Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 28


I wake up in the middle of the night, nauseous and hungry all at the same damn time.

My period is super late, but I swear these are the weirdest symptoms ever. Never once have I had such
sensitive nipples, not to mention having to pee all the goddamn time.

Do I have a urinary tract infection or something?

I blink in the dark. Maddox’s big arms are wrapped around me, and one of his heavy tree

legs rests over mine. How the heck did I manage to fall asleep like this? 1

Although it’s cute that Maddox is a complete teddy bear and can’t sleep without holding me, it’s
annoying how I have to fight to break free from his arms and legs.

“Goddamn it, Maddox!” I curse in a whisper. “Release me!”

My giant lover doesn’t even react to me kicking his thighs. Even in his sleep, the guy is a massive
asshole. He tries to keep me locked in his arms, but somehow, I wriggle free.

Not without panting, though. I’m sweating once I’m free and quickly get off the bed to ensure Maddox
doesn’t trap me again.

I somehow make it to the toilet, a little bit dizzy and lost. But not without experiencing the whole world
swaying briefly, though. Gosh, have I had too little water or something?

I do my deeds, and then, out of nowhere, I have to stand up and grip the basin. An intense, sudden
urge to vomit has hit me, and I puke without warning.

Luckily, it isn’t a lot, and I leave the faucet running while wondering if I ate something weird. I’ve only
slept with Maddox once, and this couldn’t possibly mean I’m pregnant, right?

I think that, yet I can’t help the dread from washing up over me.

A pregnancy would be the worst thing ever. I’m only eighteen – I’m not mentally ready to become a
mother! And with Maddox? He would leave me and probably demand an abortion!

I stare at my reflection, the rings under my eyes and the cold sweat spreading over my skin. I’m
hyperventilating and have no clue what to do. Do they sell pregnancy tests at the supermarket? I think I
saw some hanging by the condoms…

How long ago was it that I slept with Maddox? Some weeks? I can’t remember. Will the test even work?
Should I see a doctor? God, what should I tell Maddox?.

Probably nothing. I don’t know shit yet, and I have no clue how Maddox will react to this. ·

We just started dating, goddamn it, and I’m supposed to see his mother later today! We aren’t ready to
have a baby! Maddox is in his what? His early twenties?! I haven’t even asked him for his birthday!

Oh-my-god… Oh-my-god… I’m freaking out and should probably sit on the toilet seat. Yes, good idea,
Michelle. Breathe, and try not to scream. Deep breaths. You got this. A knock on the door makes me
nearly jump out of my skin. “Michelle, is everything okay in there? You’re up early…”

Please forgive me for this. “Everything is fine!” I’m so disgusting for lying, but I don’t know what to do.
Guilt is already eating me up alive. It feels like I’m digging my own grave. “Okay…” Maddox yawns. I
can imagine him scratching the little hair over his abs. He sleeps with his t-shirt on, but I know they are
there. The man is a work of art. “I’m heading out. Going to run to the gym, work out for like, two hours,
and come back… You sure you’re okay?”

“Perfectly fine!” I’m. A. Disgusting. Creature. “Alright… Just head back to sleep after you’re done in
there,” there is another long yawn.” My mom doesn’t expect us to show up until five for this special
dinner. So we will have a small lunch before we go there… You had no other plans today, right?” He is
so thoughtful. “I promised I would go with you to the dinner, and I will. I have to study later, but it can

“Studying, huh… Maybe we can study together?” Maddox suddenly snorts in amusement. There is
some laughter. “Shit, are we that couple already…” I bite back a smile, knowing what he means, yet
feeling the urge to ask him just to make sure.” What couple?”

“The one that can’t stay away from each other.”

I can no longer stop myself from smiling. “Is that a bad thing?” 1 “Honestly? I used to roll my eyes at
the guys on the team who had relationships…” Maddox falls silent then, seeming to hesitate before
continuing to speak. “But with you… I don’t think I mind being one of those… Disgusting couples…”

My cheeks flush. “You’re sweet.”

“I’m not sweet-you’re sweet.” “No, you are.” “No, you are-fuck, we are doing it already!” I burst out
laughing. “Head to the gym, and come back soon.” “I will. I’m just searching for my balls… I could have
sworn they were hanging here a second



Maddox snorts. “I will be back in about two or three hours. Go back to sleep once you’re done in there.”

“Okay, have fun at the gym, and don’t mess with Jason too much.” “Pfft, you know it’s Robin that’s the
latest victim. The guy is crushing on his goddamn English professor. It’s so bizarre.”

I blink in surprise. “Robin, the Casanova on campus, likes his professor?”

Robin is hands down the pretty-boy on the football team. More lean than swollen. High cheekbones.
Winning smile. I have a hard time seeing him be with an older woman when he is probably swimming in
pussy. “Yes, he is acting like he is five. You know, the age when kids randomly confess to their mom

and want to marry them. But in this case, it’s his fucking teacher… Shit, I mean professor.”

“I thought Robin had his own harem of girls.”

“He used to… The fucker had a trio, Charlie’s Angels, strolling after him on campus and even more
cleat chasers breathing down his neck. I thought Robin would pick one of those girls. Jason and I bet
money on who he would end up with… But now the weirdo is acting like a lovesick puppy and trying to
win the heart of his professor.”

I snort. “How interesting.” “No, it’s just plain weird…” Maddox sighs. “Anyway, I’m heading out!” “Bye!”

I hear Maddox stomping down the chairs and let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding. I’m back
to my problem and wonder if I could make it to the pharmacy

I should buy a test and then pray that I’m not pregnant. It would mess up my life completely to get
pregnant in college, and then with a guy I’ve just started dating? It would be a catastrophe.

Maddox will, most likely, be playing in the NFL soon. He is an up-and-coming player, promising, and I
haven’t graduated! I would have to drop out with a baby, and then what? Maddox would hate me, and I
would raise it on my own.

Don’t get me wrong. I do want children in the future. Having one right now is just… I don’t think I’m
mentally ready, and I don’t have a stable relationship either.

Shit. What am I supposed to do?!


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