Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 22


My head is in the gutter. I prepared a bubble bath for Michelle. Went all out on the soap and rosepetals
and shit. I felt silly for doing it, but it was worth it once I saw her smile.

Michelle looked close to hugging me but instead just thanked me for setting up the room. She then
went inside, and the bathroom door clicked closed.

I took Michelle’s caution as a clear message: I want nothing physical coming from you. So maybe I
should just apologize to her tomorrow and say nothing about feelings and shit? My head spins.

I’m standing in the shower on the bottom floor, and hot water sluices off my body. I’m overthinking
things, but soon my mind wanders to Michelle naked in that tub.

Naturally, my hand strays south of the border, and I grab my cock, and lightly squeeze it with my right
hand. Before I know it, I picture Michelle naked. Smooth skin, innocent eyes, and those pink lips
around my cock. I imagine her trying to take it all but ending up choking on it, down on her knees.


I’m so hard. I haven’t had sex since I did it with Michelle. It wouldn’t feel right, not when I like her. Want

My hand does quicker up and down, pressing down on my big balls. It feels great. I groan under the
water, lost in the sensation and my vivid imagination. I want to dominate that girl. Would she let me? 1

It should be impossible, but my boner seems to grow harder between my legs when I stroke it slowly,
water working as my lubricant. I’m wet and warm, and my eyes slide close as my fingers grip the base

of my shaft harder. Squeezing it.

I go fast, then slow, fast, then painfully slow until another groan gets dragged out from my lips. “Feels
so good…”

Even for a tall guy, I would call my cock impressive. It’s long and thick, and I would love to shove it into
Michelle’s tight pussy. She felt so nice on the inside. So goddamn wet for me.

I brace myself against the tile wall, closing my eyes while my other hand works hard to bring me other
the edge. Glides up and down, up and down in a rhythmic manner.

1 moan, picturing Michelle in that tub. Her small but sexy areolas and how much I want to suck them.
Would she enjoy having my mouth on them? Doesn’t matter. I would do it anyway.

Another moan slices up my throat.

I feel like a pervert, but it’s not my fault. I’m a warm-blooded male, and the girl I like is currently naked
in my home-of course, I will be horny. My reaction is natural.

I arch my back before dipping forward, shoulders slumping, and my legs nearly giving up when the
pleasure hits me. My teeth clamp down on my bottom lip, eyes squeezed shut. It’s still not enough. I
stroke harder. Rougher. The grunts from my throat are low yet bounce between the tiles in the shower.
I’m so close to saying Michelle’s name.

So close.

I shouldn’t say it.

But I have to.


Her name leaves my lips, and when I come over my carved abs, it’s hotter than the water washing it
away. “Jesus Christ…” I whisper, releasing my cock and dragging my fingers through my wet hair.

I wash myself off and grab a towel, wrapping it around my torso before deciding on finding something
to drink. I bet Michelle is already sleeping by now. She found herself a room. Tiredly, I wander into the
kitchen, only to find Michelle sitting by the table with a bowl of cereals. I lift an eyebrow in surprise, and
her eyes go huge when they meet mine. “I’m sorry, but I was so hungry that I couldn’t help myself!”
Michelle exclaims in a wild panic. “I will pay you back,”

The words die in her throat. Her eyes are now locked onto my pecs and the water dripping down on the
floor. Interesting. So she isn’t entirely immune to me?

I open the fridge. “You can eat whatever you want. I’m just surprised there was any food to begin with,
and that you actually dared to even open the fridge.” Michelle snorts and lifts her pert nose into the air.
“I don’t have time to be shy when I’m starving. Besides, I’m not entirely handicapped. Opening
someone’s fridge is no problem.”

Amused by her taking offense to my words, I grab a beer and flip it open, leaning my back against the
counter. It’s a better position to observe her in.

“Is that so?”

Michelle eyes me up, but not in a calculating way. It’s more like she is admiring my chest. Damn it.

It takes all of me not to flex in front of Michelle and gain more of her attention. It would be stupid, but
there is already an erection hiding behind the towel.

Seriously. I just had a go in the shower, and my traitor of a cock is already ready, wanting the real thing

“Yeah… Umm…” Michelle is all read in the face. Adorable. •

“Sorry, is something distracting you?” I want to laugh at her widening eyes, and at the same time, I
want to tell her looking is fine. More than fine – I fucking love the way that she looks at me. But
admitting that wouldn’t be as fun as to see the redness spread to her ears. “No, I’m just…” Michelle’s
tongue darts out to wet her lips. “I’m just tired and will head

upstairs after finishing my bowl of cereal. You’re fine with me taking the large room upstairs,


I don’t tell her the room is mine and instead smile. “Sure.” I lean away from the counter. “I will take the
room downstairs.”

“Okay.” Her smile is adorable. “Good night, Michelle.” “You going to sleep?” “I’m going to finish another
beer and watch a few videos on my phone for a while, but then I’m sleeping.” “Oh, I see.”


Humming to myself, I open the fridge. I try to grab another beer, but as I’m trying to fill the space
underneath my arms, the towel drops to the floor.


Michelle audibly gasps in this dramatic way a lady would in a movie. She even says, “Oh-my god, it’s
bigger than I remember!”

She is so earnest. I lose my shit while I squat on the floor. I grab the towel, but Michelle still isn’t looking
away. I bite back a smirk, trying not to keep laughing. “A bit of privacy would be nice.” “Oh!” Michelle
abruptly stares into her bowl. “I’m sorry, but first cock, and then ass… And what am I saying?!” I
breathe a laugh. “You even gasped.” She groans, hiding her face in her palm. “Ugh, you heard that?” “I

mean, yes? It was pretty audible.” And it was hilarious. Also, kinky since it’s obviously not the kind of
sound you make when you hate what you see.

“I hate when I do that.”

“So you’re a gasper?” “Did you just make that up?”


“Well, could you not call it that?” “Gasper? Do you have a better name for it?” “Not naming it would be a
better option. And not bringing it up again would be perfect.” I breathe a laugh. “But it was kind of cute.”
Her face is burning up, and she facepalms. “Stop.”

I gasp like he did, hand to my face and everything. I sound extremely dramatic and should honestly get
nominated for an Oscar. Sadly, Michelle doesn’t seem to think the same. “Oh-my-god.”

I gasp a second time. “Stop doing that!” “Make me.”

“Daniels.” She warns.

“Henriksson.” I wink “Gah, you’re impossible!” Michelle is so flustered. It’s adorable. I bet her heart is
racing too.” Stop making fun of me!” “Then stop being so funny.” I’m tempted to gasp again for effect,
but I have a feeling Michelle would murder me. “My gasp wasn’t as loud as yours!” 1 “You’re right-it
was louder!” “Shut up!” Michelle exclaims, but she is giggling. “Fine, I won’t make fun of you anymore.”

“Good, because I hate it.”

“You don’t.”

Her smile is adorable. “Maybe.”

I hand her another smile, and then I turn around. “You have a good night.”

“You too.” “Sweet dreams.” “Sleep tight.”

I stop in the doorway and turn around, smiling. Michelle is smiling too. God, we are disgusting. I force
my way forward. I have no clue what is happening to me. No other girl has made me feel this warm.

I’m so in love that it’s embarrassing. And it’s all Michelle’s fault. If she could just stop being so sweet
and perfect, then there wouldn’t be any issues. I wouldn’t touch myself in the freaking shower.

Seriously, fuck Michelle for making me fall in love. My heart won’t stop pounding. I’m so dumb and lost
in this girl. Which needs to stop. I mean, she locked the door earlier to the bathroom. It means she
doesn’t want anything from me, right? RIGHT?!

Someone better tell me what is going on and what to do because I’m freaking losing it… Next thing you
know, I won’t need my fucking car to get to school –I will be flying on pink clouds.


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