Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 36


“Man, it’s hot in here!”

I grumpily roll my eyes and focus on cutting vegetables when jerkface returns from the gym. Maddox is
intent on making my life hell. For days, he has been parading around wearing close to nothing. He also
hits it harder at the gym, pumping iron daily.

I’m so bitter.

His choice to drink no alcohol and never go out because I’m pregnant is showing on his body too. His
goal? To make me sexually desperate and admit that I’m a jellybean.


I turn around and gasp. “What the hell are you wearing?!” Maddox’s smile is slow, teasing. “Nothing.”
My face is a thousand degrees. “I can see that, and that’s the problem! And stop flexing your muscles!”


“No, buts!”

I storm forward, placing my hands on his upper abs, and try to push him out of the kitchen. Gosh, he is
sweaty, delicious, and pumped from working out, and oh-my-god-don’t look at his cock Michelle! Or at
that round, shapely man butt! Part of me just wants to sink to my knees and bite it like a ripe peach, but
I have to be strong! Maddox takes one step forward, but suddenly, he stops. He isn’t moving an inch.
He is smiling at me instead.

“Why are you trying to get rid of me? Michelle, it’s been ages since we had sex last.”

I stop trying to push the behemoth out of the kitchen and glare up into his playful face. “I’m not
surrendering or giving up. I won’t say that I’m the jealous type!”


mon, babe…” Maddox is chuckling at the pissed-off facing I’m pulling right now. Trying not to, but failing
not to smile when I cross my arms over my chest like a petulant child.” Don’t be like this… Is it really
that bad to just admit that you’re a bit jealous?”


“Even if I kind of like it?”

My answer is another glare, and he sinks his teeth into his lower lip to ward off another smile.

“Michelle, I love you and”

I gasp. “Oh, no-no no, you don’t get to pull the ‘I love you’ card when it comes to war!”

“War? What war?”

“Don’t play coy with me! You left me wet and horny inside Jason’s room, and I still hold a


He snorts, “oh, about that…”

“You’re not even sorry!”


“Oh-my-god, you’re smiling… Damn you. You’re making me pull out my ace, Maddox!” I grumble to
myself, glaring at him while blushing. I hope this will work… “You asked for this…” “Your ace?” He
blinks. “Asked for what?” Without further ado, I remove my stretchy cardigan meant for pregnant
women and toss it on the floor. Maddox’s eyes grow huge, and his lips part in awe when I drop the bra
to show off my breast.

They are heavier now. Round and big. I place my hands underneath them, bouncing them a bit.

I feel so silly…

I’m not a very confident person when it comes to showing myself naked. It takes a lot of self restraint to
not run and hide, but Maddox’s expression offers me courage. He is slack-jawed, and his eyes might
as well be heart-shaped. Even his breathing seems to have slowed.

“Now, that is just unfair…” Maddox takes a step forward with his cock slapping his lower abs. He is
hard as a rock. “Can I touch?”

I take a step back from Maddox. I’m turned on, and yes, I want him, but this is revenge for that night at
the frathouse. “Ah-ah,” I meet his eyes and try to smirk. I bet it comes out as a shy smile instead, but
whatever. “I won’t let you touch my breasts, b-but… I guess I can let you watch me fondle them?”

I squeeze my own nipple and stroke my breasts. Maddox’s eyes stay glued to my hands until he growls
and decides he has enough. He strides forward, towering over me.

His lips part. “Sometimes, I really enjoy being bigger than you.”

I shriek and laugh when he bends down and picks me up from the ground, unbothered by my extra
weight. I’m lying in his arms like a bride, my cheek pressed against his stupid sexy chest.

He smells divine.

Strong “I hate you…” I say in a grumpy voice. “You can’t just win the argument by taking me to bed!” A
smirk plays over his lips. “I can–that’s just what I did.” “Overly confident jock-” I stop talking when he
leans in to kiss the anger from my system. Good lord, why was I raising my voice again? All I can think
about is that Maddox is ridiculously attractive and broad. His armis are massive, and he is showing no
difficulty carrying me.

He shoves his tongue deeper into my mouth, stopping briefly by the threshold to kiss the

living daylights out of me. I can’t get enough of Maddox. I’m already dripping wet when I’m carefully set
on the bed. The rest of my clothes fly off, and then I eye the jock, who lays down on his back We are
avoiding positions that put any sort of pressure on my stomach, but truthfully, I love riding Maddox. He
looks so delicious presented to me, arms crossed behind his head, pecs, and abs within eyesight. If I
knew how to paint, I would throw colors over a canvas and hang the painting on the wall.

As I straddle him, I look down into his eyes. “You won’t pull out halfway and run away this time, right?”

“Babe… No offense, but… Are you blind? Look at my cock. I’m fucking harder than iron for you… I
need you, and I want you sitting on my cock. Can you do that for me?”

The need in his eyes is hot. His abs should count as foul play.

I can’t believe Maddox is mine.

I’m already wet and throbbing between my legs. I don’t even need any lube. It’s on the bedside table,
but I take the tip of the cock without it, breathing hard.

“It feels so good…” I sink inch by inch, letting him fill me to the tilt until I buckle forward, hands landing
on his pecs. I haven’t even gotten to thrusting or the fucking, and I’m already weak.

Calloused hands stroke over my stomach. “I can’t believe how sexy you are…” Maddox’s voice is
husky. “The stretchmarks are beautiful. You’re beautiful. Perfect.”

I peer down at him, smiling. “You’re beautiful.” Making love while I’m pregnant is… Awkward. I don’t
feel sexy at all. I’m overly self-conscious and nervous, but Maddox is just too perfect. He seems to love
me in any shape, form, or size.

might be a bastard at times. He lacks manners around his friends, and sometimes he has a really bad
attitude. But he is a sweetheart to me. Kind. Gentle.

He doesn’t know this, but he is pretty goddamn amazing.

I love him to the moon and back, and that’s how I can enjoy sex with him even if I’m somewhat self-
conscious. 1

I suspect sex after my pregnancy with twins might be more challenging, though. Depending on how my
body takes it, but that’s a problem for another day.

I just want to enjoy tonight.

A few months later, I’m humming inside the bathroom. Maddox has returned home from being away
for-fucking-ever on some football journey. I’ve missed him.

And tonight, I plan on waltzing into the bedroom, naked and seducing Maddox with my breasts and big

But it seems life has other plans. Out of flipping nowhere, incredible pain shoots up my spine. 1 “Oh-
my-god…” I whisper, shutting my eyes close. Everything goes hot and tight. I’m cramping, and the
world momentarily turns black. Ugh. It feels like I’m burning up. Like the water from the shower was

gasoline and someone threw a matchstick to set my body on fire, especially my lower parts. The blood
in my veins is lava, and I’m shaking.

Am I dying?

Miraculously enough, I make it to the toilet seat because, seriously, the best way to describe this would
be that I’m having terrible waves of diarrhea cramps.

But worse!

Did I eat something weird?!

No, this couldn’t be that. It must be related to my pregnancy… The pain is just… Fuck. Why is this
happening now?!

It’s as if I’ve overdosed on laxatives on an empty stomach. The pain is too much. Intense, and it won’t
stop! What the hell is happening?!


It can’t be. It’s way too early!


When I spoke to the obstetrician, she informed me that a pregnancy with twins is a risk factor for
premature birth.

Another wave of pain hits me, and I scream, and I cry, and I don’t know what is happening. I hear
footsteps approaching, but I’m in another world of pain and misery. Shivering and breathing hard. I
think I’m drenched in a cold sweat too.1

“Michelle?!” Maddox opens the door to the bathroom. His eyes go wide with worry, and I don’t think I
will ever forget the look of pure horror on his face. “Baby, what is wrong?” With tears in my eyes, I look
up at him. “Call an ambulance.”


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