Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 20


It seems I know very little about Michelle Henriksson. I pegged her for a withdrawn girl without much
experience, and forgive me for saying this, but I didn’t think she was very popular with guys.

She wears cardigans like it’s her religion and can barely talk without stammering. Michelle is shy,
intelligent, and kind, and although those are great qualities, college men only seem to care about sex.

And that is the dilemma because Michelle is pure girlfriend material. That’s why the guys aren’t looking
at her twice-you can already tell by a first glance what this girl is about.

Michelle is cute and delicate, and I stamped her as innocent. I also took for granted that I wouldn’t have
much competition in the romantic field, but it seems I was mistaken.

Another quarterback, Thomas Hennington, shoves his tongue down Michelle’s throat as if his life
depends on it. They are by the couch, Thomas’s humongous body leaning down to eat at Michelle’s

People are cheering them on too.

What the actual hell?

Did I miss something?!

Jealousy bubbles within my veins. I had no idea Thomas had his eyes on Michelle. I’ve never liked the
swine. He treats women like they are disposable and disrespects them. Robin on our team might be a
player, but at least that guy has a soul and heart.


He is cold and wrong in the head. The way he talked about the last girl he hated? The man said some
nasty shit and called her a whore for not letting him lock her up in his basement.

I shudder.

Thomas is heavy into BDSM but doesn’t understand when the partner isn’t into the same thing “What
the fuck?!” Thomas suddenly erupts. His hand goes to his lips as he steps back from Michelle “Why did
you bite me, you fucking whore?! LOOK AT ME! I’M BLEEDING!”

Anger rises in my chest.

Did Thomas force himself upon Michelle?

I blink slowly and clench my fists. My jaw is ticking with rage. I never liked Thomas before, and I sure
as hell don’t like him now.

Michelle appears horrified as she lifts her chin to meet Thomas’s eyes. How did I not catch onto her
fear earlier? And why the fuck am I still standing here?!

“Because…” Michelle sobs loudly, her voice cracking and shit. It breaks something within me to hear
her voice. “Because I didn’t want you to kiss me, you freak! I just want you to leave me alone!”

“Leave you alone?!” Thomas questions. “But you’re mine!”

Michelle is crying now. Red in the face with her shoulders shaking out of frustration and fear.”

I’m not yours, you psychopath!” “Psychopath?!” Thomas hisses and lifts his hand. “How dare you call
me that, you little slut?!” I’m one second away from interrupting the fight. Sadly, Thomas manages to

slap Michelle’s face before I get there. He fists her t-shirt, ready to lift her off the ground, but that’s
when I finally make it there.

My fist connects with Thomas’s cheek, and the sucker is down on the ground a second later.

It really didn’t take more than that. Everyone at the party goes quiet and stares down at Thomas. He is
wailing on the ground like a baby. I kick him once for effect and then let my eyes roam around the

“If anyone fucking asks what happened, Thomas fell down the stairs and hurt himself, okay?! He
touched my girls, so he had it coming and honestly deserves another punch.” 1 People exchange
glances with each other and shrug, seeming to agree with my statement. The party resumes, and I
crack my shoulders before noticing that Thomas is laughing.

What the actual fuck?!

“So Michelle is sleeping with you now, huh?” Thomas’s face is bloodied. I hit the fucker hard, and his
jaw hit the floor at incredible speed. He even spits out a tooth.

I glance behind me, noticing that Michelle is shaking. She is staring at Thomas, entirely white in the
face. I’ve never seen her this scared before. Do these two have a history together?

My eyes focus on Thomas. “Are you going to stop laughing, or should I hit you again? A blackout might
do your head some good.”

He wets his lips. “I had Michelle first, you know…”

His words are beyond confusing. I have no clue what the idiot is talking about and lift my eyebrows.
“Excuse me?”

“Yeah,” Thomas grins wickedly. “I took her virginity- I was her first, so she will never forget me, Maddox.
It doesn’t matter if she is your girlfriend. I’ve marked her mind forever. The memory of me will always
haunt her. Never will it let her rest.”

What a sick fucking psychopath.

I’ve slept with plenty of virgins and never been as obsessed about them as this man. Thomas is sick.
How could Michelle ever sleep with him? Was she desperate? Thomas is good-looking, but nothing is
happening inside his thick head.

I turn around to face Michelle. “Is Thomas an old ex-boyfriend of yours?”

To my surprise, she shakes her head. No words leave her lips, but the tears streaming down her
cheeks don’t need words. Her doe-eyes are all sad, broken, torn.

I know without asking what happened between them. Thomas is the reason for Michelle’s fear of men.

Inner darkness enters my heart, and I peer down at Michelle. My voice comes out surprisingly calm.
“Turn around.”

Michelle’s lips quiver. “W-what are you going to do?”

“I won’t kill him,” I turn around to face Thomas. He is still on the ground as I blankly stare at him. “But
Thomas is going to wish he was after I’m done with him.”

Michelle gasps but doesn’t say anything to stop me as I hunker down. I grab Thomas by his shirt and
punch his face. There is no regret or other emotion inside me as the fucker cries and begs me to stop.

Eventually, he is crying and shaking. A wet patch has formed between his legs, and my voice goes low
and threatening. “If you ever touch or talk to Michelle again, I will murder you. And I really don’t give a

fuck about the cops. My family is wealthy and knows people that will make it look like your death was
an accident.” Thomas sobs. “I-I don’t want to die! Your sick man…”

Without another word, I rise up from his body. My eyes are kept on his, only to make a point. Thomas
touching Michelle again will result in him dying. And I’m bigger than him too-he will become my
punching bag at practice from now on. If he is smart, he quits the team or transfers. I don’t care. I just
never want to look at the swine again.

“Maddox!” I turn around to find Jason staring at me. Most other people ignored what happened. Some
stopped to watch, but honestly, any person with a lick of sense wouldn’t feel bad for Thomas.

He is a terrible person.

“Yes, Jason?” I ask while calmly picking up a wet wipe from the coffee table. Michelle is staring at me
with widened eyes, possibly afraid of me now, but I had to beat Thomas to a pulp. “Why did you beat
up Thomas?!”

I open my mouth, but to my surprise, Michelle chooses that moment to get in between Jason and me.

“Thomas he..” Michelle’s lips are quivering. She is in tears, yet she stands there brave and whispers,
“Thomas kissed me against my will… He also… He…”

She can’t say it

Tears streain down Michelle’s face, and Jason lifts his eyes to mine. He blinks questioningly at me,
waiting for a further explanation, but I won’t give him one today.

I step forward, bringing, Michelle over to my chest. I hurt for her. I care about her and feel my heart
crack to pieces when she buries her face in my t shirt. My hand strokes down her back, feeling her
shake with every sob that leaves her lips. Jason is still standing there, glaring at me. “Coach won’t be

happy about this….” “You won’t tell him I did it.” 1 pick up Michelle from the ground, thankful that she
lets me and seems to want it. She slumps against my shoulder, and I head for my room. Well, I would if
Jason didn’t block my fucking path,

“Maddox…” Jason shakes his head. “This isn’t you… Violence isn’t the answer… Whatever Thomas

“He raped me,” Michelle interrupts. She has turned around and is now glaring at Jason with puffy eyes.
“Thomas forced himself upon me, stalked me, sent me sickening messages, and then kissed me. He is
a monster, so don’t you dare put the blame all on Maddox.”

Jason freezes. He looks beyond shocked by the fierceness in Michelle’s tone and readiness to defend
me, and I bite back a laugh. I’m so screwed because I like her. I like her a lot. “Shit…” Jason scratches
the back of his head. “I didn’t know that part of the story, man… Should I go over there and kick him
too?” I snort as I walk past him and clap him on the shoulder. “I think Thomas has had enough for
tonight, but we can take turns making his life hell during practice?”

Jason actually looks excited. “I can’t wait.”

Smiling briefly, I head for the stairs. Michelle isn’t complaining, and I hug her to me. “You okay?”

Her response is to tighten her hold of me. “No, I’m not okay…” “Anything I can do?” Michelle sighs.
“Let’s head up to your room… I just… I need…” She seems to be hesitating. It breaks me. Doesn’t
Michelle know she can trust me? Fuck. She probably doesn’t. Not with the way I’ve been acting lately…
I take a deep breath. “Do you want to talk?” Michelle breathes a laugh. “I kind of just want to take a
warm bath, breathe and forget today happened, but I don’t have a tub at home…” I stop in my tracks,
and a smile plays on my lips. “I can make that happen…” “How?” Michelle asks. “You don’t have a tub

“Not here, but… My parents have one. Let’s head over to their summerhouse. They don’t use it, and I
got the keys. It’s not very far from here and quite luxurious.”



Michelle doesn’t thank me, but she hugs me, and it feels like the same damn thing, but better. Dain. I
want to tell her how I feel, but tonight doesn’t seem to be the night.

Tonight should be about Michelle’s past and healing and shit And if she needs someone to talk with, I
will be there for her.


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