Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 181 Don&##x27;t Blame Me For My Rudeness

"Little woman, what are you thinking about? Besides, I have told you before that I love you with all my
heart. So stop making blind and disorderly conjectures. I don't want to explain it again and again. I don't
think it makes any sense."

There was a gleam of displeasure flashing in his eyes. Darren had said this kind of thing for thousands
of times in the past few days, but she always thought about it without bound. Moreover, his heart had
already fallen into love with her. Did she not believe him all the time when she acted like this?

Joan sensed that he was about to throw a tantrum, so she knew that he was cooking for her. Besides,
he treated her tenderly and considerately.

And she was still here doubting him. She said with a little embarrassment. "I'm sorry. Maybe you're
right. I'll be depressed very soon. Otherwise, why do I keep making blind and disorderly conjectures all
day long? It's impossible and unrealistic. I think too much..."

This woman was really troublesome. Moreover, she had provoked him again and again.

He pulled her into his arms without hesitation and kissed her on the lips.

Because he felt that if he didn't do it, this woman would never stop.

Joan was rendered speechless. But after a while, she felt like she was sucked in.

Seeing her out of breath, Darren immediately let go of her.

Seeing that she was short of breath, he laughed and said. "It seems that sometimes you are not the
right person for this. It seems that sometimes, both of us have to work hard on this."

Joan believed that he must have done it on purpose. Otherwise, he wouldn't have treated her like that.
Besides, she almost couldn't breathe. Thinking of this, especially when she remembered his lip print on

her lips.

She angrily pushed Darren away and snapped, "I thought you were a decent man. I didn't expect you
to show your true colors all of a sudden. You are so annoying. I won't like you anymore."

"So you mean you like me now?" Hearing her words, Darren slightly raised the corners of his mouth. It
seemed that this woman had completely accepted his love. If that was the case, they must be together
for a long time.

Joan didn't know what to say. Her cheeks were as red as an apple, which made her feel embarrassed.
She did not expect that he could say that.

She was not good at lying, so she felt a little awkward when she said this. "I won't like you. You don't
think too much."

"I heard it clearly just now. You said you like me, but now you say you don't like me. It seems that all
women like to be double minded." Darren pretended to annoy her. He couldn't do anything about it,
because this woman had a sharp claw and she could hurt him easily.

"Who says that women are fickle in love? Besides, I never said that I like you, so I didn't say anything
about it. So, I can't be fickle in love. Please stop making blind and disorderly conjectures. Otherwise, I
don't want to see you again."

Joan turned to look at Darren. Seeing that his face was a little heavy, she suddenly felt that she
seemed to have said something more serious.

At a loss for a moment, she didn't know how to say it again?

Hearing this, Darren was obviously very unhappy, and he would like to exterminate the whole world.
But the most important thing about this thing was that he didn't believe that this woman had no feelings

for him at all. So he could not help but pretend to be a feeling of heartache, holding his chest gently
with his hand, and began to stiffen his body.

It never occurred to Joan that such a thing would happen, and she had never heard of it. Now, she was
at a loss what to do.

She just said randomly and didn't expect to see this.

So she shouted in panic. "Help! Help!"

Darren didn't expect her to be so frightened and worried. As soon as he got the answer in his mind, he
immediately covered her mouth with his hand. "Stop shouting anymore. I was just pretending. I just
want to have a try. Do you really don't like me?"

Joan pushed him hard and yelled, "Are you insane? Could this be used to frighten me like that? Don't
you know that you almost scared me out of my wits? If you go on like this, I promise that I will never
talk to you anymore."

Seeing her so angry and realizing that he had gone too far, Darren could not help standing up.
Although he felt a little bit pain on his hand and knew that it must be rubbed skin, he still put his hands
behind his back.

"I can apologize to you for something like that. But I just want to know how important I am to you? So I
hope you won't be mad at me."

"But do you know how hurtful you are? You don't have a thing for yourself, but you took it for granted.
Most importantly, your manner only makes people feel that you're more annoying. Nobody is willing to
joke about their lives."

Although Joan knew it was okay for the two of them to joke with each other, she just couldn't accept it.
More importantly, the truth was too complicated to be explained by one or two points.

If one day he really disappeared in front of her, or she did not appear in front of him, she might think
that they were at odds, but now, a small movement of him could make her so upset.

In order not to disturb her original thoughts, she decided to leave as soon as possible after the baby
was born, so that she didn't have to spend the rest of her life worrying about something that didn't
belong to her.

"All right. I know you still have me in your heart. Although I know that I am the one who should be
blamed for this, I just want to cherish you. So I hope you can forgive me this time. I promise that I will
never do it again. And I will never let you feel hurt and painful. Because I will bear all the sadness and
pain of you in the future. Please let me take the responsibility to take care of you and make you happy.
My happiness will belong to you."

Darren didn't know how to comfort her, so he just said his true thoughts out. Since she had his child, no
matter what, he treated her sincerely.

'And I really like her. So I won't give up so easily. '

Joan thought she should let go of her idea. Besides, the most important thing right now was not this. So
no matter what, she couldn't let it like this.

Perhaps what he had said was completely different from what she had thought, but most of the time,
she should be clear that if everything was separated from him in this way, it might be a mistake for him.

"No matter what you say? I didn't mean to blame you, I just felt a little bit unhappy. Now, I think you
should go to treat me something to calm myself down. If you can't do it, don't blame me for running out

of the Lu family."

In fact, Joan had given Darren a very good chance, and she just wanted to eat something delicious.
Most importantly, she felt that everything was completely different from what she had thought, although
she had actually given him a chance.

'But if what she did is not fit for me, I will definitely go out. '

Darren was in a bad mood when he heard this. He didn't expect it at all. He frowned and asked, "Is
there no other discussion about this? Besides, it's not a big deal to have a meal, so what kind of special
food do you want?"

Joan reached out to touch her chin and said, "Well, it depends on your own thoughts. And I hope I can
find the feeling of first love. So, as long as you can do it, I won't leave."

Darren thought that she was obviously making things difficult for him. He didn't know much about
women, so he smiled and said, "Well, now that you've said so, I'll try my best to satisfy you. But I'm
going to the bathroom, okay?"

Blushing, Joan said shyly, "You want to go to the bathroom? Why are you asking me? Go now."

Seeing her blush, Darren smiled and left quickly.

When he walked into the men's room, he took out his cell phone and made a call.

Nathan Liu was a very well-known Playboy in S city. Because of his handsome face and the honeyed
words, he was able to hook up with many women. What's more, he was not afraid of women at all, so
he was the most adept at this kind of things.

He was enjoying the time with a woman. Suddenly, his phone rang. He knew it was for something
important, so he stopped what he was doing.

The woman looked at him with some dissatisfaction, but he responded with a gentle and magnetic
voice. "Honey, I can't continue today. You can go back first, and I will come to you next time."


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