Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 33 Run Away

The call from the Aegean Hotel told Jean that everything in the room had been arranged as she
requested and they were only waiting for her to check in. She sent a message to Darren.

"Darren, don't be angry with my leaving. I have prepared a surprise for you. It's in room 521, Aegean
Hotel. I'm waiting for you."

He called back, but nobody answered. He frowned.

Surprise? That was a blatant seduction. He had gotten to know what kind of woman Joan was after
getting along with her for such a long time. It was impossible for her to send him such an invitation.

'However, it was Joan's number. Where is she now?'

"Austin, go check on Joan. Don't let go of any streets or lanes. I must see her intact before the sun

The man named Austin answered with respect, "Mr. Lu, do you think Miss Gu's phone s in the hand of
someone else instead of her?"

"That's right. Her tone didn't sound like Joan. It sounded like that woman,"

He clenched his fists and put them on his laps, fingernails digging into his palms. 'Scott, you are busy
with you in business. How could you allow your woman to pester her.

Was he too gentle to him last time?

He looked at the words on the screen, and wondered if the woman was treating him like a child? If you
want to use Joan to cheat people, you had to know more about her before.

"Selina, check which cooperative companies the Jian Company has recently cooperated with and send
me an email."

A Bentley stopped in front of the hotel. On the fifth floor, a beautiful figure with a curtain in her hand
was standing there with a panoramic view. Darren stepped out of the car and stepped on the ground.
The silk on

her body was slipping down slowly.

Joan shook her head slowly. She still felt dizzy and couldn't see things clearly. The only thing she could
remember was that she was tied to here by Celia and Jean.

She put her fingers on her temples, trying to drive away the dizziness in her head with the strength of
her fingers. Her handbag was scattered on the ground, and her identity card was not lost.

But her cell phone was gone. She squatted on the ground and carefully searched the car and the
neighborhood to find her cell phone. However, there was a female voice behind the car.

"Don't waste your energy."

Joan screamed and dropped her handbag onto the floor.

"Celia? Why are you here alone? Where is Jean? " She looked vigilantly at the woman in the shadow.
She was the one who made all this. She had to keep a certain distance from the woman.

The woman pounced on her suddenly and covered her mouth with her hand. "Don't make a loud noise.
The two men just went to the bathroom. I just wanted to run away, but you woke up. We are stuck

What? She wanted to run away too. Didn't she bring those men here? She didn't know why she got so
furious. Joan calmed herself down. This was the first time she had gotten close to her sister. It was

under such a dangerous circumstance.

However, as the heavy smell of perfume and powder on Celia's body made her sick, she felt her head
ached a little. "Celia Xu, I don't care why you kidnapped me previously. Now I can forgive you. Could
you please tell me why Jean took my phone?"

"I don't know. But I heard when she left, she said she would go to the Aegean Hotel." She nudged Joan
and yelled, "It's none of your business. I want to run away. Can you help me?"

Joan suddenly had an idea.

She got to the driver's seat with both hands and feet. Her sleeves were rolled up, and her whole head
was stuffed under the steering wheel to do something.

"What are you doing? Are you sure? Go to hell yourself if you want to die. Don't get me involved in,

Tabitha didn't know whether she could do this. When she was a senior student, she liked to act tough
and confident. She pulled her father's hand and wanted to drive before getting the driver's license.

Her father spoiled her so much but he refused without hesitation for the first time. At that time, he took
over the car keys and didn't give her or her driver any chance to let her act like a spoiled child.

Dragon movie was a popular movie at that time, which attracted both men and women. There were a
lot of diversions about cars in it, which made Tabitha wild with joy. She surfed the Internet and
searched the general location of her father's car's engine devices. And it did happen one time.

She was not sure if she could make it after so many years of training, but the security system of the
minibuses must be better than that of her father's, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

"Stop talking nonsense if you want to escape. Come and help me. I want to steal the car!"

"You are crazy!" Celia covered her mouth with her hand, but she helped her. She held the flashlight in
the car to illuminate the car.

"Do you still remember that I stole dad's car and went out for fun? I was almost dead then." The two
electric wires in Joan's hands were still flickering in sparks, although Joan was trying to calm herself
down. She found that the light of the flashlight kept flickering. Celia must have been frightened.

No matter how they bullied her at home before, she was still connected with her. Therefore, she had
not developed a good habit because of her mother's bad influence. It was not her fault. Besides, they
were fated to be together so they could only work together.

"You don't know how happy I was when I heard you crashed a car and was punished for the first time
by father. You did everything first, and I'm not a lot younger than you. Why should I be the one to be
left?" Celia glanced around to see if those men had come back or not. She kept urging, "Hurry up!
Hurry up!"

The light in Joan's hand was getting brighter and brighter, and the sound of electric current was louder
and louder. "You're being ungrateful. Don't you remember that you failed in the exam in your
childhood? I've changed my name on the paper with yours!"

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that the two suddenly became much closer to each other.

Two men, who had just peed in the grass, whistled and chatted happily with each other. Celia and Joan
heard that. Beads of sweat began to form on their forehead, and their fingers began to panic.

With the roar of the car's engine, the two girls' faces revealed a smile. As Celia crept to the car's front
passenger seat, she said, "Great! Drive!"

Her joy was like she achieved a great escape. Joan hadn't come back to her senses yet. She felt like
she had just finished a movie.

Just as two men were walking towards the car, they didn't know that the two girls were about to
escape. They were still immersed in their dream night.

"Which one of them do you prefer?"

"I think the one who is sober is better, but the one who is in a coma seems purer. Arvin, if Miss Bai call
and tell us that they are useless, which one do you want to keep?" Asked the shorter one.

The tall man with mustache looked messy and obscene. "Recently, I have a taste of light food. That
pure girl just fits my recent taste."

Obviously, the short man was not willing to do this. "No, it is you who gets first every time. Recently, I
want to try something pure."

"Then let me do it first."

"Shame on you! Why could you do it first?" On the road, they almost had a big fight because of the
"unfair charge".

Two bright lights came at them, which made the two of them couldn't open their eyes. They fought
against the dazzling lights by raising their arms quickly.

"Damn! What kind of drive was that? " The short man cursed towards the minibus, but was slapped
hard on the back of his head.

"Hurry up. That's our car. I have the car keys. How did the two girls drive it away?"

While Joan was driving the car, thinking, 'These days, learning one more skill is really useful.'.

In the lobby of the hotel, Darren was sitting on the sofa with a long face. All the receptionists at the front
desk knew that he was a tough guy. Since he entered the hotel, he had moved his phone from his left

hand to his right hand. He even didn't look at them.

Of course, nobody would irritate him. It was the first time that Darren wanted his phone to ring as soon
as possible. He wanted to get Selina's or Austin's calls.

Sitting on the front passenger's seat, Celia had never been so quiet with this woman, her nominal
sister. The two of them drove to the Aegean Hotel. It was the first peaceful time they ever had together.

"You didn't know how much I envied you when you married to Scott." Celia broke the silence.

Envy? Joan couldn't help but laugh at herself. She accepted any compliment

with many difficulties she had to face. She asked Celia, "Then when you saw him drive me out of the
house and get arrested, were you glad that you hadn't married him?"

"To be honest, I just thought that you were too stupid at that time. How could you be defeated by an
ordinary woman. It is a shame to our family." However, in a split second, she said, "But tonight, I know,
this woman is really not simple."

Joan's face darkened. She had given way to Jean again and again, but she didn't give up. She
pestered her again and again, not only taking away Scott, but also trying to seduce Darren.

Her heart missed a beat. What was she going to do in the hotel in such a hurry? At the thought that
Darren was about to be seduced by Jean, she couldn't help but feel worried and anxious.

'It's because I hate Jean so much that I don't allow myself to fall down in the same place again.' She
comforts herself like this.

But she couldn't deceive by the fact that her heart was beating faster and faster. Every time he showed
her how much he cared about her, it was a severe shock to her.

She had already fell in love with him.


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