Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 41


I wish I was sexier.

Everyone has read about steamy sex, and I’m pretty sure every man yearns for it: some pretty and
confident woman that can throw back her head and moan for hours.

I’m not it.

My self-confidence is cracking as I stand in front of the couch. My shaky hands are on the hem of my
pants. I’m scared of taking them off as Maddox watches me in the dim light.

But I have to do it. I plant my feet on the carpet and let my pants fall. Maddox is removing his clothes,
and suddenly he is sitting there, entirely naked. He is waiting for me, but the last piece of cloth isn’t
coming off.

I’m so scared and self-conscious. My t-shirt is my armor, and my heart is wrenching behind it. I know
I’m acting silly, but I can’t help the discomfort running loose within my veins.

“I’m scared,” I admit in a low voice. “Terrified, actually.” “That I will judge you?” I speak in a broken
voice. “Yes…”

My biggest fear is that Maddox will avert his eyes and hesitate before kissing me. It would kill me if I
saw that he wasn’t as attracted to me as before the pregnancy. I have so much loose

skin and stretchmarks everywhere…

“You’re being silly,” Maddox whispers. “Come here. Let’s remove it together.” Even though my heart is
pounding, I walk up to him. I stand between his spread legs and feel a bolt to my heart-I’m so nervous.
I place my hands on his muscular shoulders, closing my eyes when he tugs at the bottom of my t-shirt.

But he doesn’t just remove it.

He slowly lifts it, letting his calloused hand run up the length of my back as more and more of my t-shirt
disappears. Soon, the fabric is up over my head, and I’m naked. Vulnerable.

I shut my eyes harder, barely daring to breathe. Maddox isn’t saying anything, and I’m scared of his

I stand frozen for what feels like hours until he moves. His soft hair brushes against my naked breasts
as he leans forward, taking me into his lap with his warm hands on my butt.

“There is nothing wrong with your body. I know you don’t see it yourself, but you’re so sexy.”

“I’m not…”

“You are. Your body tells the story of a strong woman. You‘re captivating, Michelle. Feminine… You
carried our sons. That’s beautiful, and the stretchmarks are attractive too.”

Thoro in 2 lumn in mu thront “ly You really think so.

“Yes…” Maddox rasps and pulls my body closer to his lips. His mouth presses into my upper abs, and
his voice gets huskier when he whispers against my cold skin. “Can’t you feel how hard I am for you?
How much that I want you?”

His erection can’t be ignored. I feel his cock twitching between my legs, large and veiny. Totally into

I can hardly believe it.

“You really want me?” There is a low chuckle. “Do you need more proof?”

I smile. “No.”

My hands wind up in his hair while my elbows rest on his muscular shoulders. His large hands are on
my back, fingertips pressing into my skin until I shudder from his touch.

It’s been too long since he last touched me. Lust shoots between my legs when he trails kisses over
my stomach up to my breast.

“I’m so turned on right now,” I whisper.

Maddox hums an “Mhm” while taking a nipple into his mouth. He sucks on it while a finger rubs my clit
until I collapse against his shoulder. I’m so sensitive for not having had any action in months.

A moan stretches out from my lips. I’m trying to be quiet to not wake the twins, but I can’t help the
sounds leaving my mouth. Two fingers slide into me and move slowly, making me

clench around them. It feels too good.

Another moan slices up my throat as Maddox continues to torment me. Gosh, he is so dirty. Skillful. I’m
embarrassingly horny, thrusting back and forth to ride his fat fingers. But the pleasure isn’t enough. I
want Maddox’s cock inside me. I want it so much that I’m embarrassingly wet. His fingers are soaked,
and he has noticed it too. There is a dark chuckle. “Do you want me inside you, Michelle?”

Swallowing, I breathe my answer. “Yes.”

“Beg for it.”

I’m not underneath begging.

I meet Maddox’s eyes, so sexy and confident. He looks dominant and turned on. I can see it on his
face, how badly he wants to sink into me. It’s so unrealistic.

This daddy of a man, large and powerful, wants me-I feel a throbbing between my legs simply thinking
about it. “Please,” I breathe in a whisper. “I need you.”

He kisses my Adam’s apple and then the underside of my jaw while pulling out his fingers from me. It
makes me shudder once, twice when his deep chuckle makes his entire body vibrate.

“Ask me again, and I will think about it.”

Frustration makes me groan. “Maddox… Please…”

“Please, what?”

“Please let me ride you.”


My lust is becoming too much to handle, and I lean forward, kissing his soft lips with abandon. It takes
him by surprise, and he leans back on the couch, guiding me to his cock.

I’m not used to having anything inside me. I had an emergency c-section, and I never play with myself
—I’m tight. There is a bit of pain when the tip of his cock enters me, but also insane pleasure.

I break our kiss to moan, but Maddox silences me with a kiss and thrusts his tongue into my. mouth. It
shuts me up while he works his large, sexy manhood deeper inside me. It feels so good, too good. I’m
clawing at Maddox’s big shoulders before I know it but barely causing any damage. The only thing
Maddox cares about is fucking me, and his hands land on my sides, pulling me up and down his rod in
a steady rhythm.

He is so strong



I’m already falling apart, and we have barely started. I can’t help it. Maddox’s scent and muscles, and
the fact he is turned on by me—it’s too hot for my brain to handle. The first orgasm crashes over me
and makes my entire body weak. I buckle forward, powerless. It feels like I’m experiencing a seizure
when Maddox keeps going. He lifts his ass off the mattress, up and down, up and down. He is totally
unbothered by the extra weight over his thick thighs. I find it sexy, and new lust makes me meet his
thrusts. “Fuck… You’re so sexy,” Maddox groans. “Yes, keep riding me, baby… That’s it… Faster…”

His deep voice inspires me. I ride him faster, surrendering to my pride. All I care about is satisfaction,
and I take him as deep as I can until he hits that magical spot, and then I keep him there.

Back and forth.




I keep going, turned on by the fact we are both panting and barely alive from how good this feels. Even
Maddox is shaking, moaning when I dig my nails into his skin. “Oh, baby…” he breathes. “I don’t think
you know what you do to me… It feels so good… You feel so good…”

I squeeze his pecs, feeling more arousal shoot between my legs as I continue to fuck him.

He is so sexy

I moan his name and keep going. “I love you…” I sound breathless and desperate, but the words are
spilling out anyway. “I love you so much…”

Maddox’s hands grab my butt, shaking it. “I love you too, baby… You’re so beautiful…”

We keep going for a while until it feels like my brain is fried. Soon, I can’t continue. I’m tingling too
much, and I’m glad Maddox is finally shaking and releasing inside me.

“Oh, baby,” he breathes in that deep voice. “I’m cumming…”

He jerks multiple times, and I smile, collapsing against him. I’m so sweaty and shaking from having had
plenty of mini fireworks going off within me. I don’t know how many-I lost count.

My smile grows. “That was …”

“Amazing.” He finishes. My response is to lift my chin and kiss him. He snorts and falls down on the
couch on his back. I’m all over him. I pull out from him and climb to rest over his naked chest, pecs,
and abs.

He is gorgeous.

I’m about to steal another kiss, but then I hear crying from the other room, and we both fall silent.

A grimace hits my face. “I should take that.”

“No,” Maddox sits up, kissing me before lifting me off his lap. His smile is sweet. “I will go.” I blink. “You


Dang, I’m horny all over again.

I slap Maddox’s bubble butt, and he jumps in surprise. He sends me a confused look, and I snort at

“Sorry, it’s just something so incredibly sexy when a man offers to go feed the babies and possibly
change diapers.” He breathes a laugh. “And I thought I was the horny one in this relationship…”

“Hey! I’m not that bad!”


Maddox sticks out his tongue at me and grins when I stare at him, pretending to be offended. His teeth
briefly show in that grin. He is beautiful, this man. “Anyway, you head to bed,” he says. “I got this.”

“One hundred percent sure?”

“Yes, just get to bed.” My insides go warm, and I feel butterflies. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.”

He disappears out of the living room, and I swoon. I think I can consider myself a lucky woman.


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