Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 31


Michelle and I are sitting on the couch. I couldn’t speak for the entire car ride home due to the heart
attack I almost suffered in traffic. Not a literal one, albeit it still felt like one. Michelle is pregnant.


There is a baby on the way. I stare into the wall while Michelle talks fast. “I-I know this must come as a
shock to you, but… I-I want to keep the baby, and you don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to!
I’m not f-forcing you into anything. Though, I really think we can do this. You and I could become good
parents, Maddox… Even if I realize it’s early.”

She whispers the last part, shutting her eyes to prevent tears from running down her face. I stare at
her, opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish, and Michelle laughs in misery. “Y-You don’t have to
say anything now. I’m just… I’m just grateful you haven’t gotten angry at me. Shit… My heart won’t stop
racing,” she nervously laughs. “You’re a beautiful person for not having yelled at me, Maddox… I
expected a fight…”

My eyes travel to hers, and my heart squeezes.

When Michelle calls me beautiful, she doesn’t just mean my outer appearance. No. Her eyes are
bottomless, seeming to see underneath my bones and into my soul.

She is different.

Plenty of girls have called me hot. My teammates have nicknamed me the pretty heartbreaker, and the
random women who have texted me after our victory games usually call me sexy.

But calling me beautiful while looking at me? That’s a first.

It sounds deeper.


What am I even on about?

Michelle has turned me into some sort of poet. I used to be an I-don’t-give-a-shit hard ass, but in the
few weeks I’ve known Michelle, she has turned me into a softie.

The weird part is that I don’t mind. In fact, I want it.

I like the change in me. Things are moving scarily quick…

NOW Michelle will put a tiny baby into my arms, and I will become a dad out of nowhere, but I don’t
fucking mind because I love her.


I said it.

I love her.

I know nothing about being a good dad because I never had one. Mine is never at home. On rare
occasions, hé shows up during the holidays, but he never comes to my games.


She is there, even if it’s just practice. This woman sees me, and she lets me be myself. There are
flames when her small, delicate body is next to mine. She lights me on fire with every touch of her
hand, and I don’t think these feelings will disappear because I’ve never felt like this before.

It’s not a crush. It’s more. Michelle makes me wish for more. A person who just gets and understands
me. Someone real. Someone who doesn’t let me down like my parents have.

“Michelle,” I say, almost breathlessly. Her eyes, frightened and a bit puffy from tears, meet mine. She
looks like she is ready for rejection. “Yes?” I swallow thickly, whispering. “What if I will become a shitty

She stares at me without saying anything at first. Seconds pass, and then her voice breaks, and tears
spill out.

“A–Are you…” Her voice breaks, and she gives me a smile that looks heartbreakingly insecure,
whispering. “Are you staying with me?”

I let my right arm stretch out, sliding over her shoulder and down her delicate arm until I got her
hooked. I then pull her to me, dragging her to my chest. Hugging her.

“What else would I be doing?” I murmur into her hair. Fuck she smells good. Like fruits and something
else. “I’m terrified… But… We are in this together, right?”

Hot tears are running down her face. She can’t seem to grasp enough air and hugs me back. Her face
is pressed to my chest, brown hair messy on the top of her head.

I’m breaking apart myself.

Did she think I would leave her? I tighten my hold. My heart is violently pounding, and no matter what, I
can’t hug Michelle enough to calm her down. I can’t even calm myself down.

The only reason I’m not passing out from the sheer shock and panic is that I’m holding Michelle, She is
my anchor. She makes it possible for me to stop and realize that some stuff needs to be done.

“A– Are you okay?” Michelle asks me. “Your heart… It’s racing…”

I breathe a laugh. “Yours is racing too…”

She smiles against my chest. I can feel her lips move, and her palms flatten against my pecs, cheek
leaning into it. “My head won’t shut up, and just like you, I’m terrified…”

I softly kiss her head, whispering. “It wouldn’t make sense if you weren’t scared…”

Now it’s her turn to laugh. “I can’t believe that… That you’re the calm one in all of this…”


Is she kidding me?! I’m freaking out, and it’s a miracle that I’m breathing! There are so many things that
need to be done! I have to set up a room for Michelle and ask her to move in with me permanently. We
can live in the summerhouse.

Yes, this sounds like a plan! I will hire people to care for what needs to be fixed, like the heat.


Michelle also needs more stuff! I can take her shopping, give her whatever she points at, and then we
get baby things. Fuck-fuck-fuck, my head is spinning! There are so many things that I have to do just
this week. We have to buy parenting books, find classes on how to give birth, and sign up for yoga
lessons! 1

The last one is so that we both can calm down, take it easy and focus on our breathing-we are both
hyperventilating! Not sure what else to do, I peer down at Michelle. She blinks up at me, and my head
lowers, hesitant at first. It feels like forever since we were intimate. Too fucking long. My lips press
against hers, and she kisses me back. Our tongues tangle as I move my hands to her face, cradling
her cheeks. She is molding to my every touch. Following. Waiting. Letting me lead.

It’s like she was made for me, and I was made for her. Kissing her lips removes some of my
insecurities and makes me believe we can tackle parenthood together.

I add more pressure and Michelle inhales before melting and giving in to the pleasure. Her hands slide
over my pecs, thumbs touching my nipples through the fabric.

It feels like our first kiss all over again, and passion roars.

I want her.

I need her.

I’m hard as a rock.

I can’t hold back and sweep Michelle off her feet. Staying on the couch is a bad idea. My . erection is
already painful and having sex on the couch isn’t my idea of romantic. Her legs wrap around my waist
by instinct as I stand. Michelle smiles against my lips as I carry her, leaning back to allow me to see her
cute, shining eyes.

Her voice is soft. “Where are we going?”

“Upstairs.” I dive in for another kiss, this one short. When I dip back, Michelle’s hands are squeezing
my shoulders. Her eyes are gazing into mine, and she is as breathless as me.

Those fingers over her trail up my muscular neck, and her hands cup my cheeks while she keeps eye
contact. I stop breathing, letting her search for whatever she is trying to find.

The only problem is that I’m tingling all over. It makes it hard not to smile, especially when Michelle
drags a finger along my bottom lip. Fuck. It tickles. Is she trying to kill me?! 1 “Michelle…” I peer into
her eyes. “Are you trying to kill me?” A smile tugs on her lips, but she shakes her head. “No, I’m just

taking you in, all of you…” a blush creeps into her face, and she inhales as if nervous. “You’re
beautiful…” “You’re beautiful too.”

As I take us up the stairs, we look at each other, slowly bringing our mouths together for another kiss.

I swear this woman will be the end of me. By the time I kick up the door to the bedroom, I’m barely able
to walk.

Michelle doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. She kisses me like she means it, and every time her
tongue meets mine, I’m left a little weaker and a little more desperate for her.

I lay her on the bed, quick to pull off her clothes and make sure she will be ready for me. My fingers tug
down her underwear and suck on her bottom lip before diving down. She shudders and curls her toes
when I kiss her pelvic bone. A long exhale leaves her lips. “I want to touch you…” I lift my lips from her
body. “Hmm?” Michelle sits up, flushed and naked. She is gorgeous, especially with her wild hair
framing her pink cheeks. “I-I want to be the one touching you, Maddox,” she says in a breathless voice,
lashes fluttering. She appears insecure for some reason I don’t understand. “Will you let me?” I tilt my
head, and my cock stirs. “Are you saying you wish to give me a blowjob?” She nods. Fucking hell. Why
would I ever say no?


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