Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 109 Fear The Darkness

In fact, it was not that serious. She had stayed on the cold ground for a long time and her abdomen
bulged because of the cold. But he still had a bad temper.

"Are you sure that my wife and the baby are fine?"

"Yes, but you still have to pay attention to protect the pregnant woman and the baby. The baby is too
small to withstand a little maternal grievance. You have to take good care of your wife." While she was
writing the medical records, the doctor drew a close look at Darren Lu.

"I've seen a lot of men like you who care so much about career and not their family. No wonder that the
book always says that women are more mature than men both physically and mentally. Your wife may
be the same. When you're busy, she will never delay you with her physical and mental matters."

She had described him as an unqualified husband. But he wasn't convinced. He had done all these for
the sake of his wife and him. He almost turned his personal secretary into Joan's housemaid. Wasn't he
good at taking care of her?

"You don't have to say that. All I want to know is that do you still remember the last time you went to the
hospital with your wife? If you can answer that, I think I have misunderstood you. "

"Prenatal checkups?" Darren asked back as if he had discovered a new continent. He was sure of the
doctor's answer.

She said, "you don't even know that a pregnant woman needs a prenatal checkup. If it was not you
who sent her to the hospital just now, I would even doubt if you are her husband."

From school to work, even the teachers and senor never criticized him like this. It was the first time that
Darren was accused of this and felt too guilty to keep his head up. Indeed, recently, he was too self-

righteous to be busy with both of them, but he forgot that love needed to be maintained in every

She also went through a lot of details.

"Miss Gu, you woke up," said Austin, walking up behind Darren.

His words were like a heart strengthening drug to Darren at the moment. He handed the documents
and medical records all into Austin's arms and walked into the ward.

Hearing his footsteps and the sound of opening the door, Joan knew that he must have come in.
However, she didn't raise her head to look at him. Instead, she stroked her slightly protruding belly,
which was not obvious.

"Not long ago. I didn't know if I had a son or a daughter. The baby was moving so violently that I
couldn't fall asleep for a whole night."

"In the past few days, he seemed to feel my discomfort, and thoughtfully stopped the disturbance in my
abdomen. Normally, it was as if I had just eaten something in my stomach, and there was no

"Its little hands and feet are starting to grow, and it is no longer the messy little flesh ball in the B-
ultrasound. Good."

After saying those words, she looked up at the man who just walked in and stood still. "Do you know all
I said?" she asked.

She looked at him coldly and strangely as if he was a stranger. No one could tell whether they were
lovers or not from their eyes.

"Of course you don't know. Your ex-love is right in front of your eyes. Mr. Lu must be very upset and
restless now. What's more, Miss Qi has come back from the semi-finals and she is the favorite of Mrs.
Lu. As for me, I'm just a woman without any job or family. I'm not even qualified to step into the Lu
family because of my humble status."

All she could think of was the charming face of Lola, which she had seen in KTV. She knew that Darren
wouldn't say sweet words to her. Moreover, today he really didn't care about her at all.

"Joan, maybe you don't understand it now. And you think I'm just being paranoid and lying to you. I
really want to help you by getting over what's happening with Lola Qi. But it's a pity that I made a

"Yes, your analysis has always been right." Looking at the man in front of her, she rudely interrupted
him, "I don't want to listen to so much explanation. Darren Lu, when I saw that you and Lola still had
private connection, when I saw that you and Lola were having an affair in a KTV, and today, I don't
want to believe you anymore."

In the past, they had promised to give each other the greatest trust, but now it was impossible.

Joan put her body against the wall and covered her head with the quilt. Secretly, a slit was left. She
watched from the mirror of the window and saw whether Darren had left or not.

He walked to the door. Joan's eyes were instantly filled with tears. It was a torture for her to drive the
one she loved away.

The expected sound of door closing didn't come, but the sudden darkness swept over her whole body.
Joan lifted the quilt. She was afraid of darkness. Darren knew that she would need a small night lamp if
he was not with her when she took a rest in her room.

She stood up and groped for the light in the ward, but a pair of big hands pressed her back to the bed.

"I will sleep with you and my baby."

He was not allowed to break into a cramped bed in the hospital, and besides, Joan didn't want him to
be so close to her.

She was not a heartless person. He was so good to her, so it was easy for her to forgive him without

Once upon a time, it was Scott who took advantage of her weakness and pushed her into a situation
where she could never return. She didn't want to go back to her old self.

She pushed Darren away with all her strength. In the dark, she seemed to have fallen down and
knocked over something.

"I don't need you to accompany me now. I've already been used to any darkness. I want you to go far

When I need you, you are not with me, now, in the future, there is no need for you at all.

He felt aggrieved as well. He thought that he was just like a few wild horses and would never be afraid
of anything, but he changed.

He only wanted her to have a stable life in the future. In fact, he didn't care about money and power,
nor did he care more about his career than love and family affection. If he had to make a choice in front
of Joan and the Lu Company one day, he would definitely choose to be with the one he liked.

Only she could make him be willing to do everything.

In order to keep the Lu Company running well, he had to provide the Lu Company with the power that
his father asked him to provide. He didn't want them to be poor.

Whatever it was, it wouldn't be an easy task for Scott or Adam to take away the Lu Company.

"Joan, I will give you an explanation soon. Whether you believe me or not, I will say it. Sometimes it's
true that one's hearing and seeing is believing. But sometimes, even if you have seen it with your own
eyes, it may not be true."

Her relationship with Lola, for instance, was definitely not what she had seen.

This sensitive and jealous woman, his heartache, his bitterness, when on earth could she understand?

The Kate Technology was a big company in S City. It grew like a bamboo shoot. At first, it was only a
rising star in the IT industry. Now, it had become a famous enterprise in the whole city. Most of the
entrepreneurs wanted to discuss with him and wanted to have a relationship with him.

The director was checking several code in the office, but he had a different hobby from the people in
this industry. He was watching the entertainment channel.

From time to time, he raised his head to check the recent entertainment news.

"Shawn, this is the guest list." But there was another strange thing. Shawn was always with a male
secretary. Charles put the folder on the table and threw a glance at the screen, "is there still no news
from Miss Qi today?"

The man tilted his neck back. A crisp noise came from the depths of his spine. He pushed the glasses
that were placed on the bridge of his nose. This was the move he repeated dozens of times every day.
Only the cracking of his bones could remind him that it was his numb neck.

"Not yet." He pursed his lips and looked up. The TV was broadcasting a star being kidnapped by a fan
last night.

He looked down at the guest list in front of him, and Charles changed a new cup of hot water for him
and put it beside his hand.

"Last night, a famous model Lola Qi was kidnapped by a crazy fan in an abandoned factory. A
policeman received a report and rushed to the scene. Young Entertainment Company that she works
for has already investigated this matter."

As soon as he heard this, Shawn swung his pen and drove his search engine to input that name and
then searched for the celebrities of his company.

Charles was still on the side. He knew that today's guest list was probably a useless white paper. He
knew Shawn very well, and this was the most important thing for him to come back.

"I need you to search all the social activities of Young Entertainment Company for me. Wherever you
go, find out all the clues." He thought for a while and said, "I have to get it done first. It is said that some
bug in our company needs to be repaired soon. Then, it will be delayed."

Last time, she still appeared in the hospital. When he learned the news, he was late. When he arrived,
she was not there. This time, he must take actions as soon as possible, and never let the same tragedy
happen again.


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