Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 10


There is a jarring feeling in my heart. All I want is to continue kissing Maddox, but he slips me down
from his muscular torso and proceeds to hug me from behind. The back of my head is faced with his
broad chest. He is warm and big and runs his fingers through my hair.

I shudder, and I think I hear him breathe a laugh. He continues to run those rough fingers over my

It’s sweet.

It gives me butterflies.

But it’s all fake love.

We are putting on a show for his parent or parents, and I fight tears when he carefully brushes my hair
to the right side of my face. Down my collarbone while tilting his head.

The gentleness is killing me.

I glimpse up, and his relentless eyes find mine. He seems a bit irritated, but I have this notion it’s an
emotion reserved for his parents.

“It’s only my mom. My dad must have strolled back to the car or something,” Maddox grunts. “I can see
my mom walking here, though. Her name is Catharina, but everyone calls her Cath.” My voice comes
out low. The proximity is making me rather shy. “Thank you for the information.”

“Thank you for the information?” Maddox’s lips twitch. “You sound so professional.”

My cheeks burn. “At the moment, I’m a professional actress.”

He pauses briefly. Those hands run through my hair again, and his voice goes low. “Is that what the
kiss was?” My heart stops at his tone. His intense eyes are on mine, curious about my answer even
though I have no clue why.

People are passing out. There is laughter and screaming. Yet all I can see right now is Maddox.

I like him. I like him a lot and want to jump back into his strong arms, but I know better than that.

Keep up the charades. Do not fall for Maddox’s sexy voice, Michelle. He is probably playing with you

“What else would it be?” I ask.

The dimple on his cheek is playing peek-a-boo. “You tell me… Anyway, here my mom comes.”
Immediately, I force a smile and bat away the bumblebees. They are buzzing around in the center of
my belly. But now isn’t the time to be crushing on Maddox and admiring him. I have to act like his
girlfriend and focus,

“Maddox! There you are, honey!”

I spin on my heel, and my attention lands on a beautiful blonde woman coming our way. She is tall and
slender. Beautiful; I can see where Maddox got his killer looks from.


Maddox doesn’t step away from me. Doesn’t hug his mom. He stays by my side, and I notice he is
already tense.

Oh, this can’t be good.

“I saw your game, honey!” his mom’s smile is radiant. “Your performance was outstanding, like always.”

Maddox seems to ease up a little bit. “You think so?”

“Yes, but… You do realize football isn’t a future for you, right? I saw plenty of players get injured,
bruised, and battered. It’s a violent sport you play,” she grimaces as if disgusted. “I Tiope you soon will
realize that.”

Middox inliales slowly. “But I love football.”

“Yes, yes, I hear you, but we don’t always get to work with what we love, sweetheart. The family
company is more important.”

My eyes bulge out of their sockets.


I didn’t expect Maddox’s mother to be so bold. She is speaking without caring about hurting her son’s
feelings. She also doesn’t seem to mind that I’m standing here, listening in on the conversation,

Jesus Christ.

How is Maddox taking it?

I glimpse up at him. Anger ticks against his jaw, and I take a deep breath before grabbing his large
hand. I’m unsure what I’m doing, but I want to show him I’m here.

I squeeze his fingers, and surprisingly, he squeezes back. My heart swells.

But the sweet moment is over when his mother peers down at me. “Oh, and who might this cute little
girl be? A friend?”

Cute little girl?

Geez, the way she said it sounded so condescending. I might not know Maddox’s mom that well yet,
but my first judgment is that we won‘t ever get along. Not if she is going to call me a cute little girl It’s
insulting how she made it sound like I’m a kindergartener. I’m short and shy, but I’m a woman, not a

Frustration is bubbling up within me. If I was braver, I would stand up for myself and call Catharina out
for calling me a cute little girl.

“This is Michelle,” Maddox hugs me to him and carefully brushes his fingers through my hair before
facing his mom. “She is my girlfriend. We are dating, and please don’t call her a little girl just because
she is short.” I freeze, surprised that Maddox is sticking up for me. Funnily enough, his mother seems
shocked too. Perhaps it’s rare for Maddox to defend people? “I’m… I’m so…” Maddox’s mom’s eyes
rake me up and down. “I’m sorry, but dating? You were supposed to marry Vanya.” A lump swells in my
throat. Maddox’s mom doesn’t think I’m good enough for her son. She is looking at me like I’m a spot
on the wall.

It hurts.

“Mom…” Maddox sighs behind me. “You know as good as me that true love is more important than
anything, and there is no other woman for me other than Michelle. I love her.” My lips twitch, and my
mood changes from self-pity to being on the brink of laughing my ass off.

Dear Lord.

Maddox saying there is no other woman for him is funny. He obviously isn’t being truthful. He is
speaking in a voice that makes it unmistakable that he is faking everything.

The big bully never talks like this about anyone, but it seems like his mom is buying his act, thank god.

“Oh, of course,” his mom gives me a forced smile. She then wrinkles her nose at my second hand
clothes but tries to appear friendly. “I will respect your decision to date whoever you want, and I’m sorry
for bringing up Vanya. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Michelle.”

“Likewise, Mrs. Daniels.”

I bow my head a little, and I will be damned; Catharina Daniels actually looks impressed by my

Her eyes widen, and a slow smile spreads over her red lips. Perhaps I was wrong about her? Still, I
don’t like how she tried to make Maddox quit football. “Anyway, your dad and I are leaving to eat
dinner. I take it you will be celebrating with your friends tonight?” Maddox smiles mischievously. “There
is a frat party, but I won’t be spending time with my friends there. I’m taking Michelle to this restaurant
later to have fun and enjoy some good food.”

“Oh,” his mother smiles awkwardly. “I hope you two have fun.” “We will.”

“Right… Anyway, I have to go… Your dad is waiting for me.”

“Don’t let us keep you.”


Maddox’s mother hurries away as if something burnt her. She didn’t get even shake my hand.

I glance up at Maddox. “Is it just me, or did your mom act extremely weird at the end?”

He sighs. “My parents are always in a hurry. They work overseas often, leave for meetings in the
middle of family dinner and never have time for each other. I’m surprised they arrived here together.”
“I’m sorry...” “For what?” Maddox arches an eyebrow. “You put on an excellent performance.” “I did?”

“Yup,” he scratches my hair and messes it up. I let him because I’m a goner for the idiot.” Anyway,
should we head to the restaurant?”



I stare at him. “Umm, were you actually serious about that? Are you really taking me to a restaurant?”

Amusement crosses his features. “Yes?”

“But I-I don’t have any money!” I look around frantically, searching for Addison, but I can’t find her.
“And… What about Addison?”

Maddox snorts and shakes his head. “Jesus fucking Christ. You were too into the kiss to notice your
friend running away?”

“Addison left?”

“Yeah,” Maddox scratched the back of his neck. “Your friend saw Jason, and the two of them walked off
somewhere. He didn’t look happy, but I’m sure your friend is fine.” “Jason?”

Uh-oh, Is Addison in trouble? Isn’t Jason the name of the football player she was stalking, the one she
bullied in the past?

“Yeah, but they will be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Unlike me, Jason is a nice guy. Anyway, Do you want restaurant food or not? I’m paying. We have a
deal, remember?”

I blush upon having Maddox look down at me. He is too close and peering down at me all expectantly.

“Uhh… Where are we going?”

“Somewhere expensive.”


“Yup,” Maddox smirks. “Anyway, you better decide quickly, pipsqueak, or I might take back the offer. I’m
in a good mood after winning this game, and I won’t be this friendly any other time. So what do you


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