Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 18


No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness. It gnaws at me, eating me alive.

One part of me knows I messed things up with Michelle, but the other part keeps denying it. What the
fuck is wrong with me? Sometimes I wonder if I am not as smart as I think I am.

I kept thinking about how Michelle looked when I told the guys we were just friends. For a moment, I
thought I saw something other than contempt in her eyes. Her big doe eyes were dark, and I thought I
saw tears fall down her cheeks.

No, no, that can’t be right. Why would Michelle cry about this? She doesn’t expect anything from me!
She probably looks at me like I’m some jerk wanting to have fun, right? “Bro, you really fucked up this
time, huh?” I snap back into reality as Jason slaps me on the back and then walks past me to get a
bottle of water from the fridge. Right now, my best friend won’t even look at me. I don’t get it. After
Michelle left, Jason gave me a dirty look and walked back into his room without saying anything, while
Robin mumbled uncomfortably and did the same. It was as if they were ashamed of me.

“Huh? Me?” I mumble. “Yes, you, you big dumbass. God, what is wrong with you? I can’t believe you
treat that sweet little Michelle that way. She didn’t deserve that at all!” Jason barks. “I…well…treat her
like what?” I stammer. My head is in the clouds, and I could use some hard liquor.

Jason looks like he is buckling down to give me a lecture. I entertain the idea of walking out of the
house because the last thing I need is to get scolded by my best friend, but I decide to stick around.

Maybe I need to hear what he has to say? “Are you seriously that dense? Yo, Robin! Get over here!!”
Jason yells toward one of the rooms. “WHAT? I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!” Robin yells

back. It sounds like there is a girl with him.

“Stop jerking off and talk to this idiot over here. This is important,” Jason says.


“I’m sure Stacey can wait five minutes!” I roll my eyes. They are making a big deal out of nothing. Robin
comes back with nothing but a towel wrapped around his slim waist. Water is still dripping off his hair.

Fucking hell. Robin must have ditched the shower and Stacey in the middle. He is the biggest player in
the house.

“What’s happening?” Robin looks between us. “Are we doing an intervention?”

“Yes, because Maddox is an idiot.”

Robin shrugs. “What else is new?” “Can you guys quit it already? I know I upset Michelle a little, but…”

“You upset her a little? Did you not see her running out crying!?” Jason exclaims, looking like he might
be ready to snap my head off. His eyes are mad, real mad. “Michelle wasn’t crying!” Was she? I don’t
know. She probably wasn’t. Like, why would she? I clear my throat. “What are you talking about?” “Oh,
so he is blind too,” Robin comments, shaking his head.

Wow, these guys are really after my ass today. “Could you please lay off the insults and tell me exactly
what you saw? What makes you think Michelle was crying?”

“Her cheeks were wet, so I would say they were tears unless her eyes were leaking sweat. You made
her cry, dude. I hope it was worth it. And seriously, do you honestly believe you two are just friends?
Because I will go ahead and disagree with that.”

I look at Jason’s eyes full of disappointment, and it finally dawns on me what he is saying but not
REALLY saying

I screwed up. Royally this time.

“So you think 1…like her?” My voice shakes, and my knees feel weak. I didn’t mention the arrangement
between Michelle and me, so I thought it would be okay to tell them we were just friends. I never once
thought Jason or Robin would notice that I liked her more than I let on.

“More like in love with her,” Robin laughs, but I don’t find him funny. “Don’t joke about that,” I snap at
him. Robin’s face turns serious. “Okay, sorry I laughed, but this isn’t a joke. I think there’s more to your
relationship than your so-called friendship. It’s kind of obvious, actually.”


And I thought Robin was the meathead of the group…

“Why? Why do you think that? I introduced plenty of girls to you before. What makes this so different?”
I demand to know. “You act differently around her when you think we aren’t watching, and you turn into
some weird version of prince charming,” Jason smirks. “I mean, what is the deal with the pancakes?
You never do that for any girl. In fact, I’ve seen you kick girls out of bed and send them home right
after… You know.”

“I just…” I scratch my head, hoping Jason is wrong about everything, but it all sounds true. Fuck, I’m
screwed. “Just apologize to her before she gets too pissed. I don’t buy the whole, ‘she is not my
type bullshit either. Tell her you didn’t mean it,” Jason orders. “Oh, and invite her to the party,” he adds.
Party! That’s right, it would cheer her up, and she will forgive me! I grab my phone and text her
frantically. I am not ready to tell her I like her. No way. I’ve got my pride, and what if everyone is wrong
and Michelle has no feelings for me? What then?

Maybe if I act like I have no idea why Michelle is mad, she will just let this go or something?

It would be okay if Michelle just got angry and insulted me but agreed to meet with me. I could make
her laugh then. Apologize to her and then have the chance to make it up to her.

We can go back to being friends and pretend that none of this happened until I’m ready to let her know
how I feel.

I text her.

But as expected, there are no replies…

“She is not answering me,” I look at Jason. “Why don’t you invite her instead?”

“So now you want me to do your dirty work?” Jason raises his eyebrows.

“Please, Jason. Do me this solid. You want me to make it up to Michelle, don’t you?” I plead with him.

“Fine, I will invite her to the party, but only because I like her,” Jason says, so I give him her number.

I keep sending her texts after texts and even try to call her but still no answer. She really hates me!

I send her one last text and sigh in relief when she texts back, but her reply is cold. But I won’t give up,
not yet.


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