Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 14


I’ve had too many drinks and shots. I’m dizzy, but like, not nauseous. It’s more like I won’t stop smiling.
I feel funny. I think I’m giggling; I’m not a hundred percent sure.

Maddox is drunk too and leads me into his bedroom. His friends have all passed out inside the frat
house. There is a comfortable silence, and I happily walk over to his bed. I smile at his skull covers
while shedding my clothes on the floor.

“Woah, Woah, woah!” Maddox holds up his hands. “I might be drunk, but…” he does a long blink. “You
can’t get naked… Not in here…”

“Why not?” I ask and give him a drunken smile.

“Because there is only one bed?” “I see that.”

He sighs heavily. “I might be unable to control myself if you’re sleeping naked next to me.”

I shrug. “I don’t mind.”

His eyes swell into saucers. “You’re not thinking straight.”

“I am thinking straight,” I hiccup and giggle. “And I want you, okay? Yes, I’m fucking drunk, but it works
to my advantage.”

Maddox continues to stare at me before slurring his words. “Okay, I think I might… Go and sleep on the


Determinedly, I waltz over to him, entirely naked, and press my palm against his chest. It’s so firm that
instant arousal shoots up to my brain. Damn. Michelle wants some of this tonight. And I’m Michelle.

“Don’t you dare walk out of this room!” I glare into Maddox’s face, and he visibly gulps at my naked
form. My smile grows, and I prod my finger into his sternum. “I. Want. Your. Cock.”

“You’re drunk.”

“My mind hasn’t been this clear in years.”

“We shouldn’t…”

“But we both fucking want to do it.”

“Do you really?”


Maddox searches my eyes carefully. “Are you sure?”

Even though I’m drunk, I realize I wouldn’t dare to do this if I was sober. My fear of men and sex would
come in the way. But the bubbles in my brain are giving me courage.

I want Maddox Daniels and snarl at him, “What part about ‘I want your cock’ don’t you


Maddox growls back and picks me up from the floor. I’m thrown on his bed instantly, and my eyes
flicker to his towering body. “If you want this… If you want me… I will give it to you.” His large hands
grip the hems of his t-shirt, and time seems to slow down and screech to a halt as I take in the glorious

Holy shit. Maddox is ripped.

His abs are the first thing to be revealed, chiseled and perfect. I can’t imagine the hours he must spend
at the gym to look like this. He is male perfection in the flesh.

And I haven’t even seen the best part yet.

Those large hands rip at his boxers, and his cock springs free. A few days ago, I heard some girls
around campus talk about how big Maddox is down there, but their words don’t do him justice.

That thing is massive! I gape at his cock. It’s almost scarily huge, engorged, and slapping against his
chiseled abs. Watching it has me clenching in anticipation.

I want it inside me.

I’m dripping wet.

Throbbing for it.

Maddox must feel my reaction because he makes a hungry sound and pushes a knee on the bed. He
climbs over me, and my breaths come out in short, little pants.

I peer up at him, and his eyes fasten on mine. “Are you sure about this?” 1

Instead of answering him, my fingers slip to the nape of his neck, drawing him closer until I can feel the
heat of his breath on my skin.

That is enough to snap his self-control like a rope. Within seconds, his mouth crashes over mine.

He kisses me and grabs my wrists. His fingers circle around them as if he wants to keep me here, but
the truth is that there is nowhere else I would rather be than beneath him.

I’m so riled up.

Those lips taste like the daiquiri he drank, and a hum travels down to my sex when he deepens our

I’m so ready to be taken.

His cock is at my entrance, teasing me while his tongue mingles with mine. He controls the kiss, and a
moan gets choked by his mouth. No one has ever kissed me so possessively. Demandingly.

The way Maddox consumes me is dizzying. It turns me on even more up to the point I think I might die
if he doesn’t enter me. I’m all but starving for his cock right now.

I break from his lips, finding his lustful eyes. “Fuck me already.” His lips curl into a dark smile, and his
giant finger caresses my cheek with a light stroke.” Drunk Michelle is bossy.” “And drunk Maddox is a
pussy for not fucking her already.” He snorts in amusement, and then he gives me what I want-he
kisses me harder while pushing the tip of his cock inside me. And even though it’s only the tip, it feels
incredible. Another moan gets eaten by his greedy mouth, and my hands run over his smooth skin, stiff
muscles flexing at my touch.


These pecs are massive and too big to fit in my palms.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny in my entire life…

Maddox’s pecs are turning me on so much. I run my thumbs over his hardened nipples, loving how his
nostrils flare in response. “It’s taking every ounce of self-control not to just plow into you, fuck the ever-
loving hell out of you.”

I lazily smile up at him. “Why don’t you?”

“Because I don’t want to hurt you…” he groans when I lift my ass off the bed to force him deeper inside
me. Even his eyes close. “Fuck… You’re so tight… It feels so good…”

And he is right-his cock feels incredible.

Our breaths hitch in unison.

Maddox isn’t all the way in, yet the pain and pleasure are already coming over me in waves.

But I want more.

It kills me how Maddox isn’t fucking me yet. It’s excruciating, especially since I want him so badly.

“I’m not made of glass….” I tell him breathlessly. “You’re killing me right now by not going faster… I
want more..”

My words make Maddox growl and slowly rock his hips, sliding his dick back and forth into my wetness.
He is so enormous that my sex parts around him until he is all the way in. Filling me to the hilt.

Oh, God. The first breach is incredible. I hold there as Maddox pants, his fingers pressing into the
pillow underneath my head as if he is struggling to keep himself from fucking me harder. His self-
control is impressive, but I don’t want to go safe and slow. My blood is boiling in my veins, and I’m
tingling all over. “Harder,” I urge him and sink my fingers into his shoulders. He is so hard and muscular
that I moan. “Faster.”

Maddox thrusts deeper into me, and my breath hitches. Another sound leaves my lips, and it

seems to drive him wild. He bucks and thrusts until my inner walls are stretching and grasping “Holy
hell,” I gasp. “Keep going… Keep going! Don’t stop!” “Babe… You feel so amazing…” Maddox groans

before kissing me, gently working his hips, easing his way farther into me. And while doing so, his lips
stay glued to mine like I’m his choice of drug.

That mouth.

I’m overwhelmed by him, drunk. My senses swim in pleasure, and small fireworks are building in my
core. Before I know it, I’m trashing and writhing against the pillow.

Maddox’s rhythm is perfect. I feel him in the tense pull of my hips, deep inside my pussy, where the
head of his cock pushes against some incredible spot that lights me up.

Oh-my-god. Unable to keep still, I move with Maddox, meeting his thrusts. Our lips are barely brushing.
I’m taking his air, and he is taking mine. We are both breathless, panting into each other’s faces.

“Damn…” Maddox shivers and a light sweat covers his body. His skin has turned into fire.” You feel so
damn good. Tight. Perfect. So goddamn wet only for me. More. Give me more.”

I tighten my grip on his steely shoulders and feel his strength. Lord, the way my body lifts with his turns
me on even more. The pleasure is making me feral, and I moan loudly.

It’s all too much. I’m clenching around Maddox’s cock, throbbing and turning tense on the mattress. I’m
claimed. Owned. He has me.

My orgasm crashes into me and picks up speed. I can’t relish it. It rushes over me with such force that I
can only cling to Maddox and move against him in a messy, desperate way.

I can’t barely find oxygen.

The scenery disappears, and everything becomes a blur when this incredible feeling plows through me.

I’m in heaven, but Maddox isn’t done.

He groans and screams my name, thrusting into me hard. I love the sounds of his hoarse cries, how his
eyes have rolled into the back of his head like he is dying and somehow awakening at the same time.

He is gorgeous.

Especially when he finally buckles and releases his load.

There is a last groan, and despite reaching his edge, Maddox stands over me for a long moment, still
deep within me.

He is so hot.

I’m tingling all over but squeeze around Maddox’s cock as if already ready for round two. But my head
is too fried and tired for that. I’m wrecked, and so is Maddox, who slumps down next to me. His eyes
find mine, and he

wordlessly inches closer to kiss me again. It lights me up inside. And I know, without a doubt, that
Maddox isn’t just a simple crush. He is becoming something else. I’m falling for him, and that is both
exhilarating and terrifying.

I just hope my drunken sex with Maddox wasn’t a mistake. I want it to mean something, but there is a
warning bell in the back of my head. Most jocks on campus treat women like trash.

They bring a different one to bed every night, and I can only hope Maddox doesn’t see me as yet
another conquest that will soon be forgotten now that he has had me.

My stomach gurgles at that, yet I somehow fall asleep despite the stress inside me. Probably because
it feels so good being tucked and pressed into Maddox’s chest.


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