Novel Name : Pregnant Too Young Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Chapter 33


A couple of weeks have passed, and I live with Maddox at what used to be his parent’s old
summerhouse. His dad, who isn’t entirely terrible, let us have it for free. Sadly, Maddox’s dad couldn’t
make it back to congratulate us on the pregnancy. Maddox tells me his dad values his job over
everything else, and that’s why his parents didn’t last. I didn’t comment on that last part, but I feel sad
that Maddox’s dad isn’t in the picture that much.

“Babe, I think you’re supposed to walk this way…” Maddox grips my shoulders, carefully steering me
toward another room where people sit on blue mats.

Immediately, I notice all the ladies looking at the tall man behind me, and my newest friend bubbles up
within me: jealousy.

I experience it all the time. When I notice the girl working the cash register batting her eyelashes at
Maddox. Or when random girls ask him out even though I’m with him.

I hate it.

Maddox wouldn’t cheat on me; I try telling myself that, but it’s hard when I have a baby bump. I’m
getting fatter while my boyfriend is in the best shape of his life.

“This is a good spot,” Maddox tells me, rolling out a mat for me.

We are here to do some yoga. Madam Faux has special poses for me that avoid putting any kind of
pressure on the belly. “Thank you,” I flash Maddox a smile. “For coming with me too.” “Anytime.” While
Maddox is rolling out his mat, I catch Stephanie checking out the bulging biceps in his big arms. She is
a single woman in her prime, maybe two years older than me, but very beautiful.

Her face turns all shades of dreamy when Maddox cracks his shoulders, and I glare at her. Stephanie
gets a wide look in her eyes-caught staring at my boyfriend–and flushes red.

My nostrils flare. If I’m having trouble battling away ladies now, how will it be when I’m close to giving
birth? I’m pregnant with twins, for fucks’s sake!

A few minutes later, Maddox is sweating. I’m keeping to the rituals, well, poses Madam Faux gave me,
but he is doing the same weird shit the others in the room are.

“I thought this was yoga?” Maddox is out of breath, his head facing down while his ass is in the air. It’s
a pleasant view. “What the fuck is this position?”

“Yoga for women, honey. Madam Faux is all about using yoga in bed and finding the right position for
the perfect climax.” “The what?!”

“Hush!” Madam Faux gets up from her mat, strolling to the back of the room where we are.


She is in her later fifties, a total cougar, and her claws are out and ready for Maddox.


Has a woman in her sixties also turned into a rival in love?

She stops behind Maddox, checking out his rear end with appreciation in her gaze. “Hmm, excellent
form, Daniels.”

This time, I don’t feel jealousy. Especially since Maddox turns to me after she is gone.


“That lady is like over sixty and checked me out!” He sounds scared, and his face is actually looking
pale. He whisper-yells. “This is the last time I follow you to do yoga, Michelle!”

“Don’t use that accusing tone with me, mister. It was your idea to come with me! In fact, you wouldn’t
let me walk out the door on my own and insisted that I couldn’t even walk to the car alone!”

“You’re pregnant!”

“Doesn’t mean I’m handicapped!”

“Whatever. I’m sweating my balls off. Yoga is harder than football, and I can’t rake my brain for a
reason why women do this. My body is hurting, and that… That lady… God, I got eye fucked by the
instructor! This is a freaking nightmare, Michelle!”

I snort, and Maddox glares at me. “Oh no, don’t you dare laugh at me! This shit isn’t funny, Michelle!”

“I’m not laughing…” I’m trying but failing not to twitch my lips. The laughter is there, threatening to
bubble up. “Not laughing my ass! You’re fucking vibrating!”

I almost crack up but manage just to snort. “Stop…”

“I’m wearing leggings, Michelle. LEGGINGS! You can see everything, and I’m pretty sure your
instructor did-look, she is coming back! And she just licked her lips!”

“You have to stop…” My abs are clenching. Or they would if I had any. It’s all just a blob right now. I’m

“You’re a fucking psycho, Michelle. You made me wear these things. Told me everyone does. You
assured me multiple times, but that lady over there? I don’t see her wearing leggings! Those are

That’s it. Maddox calling me psycho sends me tippling over the edge, and then I’m laughing like a
maniac. All the other people turn around to stare at me. Even Madam Faux is blinking.

“Focus, Michelle,” Madam Faux calls over to me. “Easy breaths.”

“I’m sorry…” I dry a tear on my finger and bite back another laugh when I see Maddox playfully
mouthing the word “psycho” at me. He makes me laugh. I love him so damn much it hurts,

I want to marry him.

Have more of his babies.

I’m just so in l


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