Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 71 An Unfamiliar Man

Joan told Darren to pay the bills when they entered the house.

"Sir, here are your clothes, tie and belt. Here are your credit card and consumption bill. Wish you a
happy shopping."

There was a black VIP card with a huge diamond printed on it. Few people in the world could have
such a card. If the balance of the card couldn't reach the minimum limit of the bank card, then one
would pay a lot of money every year, and the bank might take it back over time. Therefore, from the
age and amount of the card, it was obvious that this man was not ordinary.

"You've done so much for me. I want to buy you something as well.." He took her to the women's wear
area and let her choose what she liked.

Except for high heels! He wouldn't let her try them on.

"This one is very beautiful, isn't it?" People were always like this. When they were restricted and didn't
allow to buy anything, the more they wanted to buy it, she flirted with Darren with a pair of creamy white
leather shoes, "Let me have a try. I just want to have a try."

Noticing that Joan liked the shoes so much, the saleslady in the shop would like to step in and
encourage consumers to buy them. Furthermore, the price of the shoes made up more than half of her
bonus. Thus, she tried her best to incite Darren, "Yes, sir. Miss Gu's skin is very white and her figure is
in good condition. She matches the shoes on our shop."

"She is pregnant!"

With a straight face, Darren wasn't touched by her words at all. He thought that she couldn't have a try.
If she got hurt, it would only take a few seconds. He couldn't let that happen.

"Oh, I'm really sorry." The lady stuck out her tongue and looked at the sir and the girl who loved him
dearly with loving eyes all the time.

Unable to change his mind, Joan put down her high heels and turned around to check on flats. She put
the golden and white ones on both sides and lifted them up to ask him.

"Is the golden one better or the white one?"

He just thought they both looked good, so he asked, "Do you like white so much?"

Of course, he knew Joan's likes and dislikes. He had noticed all her wardrobe before, including the
white high heels.

"The color white is so nice. It's pure, young and clean."

What she missed most in the prison was also white clothes, but she didn't even use white towels during
the three years there.

After they just walked out of the shopping mall, Darren put her on the sofa for a rest and then went to
the bathroom.

"Miss Gu, I didn't expect to see you here."

Joan turned around, but the first thing she saw was a face she had never seen before.

The man lifted his sunglasses up and carried it high above his head. Instead of messing with his hair,
he put all the hair behind his back with spray. Although he looked at her in a polite manner, Joan
somehow felt that he wasn't a good person.

"Sorry, I don't remember you. Who are you?"

She greeted him.

"It's normal that you don't know me, because we haven't met each other before. But I have been in S
City for many years. How can I don't know your name? You were the daughter of the Gu family in the
past, and now the fiancee of the president of the Lu Company, and now the most popular architect
designer. How can I don't know your name?"

She shrank her shoulders as she saw the man. The men behind him looked fierce. She didn't know
what the security guards in the mall worked for and why they could act as if nothing had happened.

She pretended to look at the phone, "I'm waiting for my husband here. If you don't have anything else
to talk about, I won't keep you chatting. Today I really just come to have a rest. I don't want to talk about
other problems."

"It seems that Miss Gu doesn't trust me." Adam blurted out as he narrowed his eyes, which made Joan
feel bad. He was such an impolite man. How could he stare at a lady like that?

"You must be kidding, sir. As you said, I don't know you. Of course, there is no doubt or trust between
us. I have confidence in friends and my family. If I trust strangers, isn't that stupid? " She stood up and
was ready to go to the bathroom to find Darren. She didn't want to sit here and tangle with this strange
man any more.

But the man stood in her way.

"What are you doing?"

She felt a little scared and covered her belly with her hands subconsciously. "My husband is coming out
soon. Who the hell are you? What do you want to do! Don't push your luck! "

With a laugh, Adam patted on her shoulder and said, "Relax, young lady. I won't hurt you. I'm just
curious about you. I want to know what kind of woman Mr. Lu would like."

'So? 'He just came to say hi?'

He didn't have any connections with this kind of person. His business was focused on real estate
business, and this man didn't look like a serious business man.

He seemed to be the bad guys who ran the underground casino.

She blurted out her doubts in a low voice, fearing of infuriating the man in front of her. But he didn't
care about it at all. "I just remind you, Miss Gu, Mr. Lu's birthday is coming soon. Miss Gu is weak, and
you are still pregnant, the fetus seems not steady. If Mr. Lu really disappoints you, don't think too

Then no matter how hard Joan yelled at him to stop, he just ignored her. At the dim turn of the door, a
woman disappeared into the darkness, holding a familiar figure in a white dress.

Joan rubbed her eyes, but as they walked so fast, she couldn't see them clearly.

"Joan, why don't you sit still? Why do you stand here? It's cold!" Darren walked to her, took off his
clothes and draped them over her shoulders.

"I... I am not so weak. I just want to stay here and take some fresh air." She leaned back on his
shoulder and said, "Darren, do you remember that I told you that you would come to see me on your
birthday and I would like to spend the night with you?"

Darren's shoulder tightened. He hadn't celebrated his birthday for so many years.

"Of course. I'll leave everything and come back to celebrate my birthday with my little woman." He
grinned, "But you are so mysterious. Can't you tell your husband something about celebration first?"

All Joan's attention was on Adam, who had just left her alone. She couldn't understand what he had
meant by saying that. She couldn't figure out how he had known his birthday and where he had heard

that she would celebrate it.


When Darren walked out of the mall, he noticed that Joan had been worried about him for a long time.

"What's wrong?"

He grabbed Joan's hand and held it tight. "You didn't look happy when I came back. What happened?"

"Have you offended anyone in business? Or is there any competition between your company and other
companies recently? "

All kinds of competitions were going on in the world. He wondered why would she suddenly asked such
a question.

"There is no new project of our company. We signed the contract with you before you came. Now your
assistant has gradually completed the project and helped a lot with many projects. Are you worried
about this?"

Nothing is wrong. What did the man mean?

Adam took Jean to the night club to celebrate her debut. At least, the ladies of the upper class who
could afford jewelry remembered her face.

"Congratulations! From now on, you are not only Scott's wife or a architect, but also and a model!"

Jean curled up her lips into a smile. It had been a long time since the last time when Scott called her.
Tonight, he had almost blew up her phone. This time, it was different because she sat there calmly,
hung up his calls again and again and finally directly turned off her phone.

'You promised me that we would just take care of our own business in the future. It's none of your
business. Then you can't interfere with my decision.

You want Joan to come around to you, but I won't let you succeed.

"Adam, you have promised me, I will be more and more famous, and I will rely on you in the future!"
She smiled enchantingly and put her lips on his shoulder. Her hands

bypassed his neck and took a sip of champagne.

"You are very cute as back then! I love to hear it! " The man seemed to be very satisfied, leaning
against the sofa.

Scott put the phone on the table, making a neither too loud nor too low sound. He walked around the
room and smoked two cigarettes.

What the hell was this crazy woman doing? A lot of people had told him that she was going to a jewelry
endorsement in the mall. That woman was a designer of the Jian Company. Why is she a model now?

Besides, everyone in the company knew that as long as she didn't work in the company, she wouldn't
lose anything. But what she did embarrassed him in public

She still didn't answer his phone.

"Help me check who Miss Bai contacted with recently. Tell me as soon as possible."

When the assistant received his call, she was shopping with Uncle Fred's assistant, Shelly. After
agreeing with her in a courteous manner, she turned her head and complained to Shelly.

"Scott must be crazy recently. I'm no longer his assistant. Am I his personal lawyer or private detective?
Why does he always turn to me for help? "

Shelly comforted her in a soft voice, trying to know more step by step.


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