Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 64 stalking

An unexpected visitor squeezed in Linda's bed'.

When she opened the door and let this little woman in, she crawled into her quilt and threw her long
arms and legs on the bed without saying anything.

"Don't ask me anything now. Just let me hold you like this for a while."

She had seen how well Darren treated her, or she would doubt whether the big fool had been fooled by
Scott again, or being bullied by Jean. She almost had the impulse to slap the table and stand up.

She thought about it carefully later. Now it was not her turn to fight. If the two bastards really came to
attack, they would have been killed long ago by Mr. Lu.

"You have been holding me like this for almost half an hour. I still can't figure out why you are in a bad
mood now. Tell me, I will avenge you!"

Joan's face crumpled. "I want to stay here for a couple of days."

If she wanted on the sofa when she just divorced from Scott and was released from prison, she would
be bold enough to leave the whole bed to her. But now she was Mr. Lu's girlfriend and was going to live
in the Lu mansion. How could she be homeless?

Realizing that it was a very serious matter, she asked, "Did you quarrel with Mr. Lu?"

She nodded.

"Did he bully you?"

She nodded, thought for a while and shook her head.

She didn't like the way she answered it. Linda didn't belong to a business family, so she didn't want to
follow Darren's order.

Just as the old saying goes, 'Where there is nothing held, there is nothing to lose.' Up to now, her best
friend hadn't been more unrestrained before she got married. Since she had been together with that
man, bad things had happened continuously.

She would never let Joan be unhappy again.

"Don't call him!" Joan took her phone out of her hand. "Leave me some dignity. I don't want to let him
know where I am. I'll write my resignation letter to you in a couple of days. All you need to do is to do
me a favor! Hand the letter to him for me. "

Had a fight? Linda could tell from Joan's face that she had been in low spirits for a long time. But she
didn't know why Joan could abandon that position after a lot of efforts she had made.

"Does he have a mistress?"

This was the only excuse she could think of. Otherwise, her close friends who were always dominated
by love would not be so embarrassed.

"It's worse than having a mistress."

"Is Mr. Lu married secretly?"

She shook her head. The feeling of being a replacement was even sadder than the feeling of him
having an affair. Joan thought that when she saw that Scott was having sex with Jean, she was angry
and aggrieved.

However, after she met Darren, she had a deep feeling of disappointment. She had always been proud
of herself. She was unique in his heart.

She was the only person who dared to contradict him, and the only person who was not afraid of him.

"Well, you are just so so." Hearing that, Selina was so shocked that sweat began to form on her nose.
She had thought that Darren would let her die miserably. However, he only looked at her face with a
playful look, without saying anything.

He was the only man who could always please her and amuse her.

"Red date ginger tea. This is Mr. Lu's order." Thinking of this, she felt a little guilty. Although she had
used an excuse to ask him to take good care of her.

But as far as she knew, she was not the only, not the first, but even a shadow. It was the first time she
had such a feeling that something was hollowed out.

When Darren had his first meeting, he kept his jaw down a little bit. Under the dim light, employees
dared not to observe the boss's face carefully, but a bold girl stole a few glances at him.

It seemed that CEO's face was a little bit swollen.

"Ms. Zhang, what happened to Mr. Lu? He had a fight with someone. "

"If you don't want to live, you can ask me anything!" She cast a sidelong glance at the little girl, then got
up to have a look and filled the light beside him.

In the face of the president's injury, Joan skipping work, everyone knows that two people had a fight.

However, this woman was so audacious that even Mr. Lu was defeated by someone. It was just that
the once noisy Joan hadn't shown up for two days.

Were they in a cold war?

Selina asked him tentatively. She didn't know whether he had any plan tonight and where he wanted to
go. Darren kept silent for a while and answered, "Go home!"!

The pride of a man was really important sometimes. Selina knew that she couldn't persuade them to
give up hope. Perhaps one of them was able to straighten out their thinking and clear up the
misunderstanding, so everything would be fine.

Just as she was about to walk out of Darren's office, she bumped into Austin who was walking towards
her like a gust of wind.

"Mr. Lu, you may need to take the key of the apartment with you. You should go to Miss Gu's place."

He sprang out of his seat and asked anxiously, "What's wrong with her?" All kinds of bad assumptions
ran through his mind. Did the kidnapping happen again?

"I will drop by Miss Gu's apartment on my way there, but no one turns on the light even if I wait for her
outside. So I knocked at the door several times, but no one answered." Darren nodded at him,
indicating him to go on.

In fact, it was impossible for any accidents to happen, because recently there had been no accidents
around. If there was any accident, there would be someone who put forward the purpose he wanted.

"I suspect that Miss Gu is a woman of high will. Is it because you hurt her heart that she ran away from

Ran away from home? Darren's heart sank. He had always been calm and collected. But at this
moment, he didn't know where to find her. Where could she go?

To find Scott? He felt guilty that he didn't trust her until now and even doubted that she went to find that

Because of him, bad things happened.

"Darren, don't worry. Generally, a girl will quarrel with her boyfriend in such a situation, and it won't be
too serious. Maybe she will find a girlfriend or a good friend. Do you know who friend her is?"

Linda! He thought of her, so he called Selina and said, "I remember Joan replaced her to interview me
back then. Do you remember that newspaper office or magazine office? Go to that office and give me
Linda's phone number."

Joan had already written her resignation letter. She quickly typed and deleted it. Although she had only
written a letter of resignation, actually it was more difficult than writing a speech. Linda had already
seen through her reluctance to leave.

"It's easy. Why don't you ask Darren Lu? Is it because you are like his ex-girlfriend? He doesn't know
you care about him so much. If he knows, I don't think he will be so mean to you!"

She had never been in love before. Joan had told her that although Linda wasn't an expert in it, she
knew it better than anyone else. It was just like that in a relationship, the outsiders understood more
than the players. And when she was in love, she would be confused as well. She might also quarrel.

"But he didn't trust me."

Her finger finally ended the last period. "Give my resignation to him in person. I can send him an email,
but I still have something to take. Please help me."

No one could persuade Joan, except for herself.

She really liked the job. She looked at the white paper popping out little by little from the printer and
saw the title on it, which made her heartbroken.

So many designs made her look like the sunshine in the world. It was a great honor to be recognized
by others. She had thought to give a show here, but now she couldn't.

"Mr. Lu, I got a call from the receptionist downstairs. She said that a lady named Linda wants to see

"Call her up!"

Austin shook his head indifferently. He was a man of calmness. Never did he say this when he was
receiving large customers.

If it weren't for Joan, he wouldn't have put down his dignity.

"Please have some tea, Miss Ji." He quickly stepped aside and got straight to the point, "Miss Ji must
be here for the Joan thing, right?"

"Well." Before she left, she had promised Joan that she wouldn't betray her. Linda took the resignation
letter out of her bag and handed it to Darren. "Mr. Lu, I don't know where she is, but she sent me the
letter of resignation through e-mail. She asked me to give it to you and bring the Coffee Mug back.
She'll come to pick it up when she's free."

'Isn't that the coffee cup that I gave her?' thought Darren. She didn't know whether she should be
happy or sad. She still couldn't let it go. However, instead of saying anything, she directly sent him a
piece of paper and was about to leave.

"If there isn't anything else, I have to go now. Bye!"

If she stayed a little longer, the lie would be revealed. How could she not know what Joan was thinking.
He was such a handsome, gentle and considerate CEO. But still, she wanted to leave.

If it were her, she would stick to him.

"Austin." Darren looked down at the untouched black tea and called his name in a low voice.

His old friends who had been understanding him for many years immediately understood what he
meant. Naturally, he took out the key of the Honda from his trousers pockets.

"I see. I will call you if I get any news."

The taxi in front was moving steadily. No one noticed the dark car following it.


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