Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 38 Dream Of Marrying Into Lu Family

"I've seen the photo of the girl whom the son of the Lu family's likes and she looks like you very much.
I've heard that the young master of the Lu family is cold and arrogant and he never sees any woman
different from his ex-girlfriend. So I want her to come to see you tonight. You are from a well-known
family. Although the Gu family declined, we have a lot of legacies. If you want to take advantage of it,
you can still have a lot of fortune. And I won't say no either. " Laura felt proud when her fingers touched
her daughter's cheek.

She inherits half of her genes. That's why she is so attractive.

'Mr. Lu? Is it Darren? Celia asked in surprise.

Seeing the unnatural expression on her daughter's face, Laura felt more pleased and said in a proud
voice, "Yes. He is the eldest son of the Lu family, Darren Lu."

"But mom, Darren has a girlfriend!"

"No, it doesn't count!" She answered coldly, "I heard from Mrs. Lu that she was not satisfied with the

Celia said in a low voice, "But the girl is my sister, Joan."

This was an unexpected answer.

Laura snorted and thought, 'They are really lucky. If it were someone else, I might have been a little
worried that my daughter isn't smart enough to marry Darren.'.

However, the stupid woman. She even hadn't spared any effort to get some money from Scott when
she divorced. She had thought that it would take her some time to manage to make money from him,
but it turned out that she gave away the house without even hiring a lawyer.

It seemed that Scott had taught her how to be tame, but she didn't expect that she could be so good at
seducing men.

However, she still needed to spend more time grabbing things from Laura.

In the office, Scott was restless like a cat on hot bricks. Darren didn't see him at all. He even arranged
his men to protect Joan well, leaving him no chance to be alone with her. He sent someone to the Lu
Company, but all of them were rejected politely and indifferently by Selina.

"Austin, remember these people." Selina Zhang and a man dressed in black and stood together, both
of whom were as cold as ice. She said, "Our CEO ordered that we mustn't allow anyone to get into the
house. If I wasn't there, you would keep an eye on them."

The man nodded his head, devoid of any facial expression.

Knowing his character, Selina didn't say anything more. She turned around and went upstairs. She
knew that many girls in the company were heartbroken now. The dream lover in their eyes was actually
staying with an ordinary colleague.

In fact, she could understand them. If he found a famous model, they wouldn't be so disappointed.
After all, the prince married the princess. They were too young and naive compared to a model. But
Joan was the same as them, so they thought it was a trick she had played.

They began to regret that they had used too little time to carry out her plans. It was lucky for her to
have other men's company in business at such a young age and she wouldn't have to worry about
anything in the future. Selina had the same thought at the beginning, but she realized that she was not
that kind of woman who wanted to marry into a rich and powerful family with her own eyes recently
focusing on her hard work.

Instead, she made more efforts than usual.

There was a side door on the back side of Darren's office, and the billiards room was near it. He
seldom went out of the office for a day. When he felt tired, he usually went to the billiards room to play

Standing in front of him, Joan continued, "Mr. Lu, you can play one more round with me. But if you give
up, I'll let you go."

Admitting defeat was just a game. With a serious expression on his face, Darren said, "Let's play one
more round." He seemed to be red-eyed, took off his bound jacket and lay on the table.

He hit the ball and made every ball stop in a perfect position.

With a relaxed expression on his face, Darren began to go against Joan, who had just won against him
in this round. He was determined to give her a lesson this time.

She leaned down and carefully moved around the table for two circles, with her fingers crossed before
the pole. This time, she was aiming at the dark globe opposite to the white one

Her ambition was too great. He intentionally parked the ball at the farthest distance and the most
cunning angle from the high score ball, because he didn't want his opponent to play well.

If she didn't hit the highest black ball, the pink one would be better, but it was not so easy as it was.
The reason why he did this was to set more obstacles for her so that he could take back in charge in
the next round.

"You cunning old fox. You know what, I guess the round is much better this time." She said in an
expert's voice, "Look at me!"

Before anyone could realize it, the stick was thrown against the table, and the white rolled to the other
side of the table towards the black ball.

The black ball was hit into the whole!

Given the fact that she had a way to deal with the situation, Darren's face darkened with anger. It
seemed that he wasn't willing to accept such a result.

"I'm sorry. You helped me out." Joan yelled, banging the last ball into the bag.

Darren buttoned his last suit cuff and said, "I want to see the first draft of the land of the city
government before I get off work tonight."

"But it's already three o'clock now!"

Joan protested. What she said was outrageous. She wouldn't spare anyone who tried to take revenge
on her. 'Are you an ancient emperor, and your subordinates would play chess or play basketball with
you and pretend to lose?' she thought.

"Are you upset?" He raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "It's ten past three, twenty minutes before
getting off work. If you keep bargaining, I'll have to submit the draft half an hour earlier."

Anyways, he was the boss. Joan threw the pole on the case and said, "Deal." Then she intentionally
"carelessly" stepped on his shiny big shoes!

"Fizz." Darren felt painful. As she ran, she almost knocked over the coffee Selina had just made.

"Miss Gu, what are you..."

She looked at the cup of coffee in Selina's hand, both the color and the temperature were just right.
She looked at the president's office with a sly smile and picked up the coffee. "Assistant Zhang, now
what your CEO needs is not a hot drink, but cold tea or cold water or other to remove his temper."

Before she could react, Joan had already taken the cup of coffee in her hand and gone.

But that's the CEO's cup. She has to wash it so many times every day. Joan used the CEO's cup. Is
that appropriate?

"Cold tea? Why isn't it coffee? " Mr. Lu frowned, "What's more, where is my porcelain cup?"

"What?" "Miss Gu just came out of here and ran into me. She said that you didn't need coffee but
needed the black tea to replace it. As for your porcelain bone Cup..." she explained.

After a short pause, she said, "Miss Gu took and used it."

That cup was used by his father when he sat here. His fingers rubbed the handrail of the sofa. It was in
this position that his father held the little boy in his arms and put him on this seat for the first time.

"Darren, I'm old now. You have to keep in mind what I said to you and what I've told you before. Please
take good care of yourself when you grow up," He had been in the position for three years since his
father passed away. During these three years, he had worked harder than others.

He had been dormant all these years. He didn't expect to take the initiative because of Joan's sudden

When he had been chosen to take over the company, Darren didn't expect to get the position. Nick was
willing to please his mother, so she had always been partial to his younger son. So Darren hadn't
expected to get any care.

Only by taking advantage of his excellent ability and wisdom, did he slightly inclined the balance to one
side. In fact, he was disgusted with such a life. He had a family like an emperor's palace, and all of
them fought for the right to inherit the company.

However, only those who really sat here could understand that, as if breathing was very dangerous. He
drank, ate, and dared not eat anything easily.

Just like the time when Zoey drugged him, he felt very uncomfortable when he thought about it. There
were too much cheers and cheers around him, so Joan's heart beat his nerve that hadn't beaten for a
long time.

"I will give that cup to Miss Gu. Tell her that she doesn't need to return it to me. And make coffee for me
with another cup later."

The design department of the Lu Company was very busy, and almost everyone in the company took
over a small task. Joan was not only responsible for it in person, but also responsible for the other
designers to coordinate and discuss together.

Those who had thought that she got promoted by means of her tricks and her face gradually lowered
their voices. It was obvious that the girl was full of tenacity and persistence.

"Joan, it's time to get off work. Why are you still here?" The computers of her colleagues around her
went dark one after another, only her fingers were still tapping the keyboard.

She fixed her eyes on the computer and said, "You go first. There is only a little left. I promised Mr. Lu
to finish my first draft tonight."

But now it was the off-duty time. The girl next to her asked if she needed any help. Mr. Lu was very
stubborn. It was not good if she failed to complete the mission before she was off duty.

She seemed to have noticed the girl's hesitation and fear, so she replied in a relaxed tone, "Don't be
afraid. He said that I had to give my first draft to him before I got off work. But I am still at work. I
haven't left the office yet."

As if work brought her another kind of life enjoyment, and she did not look tired of life from her face.

At that time, the office building of the Jian Company was brightly lit. The light was on not because they
were busy with the work, but because their boss was scolding them angrily.

When Scott lost his temper, Jean was just sitting on the chair of the president's office and sitting around
idly, listening to the rising pitch of the scold and the increasingly loud noise outside.


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