Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 15


I wake up wrapped in Maddox’s strong arms. His snoring fills the room, and his erection is pressing
against my naked butt. Heat spreads between my cheeks at the same time my pussy clenches.

Oh boy

My body is ready for round two. I’m hot and bothered, and holy shit – I can’t believe I had sex with
Maddox Daniels yesterday!

The hot guy I first hated.

The big bastard who seemed to hate me.



My head is spinning. I sit in the bed, staring at the sleeping behemoth of a man next to me. I’m trying to
piece two and two together. Does Maddox like me, or was he just horny?

What will happen now?

His mouth closes, and he grumbles, smacking his tongue against the palate of his mouth. Blue ocean
eyes open, blinking a few times before settling on me and appearing confused.

His voice comes out deep and gravelly. “Michelle?”

I shyly wave. “Hi…”

Maddox blinks again and clears his throat. My eyes suction to his fat pecs when he rises. The light
smattering of hair on his chest is super sexy, a great combination with his slightly tanned skin.

My heart clamers.

My hands are already sweaty.

Maddox sits beside me and angles his head to look at me, naked and seemingly dizzy from the all the
alcohol from the day before. “Why are you in my bed?”.

“Oh…” I bite my lower lip and feel my heart kick up a notch. It’s pounding faster and harder than before.
“Was I not supposed to stay? I thought you said I could stay over.”

Maddox stares at me for an excruciating moment before he sighs and rubs his eyelids.

“Right! I forgot… I picked you up yesterday, and we…” Maddox’s eyes widen when he trails off, and I
notice his face turning redder.

What is going on?

Maddox stares at me again. There is something cryptic in his expression. His eyes rake me up and
down, but he quickly averts his gaze. He is acting so weird.

“A Are you alright?” I shyly ask, hoping he won’t take offense. The last thing I need is Maddox barking
at me again.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” His tone is back to being unfriendly, but his expression turns apologetic
when I shrink back

One of his mammoth hands lifts from his thick thigh. For a moment, I think he will stroke my skin,
comfort me, and apologize for having raised his voice.

But the hand lands in the same spot, and Maddox taps the area. Did I misread his apologetic

I gawk at him. Maddox forces a smile, but it’s super creepy. What in the world is he doing? He is
freaking me out Maddox’s nostrils flare. “Uh… Ehem… You want breakfast?”

I try not to stare at his pecs and abs as he breathes. I settle on his lips but blush upon seeing. them
too. After sex, that mouth was on me, down between my legs.




My heart races, and I swallow thickly.

I shouldn’t think about yesterday and the sex. Maddox is acting weird, and it’s clear that he is
embarrassed about the whole thing.

He probably regrets sleeping with me and eating me out later, which is why he is acting odd. It really
hurts, but meh. I should let it pass since I don’t want to lose him as my friend.

Or whatever the heck we are to each other.

“Breakfast sounds nice!” I chirp and try to smile. “What do you usually have for breakfast?”

Light returns to his face, and Maddox chuckles. “A lot of eggs and other proteins. I usually spend every
morning at the gym, but… It seems my alarm didn’t go off in time.” “You can head there after
breakfast?” I helpfully suggest. “I don’t want my stay to like in the way of your daily routine.” 1

“Yeah, I should head there later, but first we should eat something because I’m starving. After that, I will
drive you home. You didn’t need to stay another day, did you?” “No, but thank you for the offering.”

He smiles at me, and I try to bat away each one of the butterflies swarming my chest. Maddox has a
great smile, even if the grumpy guy hardly ever shows it.

We stare at each other like idiots.

Seconds pass.


Maddox inhales. “I should… Probably get dressed.”

I blush. “Yeah…”

He stands up from the bed, rising to his full height. I try not to ogle his butt and stare into the

wall. My pulse is flaring, drumming against my neck while Maddox whistles.

“Do you eat eggs?”

“Yes, I’m not picky with food,” I point out. “I will eat whatever is free and on the house.”

He turns around, guilt-stricken. “Right. I keep forgetting that you’re low on cash. Do you want us to
head to the store after we have eaten? Fill up your fridge with food?”

Bees and butterflies buzz around in my chest. The way Maddox asked those questions? His voice was
sweeter. Deep and gravelly, but nice enough to fill me with warmth. “Um…” I smile and take a deep
breath to collect myself. My heart is pounding way too fast. “I… I probably shouldn’t accept it… But I…
But I really don’t have much food, and ”

“We are buying you food, Michelle. It’s decided,” Maddox nods to get the last word in. Finalizing what
he just said. “And in the future, don’t be afraid of telling me when you need something.”


I’m not sure what his words are supposed to mean. Maddox is glaring into the wall with an expression I
can’t read. He seems to be blushing, and at the same time, he looks angry?


Regardless, I smile. “T-Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Maddox nods at the door, fully clothed-thank god because his body makes me weak
in the knees. “Should we go and eat some breakfast?”


I climb over the covers and step on the floor-only for my legs to give under my weight. I’m still pretty
hungover, but Maddox is there for me. He grabs me while my hands curl around his brawny bicep,
unable to cuff halfway around his thick muscle.

“Easy there,” Maddox snorts in amusement. “Seriously, you’re like a walking fucking disaster

Usually, I would get offended by him saying something like that, but his tone is different today. Dare I
say it’s almost affectionate? Warm and low enough to make shivers run up my spine

“Thank you… Again.”

He breathes a laugh, humor actually filling his voice and dancing in his amused eyes. “You’re welcome.

My cheeks burn in response to his tone. Maddox helps me stand straight, and I let go of his arm.

Jesus Christ,

My heart won’t stop pounding.

“I’m very clumsy,” I admit, even though Maddox already knows. This is the second time he has saved
me from a faceplant. “And I’m not good with alcohol. I will probably be hungover all day.”

A ghost of a smile touches Maddox’s lips as he glances down at me from his towering height.” You
probably just need a great meal to shake off the dizziness. Come on, I will make you some pancakes.
The best in town.”


I hand him another smile. “Thank-”

He presses a finger to my lips. “No need to thank me again. Just follow me to the kitchen. Okay?”

My heart thumps faster. “Okay.” Who knew this brute could be sweet?


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