Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 25


I have the strongest urge to pee when I wake up the following day. I had straight to the bathroom,
groaning at this sudden nausea taking over my senses. Did I stand up too fast?

Whatever. I’m not in a good mood.

My breasts are sensitive too, which can only mean my period is on its way. But I’m not precisely
bleeding. I find it peculiar since I could have sworn my period should have been here three days ago

There are knocks on the bathroom door, and soon, Ciara’s voice comes from the other side of the door.

“The bathroom is occupied!” I yell, interrupting Ciara, which is unlike me, but I’m trying to focus. I’m
unsure why, but peeing seems a bit harder this morning.

“Chill out!” Ciara snorts at me. It’s the first time I’ve heard her laugh at something I’ve said.” I’m just
knocking to let you know that your boyfriend is waiting outside with his car.”

Maddox is here to pick me up? Embarrassed beyond belief, I blush. To think I yell at Ciara the moment
she actually tries to do something nice. “Uhh… Thank you for telling me that…” I mumble. “You’re
welcome, and… I’m happy for you.”

I slowly blink to process her words. Did Ciara really just offer Maddox and me her blessing? Wow. This
morning is so weird.

I tumble out of the bathroom, only to reel back when I hear an amused chuckle from behind me.
Maddox is leaning against the wall, arms parked underneath his chest.

“Tough morning?” So cocky, always so cocky… “You could say that,” I admit, wetting my parched lips.
“Um, could you give me a moment?” There is a snort. “Well, seeing you don’t have any clothes, I don’t
think I have any other choice.”

No clothes?

I look down at myself, blushing when I realize I’m only wearing a t-shirt and that Maddox’s eyes are
lingering on my legs. My cheeks turn molten when his eyes rake me up and down.

It doesn’t matter that there is approval on his face it makes the situation even more nerve wracking

Maddox’s eyes are enormous, hungry, and sinful, and my blood is rushing to my ears. I want to walk up
to him and stand on my tiptoes in an attempt to kiss him, but I tell myself this isn’t the time.

No, I have to calm down.

My heart is thumping, and I let out a nervous laugh to defuse the atmosphere. A minute longer of
Maddox giving me those fuck-me eyes, and we won’t be heading to school…

I avert my eyes from his. “Yeah… So I… So I should… Go and change my… Change my outfit.” Darn.
I’m so repetitive in my words, but at least I’m not stammering.

“I will wait right here.”

Smiling, I run into my room and rummage each and every corner to find something-anything — to wear.
I settle with a pair of jeans and an oversized hoodie that doesn’t stink.

It will do.

I find my hairbrush, but don’t stick around to brush my hair. I take it with me and instead rush back into
the corridor.

I’m super nervous and acting weird. There is no calming down the buzzing bees in my stomach, and it
gets worse when I see Maddox. “You ready to go?” He asks.


“Cool,” he turns around but glances down at me as we head for the door. His smile is slow and
unexpected. “Since I came here so early, we could get coffee.”

“Right, you are early…” I mumble. “Are you a morning person?”

“I go to the gym every morning,” he shrugs. “If the alarm isn’t on, I wake up either way, so I guess?”

“I see.”

“Unless I’m hungover. Then I’m just dead to the world.”

I peer up at him. Maddox’s willingness to chat is unusual, but it’s more than welcome. He seems to be
putting in an effort to this dating thing, so I should also do the same.

I gather courage. “D-Do you…” Maddox holds up the door for me with raised eyebrows, and I force out
the rest of the sentence. “Do you have any football practice today?” “I do… Do you want to come and
watch us?”

A smile curls my lips. “Sure.” We get into his car, and I quickly learn that Maddox likes to listen to old
songs. The music isn’t loud, but it’s present during our conversation about what coffee to get.

Then, in the Starbucks line, I’m sitting in the car and laughing at how Maddox looks like a sore thumb in
the line of high school girls.

He is towering over the girls and glares over his shoulder as if knowing I’m dying inside the car. Then,
minutes later, he comes back with two cups, and I snort at how his cup says, “Mad Dog.” By the time

we park outside campus, I’m in a good mood. I’m smiling, and Maddox turns to me before opening the
car door.


His eyebrows are furrowed. “I know we haven’t gone out on our official date yet, but could you do me a

My smile stays. “I think picking me up from home and getting me a vanilla latte and this bun counts. But
yes, I’m more than willing to pay you back in any way I can. What’s up?” “I’m glad you like the coffee,”
he tiredly meets my eyes. “My mom has invited us over for dinner this weekend. I know it’s early, but…
I would appreciate it if you went with me. This dinner is her attempt to talk about Vanya and my
arranged marriage again.”

“She is still trying to make you marry her?” “Yup,” Maddox grimaces. “My mom isn’t convinced you and
I are that serious, and I guess I can’t blame her. We weren’t dating when she saw us kissing at that one
football game, so it makes sense she wants to see it for herself. Us dating, that is.”

The thought of meeting Maddox’s mom so early gives rise to discomfort, but I know I need to meet her.
Or she will keep pushing Maddox toward marrying a woman he doesn’t love.

“I will come to the dinner,” I exhale after speaking and give him a trembling smile. I’m already sweating.
“The thought of meeting your mom is nerve-wracking, though…”

“I don’t blame you. It’s never easy meeting someone’s parents, but my mom is worse than anyone else
I know. She will interrogate you but try not to let her frighten you. My mom lacks a filter, but you can
handle it.”

I snort in amusement. “Now I know where that part of your personality comes from. The no filter part.”

Maddox glares at me. “I’m nothing like my mom…” I laugh. “Sure, sure… Whatever you say.” He rolls
his eyes at me. “I’m being serious, but… I’m glad you’re going with me because her attention might be
on you.”

“You don’t want her attention?”

“No, but I realize my mom will be on me like a hawk after I’m done talking to her,” Maddox’s eyes meet
mine. “I’m not sure what you know about football, but my stats are legendary. I’m pretty darn good at
what I do.” “Oh?”

His grin is blinding. “I’m heading to the NFL combine to do a draft test. It takes three days to complete,
and after all the tests, I hope I get picked by a great team… But to be honest, I know I will.”

“Ah,”I’m still a bit confused. “And then you will play in the NFL?” “Exactly,” Maddox seems happy. “But
depending on the team, it might mean moving away far from this city. I still can’t believe it… I might be
the youngest player heading to the draft this


“Oh…” I’m unsure what to say. Maddox moving away would suck, but it’s not like we are serious. We
are just casually dating, so I can’t exactly complain or cry. I keep my smile regardless of the jarring
feeling in my heart. “Well, I’m happy for you.” Maddox beams at me. “Me too.”


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