Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 111 Let Him Be A Shareholder

They had a fight, a cold war, and then she left. He endured it all. He thought that what happened today
would give her a reminder that let her take care of the baby at home in the future.

It was said that time would make everything fade away. He thought their fights would stop soon.

But now she was saying something like that.

Joan stood up and approached him step by step, without giving in. "You know exactly what I mean. You
lied to me again and again because I was stupid and easily cheated, or because you thought I
shouldn't have my personality and temper?"

Blue veins stood out on his neck and forehead, which were the symbol that he endured to the utmost.
"What do you mean by saying that I don't allow you to have your own personality and temper? You
know what kind of person I was before, and only when I faced you would I be so tolerant. I am willing to
change my temper for you. Why can't you think for me and also look in my direction? "

From the cold words in the beginning to the current situation, the argument had turned into the question
of who should compromise.

"OK, OK, OK. Darren, I will correct my mistakes. From now on, you don't need to work so hard. You
made a phone call and then closed the door. I don't care how others think of you. Just as I said, you
are the boss and I am an employee. I have no right to interfere in my boss's private affairs!"

Joan gasped for air, but Darren gradually loosened his grip on her. "Did you eavesdrop on me on the
phone?" he asked.

'Eavesdropping?'? She didn't eavesdrop. Maybe God didn't want them to be safe or not. She had been
asleep well and woke up just when she was about to see her father.

She heard nothing but a name through the door.

"Joan, don't think too much. I'm still the same man. She won't take me away from you. Just give me
more time. I'll give you a satisfactory reply."

What perfect reply? Joan lowered her head and said weakly, "Darren, I'm tired. Please let me have a

This time, instead of listening to her, he held her tight in his arms. She punched him on the chest, her
fists punching. At first, she just pushed him away, but then she wriggled hard to break free from his

"You can't escape."

It was a sentence, a statement. She struggled in his arms with less and less strength.

He gave her a warm hug, but he didn't intend to fail her.

When Joan finally calmed down, his phone in his pocket vibrated.


He clearly felt that from this second, the woman in his arms began to gradually return to her original
stiffened state.

"Don't waste time anymore. Someone is waiting for us anxiously."

She pushed him away and covered herself with the quilt again.

When he opened the message, he found that it was Selina who just texted him, with only one simple

"Anna is here. Come back now."

It had been a long time since Anna came to the Lu Company. She only appeared when all the year-end
shareholders came for bonuses or the for the voting.

And tonight, wearing famous brand clothes, she came to Darren's office and waited for him.

"I'll be right back."

He put the phone back to his pocket and turned to Joan. Then, he went out of the house and told
Austin to call Linda over.

She had offended the director of the company, and now she was still at home, trying to find a another
company. This time she promised she would find a boss she liked.

Austin was willing to take this job. He just wanted to find a reasonable reason to call her.

"Madam, here is your black tea."

Selina remembered everyone's likes and dislikes. Mrs. Lu likes black tea and his lordship likes Longjing
tea. The second young master of the Lu family often drank carbonated drinks or fresh juice. Every
detail was engraved in her mind and she was absolutely sure of it.

"Yes." It seemed that she was very satisfied with Selina's work. She said dully, "Is Mr. Lu so busy every
day? At first he didn't have time to go home, but now he is too busy to come to the company? "

'It must be that woman, ' she thought.

When she was in the Lu family, she treated Lola with great enthusiasm. Now, she wanted this couple
that she had personally torn apart could return to peace, so that the woman could stop fantasizing
giving birth to a child and marry into the Lu family.

After thinking for a while, Selina answered, "they both had an accident tonight. Mr. Lu went to deal with
it. I called him just now and he knew Mrs. Lu was here. He was on his way."

As soon as she finished speaking, the elevator door opened, and Darren' voice appeared first.

"Which gust of wind brought you here?"

Then she stood up. She hadn't seen her elder son for a long time. "If I don't come to the company, I
don't know where to find you. Miss Qi came to visit you last time, but I couldn't see you two for such a
long time. By the way, I heard that something happened to Lola. Is it serious?"

She came here today to talk about this thing that she had deliberately ignored another person.

"If I remember correctly, you never care about these things. We are mother and son. Don't beat around
the bush. You are tired, so am I. today, you are not here to care about me and Lola. Tell me, do you
want to raise the bonus in the next month, or do you have any special request?"

He glanced at the cup of Anna and found that the black tea was almost finished. Then he snapped his
fingers and asked Selina to fill the black tea up for her. At the same time, he made himself a cup of hot
coffee. The instant brewed coffee of the hospital was really terrible.

After Lola came back from abroad, Anna got a lot of money from her. Every time she played cards, if
she sat on the table, she could win back more than twice the money she used to have.

Obviously, she was not familiar with the rules of the game. She was just a stranger who had just
become an outer disciple, but she was broad-minded and modest, saying that she had to pay the

Now she had such a good reputation, and Anna also saw her differently. She was even joyful when she
saw that Darren gradually distanced himself from Joan and even wanted to return to Lola.

So she came here with an idea.

"Darren, I think mom is one of the shareholders, too. So I want to have a discussion with you and we
can follow the rules. And we can let any other person to join in the Lu Company,"

As he looked his gorgeous mother up and down, his voice broke into a soft laughter. "You want a model
to be a shareholder? Is it because she is stupid and has a lot of money? Or do you think that you will
get more money from her after she becomes the shareholder? "

It was known to him that Lu family's tradition of buying shares was that either the elders who had been
following this company since the very beginning or the members of this family were influential enough
to get shares.

But now, she wanted to invest Lola Qi. What a superficial woman.

'She was just a model yet and had no related experience in the industry. Why could she have enough
money to be a shareholder?' Was Scott or Adam helping her? Who wanted to buy the shares and who
wanted to get a chance to get close to the Lu Company?

"Do you know who I am talking about?" Anna's face fell. "You don't care what I say or what I propose,
but you and Lola will soon be together. This will happen sooner or later."

Who said that they would get married soon? He shook his head and thought, 'it's not a bad thing. My
mother's rashness may give these people a chance to show their true colors. So I agree with her. I'll
see what they will do.'.

His opponents were smart and shrewd. He wanted to make this conversation more real, and if he
agreed without hesitation, they would think that there was something fishy going on. It was like a deep
trap which was covered with a layer of insufficient camouflage.

He was going to add a lot of soil to the covered grass and two flowers on it, so that the trap looked as
beautiful as a garden.

"I don't agree." He said, "it's not a small matter, but it's too rash to make such a decision. Moreover,
Lola and I haven't made it yet. You should know that Joan is still pregnant with my child."

Anna had expected this and replied angrily, "You always talk about the person I don't like. I know it. You
won't do anything except disobeying me. You just do what you want to do, but you just don't do
anything about me. What's wrong with Lola's share? You are the CEO of the Lu Company. Hasn't your
father taught you to be unrestrained when giving the Lu Company to you? "

The so-called "freedom" was nothing more than greed for more private property.

He waved his hand and stopped her, "shut up. Anyway, it's too late now. I'll send a driver to send you

If Mr. Lu didn't want to continue the topic, there was no possibility of talking about this. And it was true
to his mother. He pointed at the position of the door with his arm and bowed his head to do his things
and stopped talking.

Knowing what he meant, Selina came over and gestured him to sit down, "Mrs. Lu, I'll drive you home.
Mr. Lu is worried about your safety."

When Anna completely disappeared from his sight, Darren raised his head and smiled.

He knew, today's conversation would be known to the outsiders soon.


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