Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 30


Jesus Christ.

I’m shocked.

My lips are parched. There are no words I can think of to say in this situation. I stare at Catharina,
disappointed that she isn’t the mother I hoped she would be.

She offered money for me to break up with Maddox-what normal person does that?

No one, I’m telling you! And not only that!

Catharina also said Maddox, her son, would leave me if he knew about the baby and my pregnancy-
that doesn’t sound like a mother who believes in her son. Maybe Catharina is right, but assuming
Maddox will leave me without actually knowing… I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like she thinks very
much of her son.

This makes me sad for Maddox because even if he lacks a filter and is a complete neanderthal for
putting ketchup on his pasta, he is also the sweetest man I’ve ever met.

I’m in love with him, and… Maybe I’m terrible for thinking this, but Catharina isn’t a very good person in
my eyes.

“I won’t take the money,” I blink away a couple of tears and smile despite the pain. “I’m going to tell
Maddox tonight, and what happens next will be up to fate,”

“What are you going to tell me?”

I whip around and find Maddox blinking at me.

His eyes are curious, and he wears a hesitant smile. But his gaze immediately turns darker upon
noticing his mother is holding a deodorant-something she forgot to return to my bag.

“What is going on?” His eyes rake his mother up and down, and his suspicion grows. “Is that Michelle’s

“This?” Catharina holds it up, and a fake smile spreads over her red-smeared lips. “No, don’t be silly.
It’s mine.” “Really?” Maddox doesn’t seem convinced. He crosses his arms over his mighty chest,
glowering. “Because I have never seen you use a brand cheaper than a hundred dollars. I’m also pretty
sure I bought that exact deodorant for Michelle yesterday.” I think my jaw dropped somewhere on the
ground. Does Maddox’s mother steal things regularly or something? It was a bit random how she just
took my bag…

I take a deep breath, “Yes, the deodorant is mine,” I carefully pluck it from Catharina’s fingers, smiling
sheepíshly. “I will be taking that. Thank you very much.” Catharina glares down at me. Yikes. I make it
over to Maddox in the blink of an eye and tap him on the chest. His expression softens, and those baby
blues scan me–I don’t know for what, injuries? His mother does look ready to claw my eyes out…

“Are you alright?” He asks.

I give him a tight-lipped smile. “As fine as I could be. But… You and I need to talk once we get home…”

Concern washes over his features. I hate that it sounds like I wish to break up with him. There is a
certain sadness on his face, and I take his larger hand in mine, squeezing his fingers.

I peer up into his face, into those beautiful, kind eyes. “I would tell you more if I could, but this will be a
hard conversation. I want us to be alone when we have it.” His eyes search mine. “Do you want to go
home now?” By home, he means the summerhouse.

I smile, but it’s tiny, hesitant. “Please.” Maddox places his hand on the small of my back and turns to
face his mother one last time.”.

Thank you for dinner.”

Catharina gasps. “You’re leaving?!”

“Yes, we are…” Maddox leads me toward the corridor. He seems more relieved than sad that we are
leaving. “Have a good night, mother. Maybe pick up a book about kleptomania? It might help you.”

Did he just really say that? To his mother?!

Maddox leads me over the threshold, and I stifle a laugh by biting the inside of my mouth. But even
then, laughter is bubbling up within me, but luckily, it’s not until we are out through the doors that I lose
it. I belt out laughter, and Maddox arches an eyebrow. “What’s so funny?” “Pick up a book about
kleptomania…” I sink my teeth into my lower lip, yet the slight pain doesn’t prevent me from laughing.
“You’re a legend…” “A legend?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you said that in there…”

Smiling, he unlocks the car with a click. “Well… I don’t really get along with my parents. I wanted them
to accept what I wish to do in the future… But I don’t care that much anymore.”

I open the passenger door, shocked. “You don’t?”

“Nope.” We both get inside the car, and as I tuck my seatbelt on, I glance up at him from my seat. “But
your family is the reason you wanted to fake a relationship, right? I thought they mattered.”

“They do matter,” he turns to face me with another smile curving his lips. His hands are on the steering
wheel. “I will always love my parents no matter what. But they can shut it when it comes to who I‘m
dating or what I want to do in the future.”

“That’s exactly how it should be,” I smile at him. “You shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of your

“True… Did my mother say anything strange to you?”

Oh boy

Isn’t that the question of the year?

What should I even answer? “Well…” I nervously pull at my sleeve. “Your mother has a lot of opinions,
and she shared


“Did she hurt you?” “Mentally or physically?” He snorts, flashing me his teeth in the rearview mirror. “I
meant mentally, but knowing my mother, she probably did.”

“She did.” I won’t lie about that. Catharina is a cold woman I rather not meet again. She frightens me

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” “It feels like it since I brought you there… Are you okay?” The concern in his voice
is making me want to cry. Maddox sounds so sweet. Worried. He has such a big heart


I hiccup. “Not really…” “Fuck, I’m sorry, Michelle… Inviting and taking you to this dinner was probably a
bad idea. I thought my mother would behave, but I guess I let my guard down.” “It’s not your fault.” “It
feels like it,” Maddox shoots me a pained look. “My mother left the table, and I should have followed her
from the start. I knew she was up to something, and then I found her with your deodorant in her hand.

Obviously, she stole your bag.” “She did… But it’s not your job to be her babysitter. You shouldn’t have
to follow her around to ensure she behaves.”

He sighs. “I guess, but it’s easy to overthink. I never thought I would have a girlfriend, Michelle. I mean
it. It has never interested me before, and I’m terrified of messing things up… I just want to do
everything right and be honest with you.”

Guilt pierces me, and I shut my eyes. There is probably a better way of saying this, but I need it out of
the system.

“Maddox…” I catch his attention and give him a tentative smile, hoping he won’t hate me after this
announcement. “I’m pregnant.”


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