, me falling limp against him, but Maddox lifts his ass to help me with the rhythm. I
kiss his lips and let my hands wind up in his sandy hair as I spread my legs farther. We begin a slow
and steady rhythm. It’s fantastic from the beginning. Pleasurable. Maddox grunts with each thrust, and
his calloused hands are on my love handles, pressing me down. Hard.

“Uhh…” I see stars already. My eyes roll toward the ceiling, and I arch my back. Vision blurry. I can’t
think. Can’t focus. The only sounds I make are those of pleasure. “Uhh….” Tingles start in my core, and
I furrow my eyebrows when Maddox’s lips make it back to my mouth.

He kisses me and muffles my moans, but I have to break from his lips to speak. “Oh god…” I exclaim,
panting. “Oh, Maddox… Yes… I love you… So much…”

“I love you too, Michelle… I fucking love you…”

The kisses we share are desperate. Frenzied. Filled with passion as we continue to make love.

The room is a million degrees.

I’m panting


I suck in a deep breath. “You feel so good… Oh-my-god… Yes… Deeper… Don’t stop…” Maddox lifts
his ass and thrusts into me deeply, pushing as far as he can possibly go. It makes me shudder.
Violently. So thick. So hard. I’m moaning in pleasure. “Oh, godddd….”

There aren’t words to describe the pleasure. I want to cry. So good. Painfully good. Excruciating. It
feels like I might have a seizure.

I’m dying



My toes curl, and I can’t hold back The pumping becomes harder. We are both so close. Maddox
whispers my name again and again. So sexy. I like hearing it on his tongue. He sounds sensual, and
the last needed push is when he sucks my nipple.

I can’t take it anymore. This is too much. “Oh-my-god… That’s going to make me cum… Keep doing
that… Yessss… So close… Yes… Yes…. Yes!”

My orgasm crashes over me, but no sound comes out. I’m in pure bliss, and Maddox is shaking
underneath me, groaning. He has reached the edge and grips my hips, releasing inside of me with
sexy spasms. I can feel every last drop, warm and hot. Maddox doesn’t pull out, and it feels strangely

I slump against him. Smiling. I’m tingling all over, and when Maddox sinks into the mattress, exhausted,
I’m in a happy place. “What is my name again?” I whisper.

“Michelle…” Maddox breathes, reminding me. His hand is running over my back lovingly.” Michelle,” he
repeats. “My Michelle…” My smile grows. “I like the sound of that.” He continues to caress my skin. It
feels amazing, resting on top of him and using his pecs as a pillow

We stay like that for a long time. Me on top of Maddox, filled with bliss while resting over his powerful
chest and both of us breathing hard. It becomes harder to keep my eyes open. But Maddox pulls me
higher up his chest when my eyelids get too heavy, His hands slide behind my neck, and he adjusts
himself to kiss me.



I kiss him back, letting my hands find their way back to the soft bleached curls in his hair. I’m gripping
them with care and meet his wet, warm tongue,

Oh my god, the boy knows how to kiss.

My heart is racing

Maddox is kissing me much, much slower than before.

I would have melted if we were standing up.

This kiss is everything, more intense than any kiss we have shared in the past. It’s also romantic and
passionate, filled with unsaid words and promises. Emotional. Delicious.

Maddox breaks back and whispers to me. “I love you.”

I smile at him, whispering back. “I love you too.”

His teeth briefly show in his own smile. “We got this, right? We will become amazing parents.”

I breathe a laugh. “I will have a reason to call you daddy.”

He snorts in amusement. “I’ve ruined you. Tarnished your sweet baby wings-where did the innocent
Michelle do?”

“Oh, shut up,” I whisper back. “I know you love it.” Maddox responds by smiling again and then bringing
me in for another one of his dangerous kisses.

Tongue dips inside, controlling mine. It’s wet and delicious, and my heart is thumping erratically.

I think we got this. At least I hope we do because I love this man more than anything. I want us to last.


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