Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 29


I have peed on every stick inside the RFSU pregnancy test package, and they all show the same thing:
two red lines.

“No, this must be wrong…” I stare down at the stick while sitting on the toilet seat. “I can’t be pregnant-
I’m not ready for that!”

I’m shaking, close to crying my heart out.

What am I supposed to do? Shit-shit-shit! Someone, please tell me because my entire world has turned
upside down!

Hot tears are burning behind my eyes. I’m not against people getting abortions. I understand they are
needed in some situations, but I don’t want to go through with one.

Am I selfish for thinking that? This baby belongs to Maddox too, but no matter what, I just can’t… I can’t
make an abortion- I want that less than I want to become a mom!

Jesus Christ.

My head is spinning. I want children, but not right now. I think I will be a terrible mother at this age, and
holy shit, how do I make my heart stop performing somersaults?!

“Michelle?” Maddox is outside the bathroom door. “Are you alright in there? Do you need more time?”

“No, I’m…” I look at all the sticks on the floor and take a deep breath. I have to talk to Maddox later, but
not right before this dinner. “I’m ready to go right now. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, but I hate wearing a tuxedo… It’s tight over my shoulders.”

I snort at the image I’m visualizing of Maddox trying to fit into a snug tuxedo and sweep the floor. I have
to see him. “I kind of like men in costume.” Maddox growls. “You better not be into rich CEO books
because I swear I will never become an office man. At least not while I’m still in my prime.” “I know, I
know! And you don’t have to worry,I like muscular football players more.” “That’s more like it….
“Maddox grows tired then. A few seconds pass before he sounds irritated again. “Wait, is that in

While laughing, I get rid of the pregnancy tests. Shove the used sticks right into the package and down
into the bin. I even dispose of napkins over them so they are hidden. I then think better of it. I can’t risk
Maddox finding them, so I dig up the empty package and shove it into my bag. It’s not dirty or anything.
I changed the bag in the bin earlier.

“You’re not interested in Jason, Lionel, or Robin, are you?” More laughs come up my throat. “You’re the
only man for me-” I fall silent once I open the door and see Maddox cleaned up.

Oh-my-god. Is this guy seriously dating me? He is a walking daydream.

Maddox is mostly shaven. There is still a hint of a mustache over his full lips that goes hai -hand with
his sandy-colored hair. And damn, he even had it styled!

Maddox tilts his head. “Is something the matter?” Yes, I think I dropped my jaw on the ground. The suit
is making me stupid. I want to rip it off. I’m proud of myself for not having thi myself over Maddox’s
pecs and abs yet, but I’m close to ravaging him now. Desire pulsates between my legs. I haven’t had
sex with Maddox since we first did it. Hes with a t-shirt on, and so do I, but I would kill to see him strip

Those shoulders are so broad…

Somehow I find words. “You’re so sexy in that suit.”

His lips curl into a teasing smile. “When shy Michelle Henriksson calls someone sexy-t when pigs fly in
the sky. Maybe we should buy lottery tickets today?”

I snort and tap his arm. “S-Shut up! And it’s not like you need money-you should leave t lottery tickets
to someone else.”

He gazes down at me, taking my hand and squeezing it as if he can’t keep himself from touching me. I
wonder when we moved to this, showing affection all the time, even in s moments.

I love it.

It makes me feel warm.

I look up at Maddox, and his smile lights me up inside. “Good idea,” his voice is soft. “And you look
gorgeous in that blue dress. Breathtaking glad we got it for you.” “Me too,” his facial expression and
hungry eyes make it harder not to tackle him to the ground. I repress the urge to shiver. “Shall we go
and get this dinner over with?” His lips twitch. “Right after you.”

I tug his hand, and Maddox let me lead him.


Another bite of food, and I think I might get sick

But how do I prevent myself from eating? I’ve been stress eating for the past hour because the
atmosphere is terribly tense around kitchen table,

This dinner couldn’t get any weirder. I’m not used to being around fancy, rich people and dinners
cooked by chefs. I knew Maddox came from money, but REALLY?

Servants without facial expressions have been serving us during the entire dinner, and I’m having
trouble not thanking them or talking to them like they are part of the dinner,

When I thanked the first one for handing me my cutlery, Maddox’s mother looked ready to burst, A tiny
little vein popped on her forehead; if I’m not mistaken, Maddox almost choked on laughter

My boyfriend seems to find it funny that I don’t quite lit in, and he loves to get a raise out of his mother.
I’m the other way around. I want Catharina, Maddox’s mother, to like me.

But it seems she has chosen to dislike me. She keeps glaring at me whenever I pass her a smile

“So, playing in the NFL-is this what you wish to do? What if you get injured, Maddox?” 1

Maddox shrugs a massive shoulder, “Shit happens, but rather take a chance at football than live to
regret it. I love the sport.”

“I know you do…” Catharina comments in a low voice, She lifts her wineglass to her lips, and her eyes
keep raking me up and down I’m not sure wliy, but she looks angrier each time,

“Umm “I hold up my hand, “May I be excused from the table i need to head to the bathroom.”

Maddox sorte, Ilashing me grim, “You don’t have, Michelle, if you need to go to the bathroom, just
go. No one will bile oll your locad just because you need to take dump”

“Maddox!” Catharina snaps, “Languagel”

He rolls his eyes, not one bil bothered, “I’m a grownup I will peal however the hell i want If you have a
problem with it, then too bad I won’t change iny ways for anyone”

Catharina pa and Maddox turns to me with a smile. “The bathroom is down that corridor, to the left. You
won’t miss it.”

“Thank you.” 1

I head over to the bathroom and do my deed, one of my early signs is that I must pee all the time I
wash my hands and then rummage through my bag, to find my lipgloss,

Three minutes later, i smack my lips and open the bathroom door only to find Catharina waiting for me

Her makeup is hard, and her eyebrows are perfectly shaped She lifts one of them, sizing, me


Did I mention Catharina is an intense woman? Tall, beautiful, and the female version of Maddox,
although older

Cold shivers run down iny spine, and without warning, the gorgeous lady snatches iny bag. with her
manicured nails

What is she doing?!

Catharina zips up the bag, searches through it, and then she pauses. I know without asking that she
has found the open RFSU package filled with my old pregnancy sticks, My sweat ylands open), and I
stand there, sweating, while she looks at the sticks. One after one,

They all show positive. Her eyes travel to mine, her face calculating: “I hope you know that getting a
baby right now could potentially ruin my son’s entire future football career.”

I swallow thickly, but I won’t step back. Where is your backbone, Michelle? It’s time to show

I answer her in a voice equally cold as hers. “I thought you didn’t want Maddox playing in the NFL?”

A smile spreads over her lips. She looks as friendly as an untamed, hungry wolf. “Playing football
professionally is better than getting pregnant with a skank without merit. I’ve taken a look at your

background, Michelle.” “Y-You have?” I will admit I don’t feel that confident anymore. It’s a miracle that I
found my voice. “Alcoholic, abusive parents…” Catharina keeps the wicked smile while she hands me
back my bag. “Your grades are excellent, but you come from the absolute slum. In other words, you
aren’t good enough for my son, especially since you’re one of those… What is it called? Cleat chaser?
Gold digger? Either way, you’re only using Maddox for his money, aren’t you?” What?

I wouldn’t do that!

There is a lump in my throat at this misunderstanding. I’m not with Maddox because of his money. “No,
that’s not true-“.

“I get it, though,” Catharina interrupts me. “With Maddox, you wouldn’t have to work a single day of
your life. You’re all set for a future of living off of his money. So let me make it easy for you: take the
cleat chaser baby and leave him. Break up with my son, and I will send you a paycheck every month.” I
stare at her. “Are you serious?” “Very,” her eyes flare with ill intentions. “Since you’re not in love with my
son, I rather not have anything to do with the baby. It’s a filthy creature, just like you. Nothing good can
come from keeping it under the same roof as my son.” I swallow thickly. “What happens if I refuse to
break it off with your son?” She lifts her eyebrows. “Please, you’ve dated my son for a few weeks? Do
you really think he would stick around if he found out you were pregnant? Better break up with him
now, Michelle. That way, you can still save yourself some sort of income. Think about the baby. You
want to be able to buy your little one diapers, yes?”


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