Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 38


The last few days have been insanely hard, tiring, and traumatic for Michelle and me. We found out
one of our baby boys had stopped growing normally in the womb. Then the water also broke, and a c-
section was needed.

But the troubles didn’t end there. Our twins were delivered at thirty-four weeks old, considered
moderate to late preterm. Their lungs were not fully ready, and both were sent to the NICU immediately
to be watched around the clock.

It broke Michelle’s heart to not have the sweet skin-to-skin time, but we did what was best for the boys.

Yet the worst part was yet to come.

The doctor said one had a more substantial chance than the other to survive. It meant we were still on
our toes. We barely slept. Michelle was crying, and then, after five days in NICU, we were allowed to
bring our boys home.

We are at home now, day two, and I’m exhausted. I want Michelle to sleep, but I also want to sleep.
Which is impossible. Preterm babies don’t always ask for milk. Our little wonders must be woken up
and fed AT LEAST every three hours.

If we let them sleep, they get too tired to eat, and it starts a vicious cycle of sleeping too much…

Sighing to myself, I smile when looking down at the twin babies in their bed. They are sharing the same
one. Cute and innocent, but damn, I wish I could just sleep for one day.

Other people can probably call their parents to help with twins, but Michelle’s parents are both
alcoholists. They are deep in it, and their apartment stinks.

And my mother? I’m not letting her back into my life since she won’t stop trying to kick Michelle out of it.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Fear grips me, and I look down at the babies, relieved to see
they are still sleeping. Phew. No crying and no screaming.

I head to the door, opening it to see Robin and Jason standing there with huge backpacks. I blink in
surprise. “What are you guys doing here?” Immediately, Jason presses the ugliest stitched blanket I’ve
ever seen to my chest. It looks ancient.

I lift a questioning eyebrow, and Jason sighs in irritation as if just assuming I should understand why he
gave it to me.

“My nana gave me that blanket. It’s been passed down for generations, and you only get to borrow it.
The scent is supposedly soothing. Do not wash it, or I will beat your ass.” 1 I lack words. “Uhhh…
Thank you?”

“Also this,” Jason hands me a sandal. “Very important.” My eves narrow. Is Jason messing with me?
He must be. It can’t be normal to give a person a goddamn sandal “What the fuck is this for?” I ask,

Jason laps me on the shoulder. “My nana’s sandal–la chancla. It taught me a lot of lessons.”

Anger rises in my chest, and I roar at him. “Are you mad?! I’m not hitting my fucking kids!” “You don’t hit
them with the sandal,” Jason explains, smiling, “You smell it to gain twenty years of luck.”

“What?!” 1 exclaim, beyond freaked out. “I ain’t smelling your nana’s old fucking sandal!”

Jason shows me his teeth in a glittering smile. “Oh, so you don’t want the twenty years of luck then!”


I could use the luck.

Against my better judgment, I lift the sandal a little higher to my nose and immediately regret it-fucking
hell, it stinks! I almost pass out. The thing smells worse than old diapers. I’m not joking. My whole
system is ready to crash. My entire life flashes by my eyes, but I manage to stand by some miracle. My
eyes, however, are stinging with tears. “Oh-my-god…” I blink repeatedly. “That’s disgusting.” 1 Jason
snorts. “Glad you like it,” he turns around, motioning for Robin to come forward.” Robin brought you
some important gifts as well.” “What are you? The three wise men?”

“We would be if Lionel had come,” Jason says. “But he is busy with family things, so it’s just us…
Anyway, show Maddox the gifts you brought with you.”

I stare at the team’s biggest Casanova. He smiles, and then he hands me a bottle of expensive

What. The. Fuck Do I stink or something? What are my babies going to do with a bottle of cologne?!

I stare at Robin. Nothing comes to me no matter how long I stand there, thinking of a reaction. It gives
Robin room to smile brighter at me since he now seems to believe I appreciate the gift.

“It’s hands down my favorite one,” Robin informs me. “The boys will thank me for handing them that. It
will give them an excellent start in their love lives.” 1

Fucking hell.

*They are less than two weeks old! They aren’t about to date anyone, you idiot!”

Robin ignores me and takes something up from his pocket. “Also this, brah. My lucky cigar

later. They need it more than me.”

I glare at him. “What the fuck are they gonna do with this?!”

He shrugs. “Have a good time?”

I can’t believe this. I should send my friends straight back to the planet they came from

“Is that Jason and Robin’s voices?”

I turn around, and my eyes land on Michelle. My heart warms. She is rubbing sleep from her eyes, and
I take her under my arm. She fits there perfectly, right by my side. Good, at least I have a sane person
around me. Someone responsible who can send these fools back to the frathouse

“Hello guys,” Michelle smiles at both Robin and Jason. “To what do we owe the pleasure?” The
pleasure? THE PLEASURE?!

Jason steps forward, opening his mouth.

“Thought you guys might need one day of actual rest. I know you guys don’t have a family to help you
out, so I figured it might be appreciated if we came around to help. And don’t worry. I have experience
with babies. I come from a huge Latina family-I practically helped raise most of my siblings.”

To my surprise, Michelle looks close to crying. Her lips are quivering when she speaks. “That’s so nice
of you two! We were actually going to make one of you guys the godfather.”

“Both of us,” Robin corrects her. “I want it to be the both of us. I’m needed in this family to ensure the
football stays in the blood. I even bought them this.”

Robin dives into one of his bags, picking up a mini football jersey. I’m about to roll my eyes, but
Michelle takes it from his hands. She looks as if she has been offered diamonds.

“Oh, Robin…” her eyes are filled with tears. I actually feel a sting of jealousy when she even hugs him.
“You shouldn’t have! This gift… It means a lot to me!”

It means a lot to her?????

Excuse me?

My hackles rise, and I glare at Robin when Michelle stops hugging the life out of him. I’m considering
telling her what other gifts he bought to make sure nothing romantic is going on here.

But that would be stupid…

Robin really sets off my jealousy radar, though. He is prettier than me and too charming to let close to
Michelle. I’m grumpy and moody, but Romeo –sorry, genuine mistake – Robin is always happy-go-
lucky and the opposite of me.

Michelle better not fall for him…

“Can we come in?” Jason asks, but he is already holding the bags as if expecting passage. “I know key
people are like the only ones meant to meet the babies…. But if we are godfathers, I think you can let
us see the lovely twins. You can count on me to bottle feed them… Just for today so you can rest. It’s

Michelle looks uncertain. “But won’t that make us terrible parents? I thought I should always be by their
side.” Jason snorts, flashing her a megawatt smile. “One day of rest doesn’t make you a terrible parent.
When was the last time you slept since returning from the hospital?”

Michelle sobs, and before I know it, she hugs Jason. He hugs her back, and I glare at them while
pouting. When is it my turn to get one of those warm hugs?!

I mean…

I’m a big man, and I don’t NEED hugs, but… I feel insanely jealous of my two best friends right now.

“I can’t believe how nice you guys are!” Michelle says. “Thank you so much for coming here and
offering to help us!” I can be nice too…

Why are only Robin and Jason getting those compliments? It feels like it’s been three long years since
Michelle touched me. And I would never admit this to anyone, but when she uses her hands to
massage my scalp, it immediately puts me to sleep.

I get so relaxed. I need some of that… Robin beams up at me. “I filled my backpack with other baby
stuff I’m sure you haven’t had time to buy.” Michelle leans away from Jason, smiling. “Let’s go and look
at it inside. I’m super curious.”


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