Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 4 What&##x27;s Your Relationship With Him

Joan cast a sidelong glance at Scott and sneered, "young master, you want to philander with girls?
Then clean yourself up before you come back. This isn't your brothel!"

No matter how unruly Jean was, Joan was still Scott's legal wife.

As long as they didn't divorce, she got a wife's right.

Although they got together for the sake of family interests, he had once knelt down to her in front of
everyone and proposed to her. He had promised to protect her for a lifetime, and he had said that he
would love her with all his heart. However, their marriage had only been half a year, and Scott...

She thought that they really loved each other, but it turned out to be her wishful thinking.

With a touch of sarcasm, Scott turned around. He put his arm around his Jean's shoulder and finally
said, "Joan, do you think you are still the rich daughter of the Gu family? The Gu company has gone
bankrupt. Now, you are nothing. "

Shocked, Joan's heart skipped a beat.

The Gu company went bankrupt?!

It was a long time before Joan came to her senses from the last sentence Scott said when he left with
Jean with his dark face. She leaned on the door frame in low spirits, losing her strength, and slowly slid
to the ground. She felt a pain in her chest and her nose twitched. When she touched her eyes, she
realized that she had cried.

The bankruptcy of the Gu company? How could it be possible? Their family was the most famous
corporation in S City back then!

"I don't believe it, I don't believe..." Then she rushed upstairs, opened her laptop and began to search
for information about the Gu Company. One by one. When she saw the last one, Joan was freezing all
over. Her hand froze at the mouse.

It turned out that her father, the chairman of the Gu Company, died of heart attack after she was put
into jail. Since then, the Gu Company had been torn apart by several shareholders one after another.
And it collapsed several months later.

Joan's heart ached so much that she had become numb. Her father died because of her. She hadn't
even seen her father for the last time.

However, the bankruptcy of Gu Company was too fast, too fast to be normal, and the information found
were all the same, as if someone deliberately written the whole story to let everybody speak the same

Facing the empty villa, Joan sat there for a whole day and night. Scott took Jean away and they didn't
come back.

She took out her phone and unlocked it. The phone kept buzzing. The latest message came this
morning from her bestie, Linda Ji. She asked whether she had been settled after she was released
from prison.

When Joan called her back, Linda Ji cursed Scott and asked Joan to move to her house. Joan agreed.

The villa was full of traces of another woman. She was disgusted with their traces, and didn't want to
stay here even for a second.

During the three years in prison, she had thought a lot. 'Scott wanted marriage and mistress. Screw
him! I won't give up my self-esteem no matter how much I love him.'.

Originally, their marriage was all about profit. She was so naive to think that love could be cultivated
and last forever.

Seeing it then, their marriage was just a mistake. The best choice is to end it as soon as possible.


At the same time, in the CEO's Office of the Lu Company.

Darren sat crossing his legs on the big and soft sofa, seeming to be cozy and lazy.

On the tea table next to him, there were several newspapers. On the biggest page were the photos of
him holding a woman in his arms.

"Have you found it?"

His secretary respectfully put a folder in front of him and said, "Mr. Lu, according to these people's
words, they received money from Miss Su. They wanted to take a photo of you and Miss Su together,
but you didn't stay with her that night. Instead, you bumped into the woman in the photo. Those people
didn't see Miss Su before, and they mistook this woman for her and made this scandal. "

Darren opened his eyes slowly. There was a sharp look in his dark eyes. Zoey was really bold, using all
means in order to be with him. Did she really think that she could marry him in this way?

"Anything else?" He stared at the woman in the photo. Half of her face was exposed in the photo.

The secretary lowered her head and said, "sorry, Mr. Lu. I haven't found the identity of the woman in
the photo."

Darren squinted his eyes. In S City, there can't be anyone he couldn't find out. "Keep searching!" he


It didn't take long for Joan to pack her things into a suitcase. She took a look at the room where she
and Scott lived, and went downstairs.

When she just reached the porch, the door was pushed open from outside. Scott, who she had not
seen for a day, appeared in front of her once again. This time, she saw nobody except him. There was
a newspaper in Scott's hand.

"Joan, are you so desperate to be with your lover?"

Lover? Scott's words made Joan frown. Since when had she got a lover?

His handsome face was overcast, and his cold eyes were like sharp swords. He walked over to Joan
and threw the newspaper on the table. He pointed at a large photo on the front page and said coldly,
"Then you have to explain what it is."

Jean gave the newspaper to him. At the beginning, he didn't recognize the woman in the photo was
Joan. It was not until Jean reminded him that he noticed that the woman had an ear stud on her ear,
which belonged to Joan. He didn't love Joan, but that didn't mean he would allow her to cheat on him.

Joan just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, so she ignored the newspaper. Frowning, she
asked Scott to get out of the way.

However, the man didn't give up. Still blocking in front of Joan, he narrowed his eyes and said in a cold
voice, "Joan, I underestimated you. You hooked up with Mr. Lu just after you were released from
prison. I didn't expect you to be so capable. "

'What Mr. Lu? The CEO of the Lu family? What the hell is this?' Joan thought to herself. "What are you
talking about, Scott? Get out of the way! I don't want to see you. "

"I know you want to take revenge on me, Joan." Scott said with a cold face and gloomy eyes, which
made people feel dangerous, "but you are my woman now. You'd better remember that."

The newspaper was thrown in front of her. Joan cast a glance at it and was stunned. A huge picture of
a man and a woman caught her attention. It was a picture of the man she met on the day she was
released from prison! As for the title -" Secret Lady Met Mr. Lu of the Famous Family Possibly
Revealing Their Secret Love Relationship".

Surprised, Joan picked the newspaper up and looked at it carefully. It was her. And that man was
Darren Lu?


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