Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 9


I’m so out of place. I came to watch Maddox’s football game but didn’t realize the stadium would be so
PACKED with people.

My nerves are jittering around, and I’m close to puking.

I’ve never once before went to one of these games. My heart is racing, and I think I might be sick AND

Stupid as I am, I bought the ticket with my own money, and now I’m surrounded by shouting and
whistling fans.

I didn’t realize this game would be so huge. Outside the stadium, children were getting their faces
painted. There is a freaking orchestra playing music, and I’m staring at some girls holding up these

It feels like I’ve stepped into a movie.

A trio of good-looking blonde women with colors painted on their faces holds up this thing that says,

I find that sickening to write since they don’t know him.

But maybe that kind of thing is normal to write?

Further down, another says, “Jason, call me!!”

Sighing, I sink into my seat. Maddox offered me a ticket for a better seat, but I said no since I thought
its too early to sit with his parents.

Next to me, a girl leans forward. “Aren’t you excited?” Is she talking to me?

I blink, and she turns my way.

She is pretty, blonde, and blue-eyed with pink cheeks and a warm smile. Her clothes are bright pastel,
and her hair is caught in two buns with sparkly hairpins.

Sailor Moon?

Realizing she is waiting for an answer, I swallow. “Y-yeah… I guess you could say that. This is the first
game I’ve ever been to.”

“Really?” The girl beams at me. She has braces, the only flaw to her otherwise perfect pretty girl
appearance. “I’ve been to plenty of them myself since I know someone on the team.”

“Oh..” I blink repeatedly. I’ve never had friends, but I want the conversation to continue. So I force
myself to talk “Who is the person that you know?”

“Jason Deluca. He is a linebacker and plays for the Dashing Devils. We are childhood friends.”

I smile. “I have no idea who that is.”

“He wears number fifty,” she says. “I will point at him when they run out of the field, okay?”

She seems friendly. “Okay.” “My name is Addison.”


What started as an alone event immediately turns fun with Addison. We discuss food and beverages,
clothes, and hot guys in the crowd. I tell her I don’t have money to buy anything, and she gives me a
soda and a hotdog. She is kind, and I think she has a crush on Jason. . The problem? Jason doesn’t
know Addison is back in town. She is secretly here to check him out with the binoculars she brought. In
case she would make a friend, she got two pairs, so we are both spying on the field.

And when the game starts?

Let’s just say we are both checking out asses. I’m shy and afraid of men, but I’m not dead-I still have
urges. And all these men are insanely attractive, even though only one makes my heart go boom-


But of course, he is a distant dream that will never happen. I’m too fucked in the head to ever have sex
again. Not that I’ve tried, but… I would probably end up kicking the guy’s balls while experiencing

Sexual things are scary...

Kissing is acceptable, but getting sweaty and naked with someone?

No, thank you. I want it, but… I’m also terrified.

“Oh my,” Addison comments and giggles. “Jason sure has grown himself a fine ass over the years.”

I’ve gotten comfortable enough with Addison to roll my eyes. Friendship can be bought, and she gave
me a hotdog-we are now best friends.

“Why don’t you just tell him that you’re back?” “It’s complicated,” Addison comments. “Jason hates my
guts.” “Why?”

“Umm, let’s just say I was young and dumb in the past. I was popular and in love with scrawny crybaby
Jason. Always had a crush on him, and I showed it in the form of bullying.”

gasp. “You lied! You’re not childhood friends!”

Addison gives me a pained smile. “We were friends before I started to bully him all through middle

1 gasp. “It gets worse!”

“I know!” Addison cries. “I was terrible to him!”

I shake my head. “Poor Jason…”

“I know, I know! I called Jason horrible things like fat and ugly, and in reality, I was madly in love with
him. Well, crushing on him… Anyway, there is no excuse for the shitty things I did to him in the past.”

“You have no excuse at all?”.

She shrugs. “My parents went through a divorce, and I just channeled it through becoming a bully,
but… It’s not a strong enough reason.”

“You need to apologize to him.”

There is a snort. “Jason would kill me, Michelle. Have you looked at him lately?” she whistles lowly.
“That boy is no longer a boy but a grown-ass man with one hell of a butt.”

I laugh. “You’re still into Jason… I guess that is karma.”

She laughs. “Shut up! I’m not into him!”

“You literally only came to this game to stalk him.”

We both laugh and talk some more through the beginning of the game.

Later, I’m using the binoculars to zoom in on the field.

Maddox is wearing the number one on his back, probably because he is the cockiest quarterback on
the field.

My eyes are glued to him, and the view of his ass in those tight yellow pants is doing weird things to my
lady parts. I can see every outline and detail of his ample ass.

Yup, entirely out of my league…

I sigh and watch him run past other players with the ball pressed to the side of his chest.

Maddox is fast for being so damn big!

The crowd is going wild, and the announcer is yelling things, talking about Maddox, and making people
shout louder.

It gets my adrenaline pumping.

I keep watching Maddox, spellbound by the gigantic jerk of a football player. He jumps over that line
and scores a touchdown!

There is whistling and shouting, and the girls next to me are going crazy for Maddox. Yelling all kinds of
inappropriate things.

And me?

Every part of me tingles while my chest fills with pride. Maddox is amazing at what he does! “Damn,”
Addison says. “Number one is hot too-I could serve a family dinner on that quarterback’s ass.”

My cheeks turn molten,

It would be awkward to tell Addison that I know Maddox and that I’m super proud of his

performance. We aren’t friends, only fake dating; therefore, I say nothing. The game ends, and people
are packing and leaving. I decide to text Maddox since I’m so happy and proud. Utterly amazed. I
wouldn’t say I’m a football fan, but more like a Maddox fan.

Me: I saw your game! You were amazing! His reply comes in fast. Maddox: You’re here?!


Disappointment fills my chest.

Am I not supposed to be here?

There is another text message.

Maddox: Come outside of the stadium and say hi? Right as I’m about to reply, Addison leans over and
gasps in shock. I lift my chin in terror to see this smile on her face.

“Oh-my-god, is that the Maddox I think it is? The quarterback? Are you friends with him?!” “Uhhh…” I’m
not sure what to say. Do I tell her the truth, or do I lie to her?

I end up saying nothing. Addison gets sparkles in his eyes either way. And a few minutes later, she
drags me to where I’m supposed to meet with Maddox.

I’ve discovered that Addison is all bubbly and super hard to say no to when she sets her mind to
something We make it to the meeting spot, and then I see him-Maddox, sweaty and shirtless and
wearing only his yellow pants. “About time you got here!” Maddox roars at me. Addison flinches at his
tone. She looks between us, probably unsure if Maddox is friendly or not.

I’m used to the idiot somewhat, though. This is how the savage communicates, and I’m about to greet
him, but he picks me up.

Flying has become the norm, and I’m soon hugged by the sweaty quarterback. He kind of stinks, not
that I mind much. I’m more confused why he is looking at me like that. “Hi…” I tell him. I’m shy and
hyperaware that my hands are resting on his broad shoulders. That my legs are curled around him.


Maddox smiles at me, possibly still high on adrenaline from the game and his victory. Seeing him so
happy fills me with bubbles, and before I know it, he kisses my lips.

Is this kiss because Maddox wants it or to put on a show?

Is this a fake girlfriend thing, or does he like me?

Probably the first option. I’m not stupid. Maddox doesn’t like me, yet it feels so right to taste his tongue.
I feel weightless in his arms, and I’m actually getting wet from all the action.

How could I not?

Ripped chest.

Huge pecs.

Massive arms.

Kisses me like a god sent down from the skies. I’m buzzing with bees and butterflies and only come
back from seventh heaven once his lips break from mine.

Our eyes meet, and he leans in, whispering into my ear, “My parents are here and needed to see that.
Act like you’re in love with me.”


There it is. My heartbreak and the vast disappointment of knowing there were no emotions behind that

At least Maddox doesn’t have to worry. I don’t need to fake to like him because I think… I think I
already do. That kiss was a rude awakening.


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