Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 243 Waiting For You

Darren didn't think that's a big deal and couldn't help but say. "I haven't been here for a long time. It's
not a big deal for you to invite me to dinner. Besides, having money and lack of money are actually not

The corners of Henry's mouth twitched slightly. He looked at Darren with dissatisfaction and said, "Can
you be a little more conscious?"

"I'm sorry. I never know what is conscious." Darren hadn't done this for a long time, and he couldn't
help smiling, because he felt that he hadn't done it for a long time.

In the face of Darren being so thick-skinned, Henry always felt that he had lost face, but he also felt
that it didn't matter, so he couldn't help saying. "For the sake of you being my brother, I won't make a
fuss about this matter with you. It's not a big deal. It's my treat."

"Take the bowls and chopsticks by yourself." Darren seemed to be very satisfied with it.

The corners of Joan's mouth twitched. 'We don't lack of money. How can he do this to others?' she

Henry picked up the phone in his hand and dialed the number. Then a waiter came over with bowls and

Jean was going to have dinner when she saw a dozen of waiters walking to the other side. She was
curious and followed them directly.

But she didn't expect that she would meet Joan on such a situation.

A hint of anger flashed through her eyes, but she knew that she couldn't be too reckless, so she had to
smile faintly and then left.

When she returned to her room, snickering. She took out her phone and sent a message to Scott.

Scott was supposed to have dinner with Poppy. Suddenly, his phone rang. As soon as he picked up the
phone and looked at it, he saw a useless message. 'Is Joan really here?' he wondered.

But the only thing he didn't know was that it was a strange number.

In the face of such a thing, he could not help but have some doubts, and he did not know what to do
about it.

So he was a little confused.

"What's the matter?" Poppy saw his sudden panic and asked in confusion. It was unbelievable that this
guy had such a side.

"A strange number? That sent me a message saying that Darren and Joan were here." Said Scott.

A trace of contempt flashed through the Poppy's eyes. "It's what it should do, isn't it? Besides, this is
not your hotel. It's none of your business if he comes? And why do you think so?"

"In fact, I don't have any other thoughts. I just want to know if all this is true. If it is true, I feel a little
awkward." A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through Scott's eyes. 'Damn it! How dare this woman
despise me?'

Poppy looked at him and said with a sneer. "It's not awkward at all. What's more, if you don't do
anything wrong, don't be afraid. A good conscience is a soft pillow. Why do you care so much?"

Scott was totally speechless, and this woman was obviously revenging on him. There was a flash of
dissatisfaction in his eyes, and he gently put the phone aside. "It's my fault. Besides, although Joan is
pregnant now, she is a capable woman. I hope she can come to help me."

"In fact, I think it's good for you to think so. But you not only hurt her heart, but get her parents be dead.
Are you sure she will help you?" Poppy felt that everything was not as simple as she wished. Besides,
many things were not that simple. How could he achieve it like this?

Scott just wanted someone to help him instead of making trouble for him. So he said. "In fact, I don't
need you to remind me of this kind of thing at all. Besides, I know a lot of things, so sometimes I hope
you don't intervene in it. If you continue to live like this, I will only feel that everything is different."

"In fact, I think there is something wrong with your own thoughts. And about this kind of thing, you are
clearly wrong, but you still blame on others like this. It's ridiculous!" Poppy thought this guy was really
ridiculous. That apparently didn't belong to him, but he always wanted to force that. The most important
thing was that she could take a fancy to him. At the beginning he treated others like that, how would
they trust him again. Even she herself would not face such an unfaithful man.

A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through Scott's eyes, but he couldn't lose his temper randomly. After all,
it had something to do with him, so sometimes he felt very uncomfortable, so he looked at Poppy
coldly. "If I didn't have what you want, would you still help me like this? So please don't make me feel
impatient about this matter. Otherwise, you won't get what you want anymore."

In the face of such a matter, Poppy had already known, and also knew that this person was a
despicable person. If he didn't have her own medicine, she wouldn't have acted so casually.

So when faced with such things, he was a little speechless, but he also knew that there were many
things that were not as simple as himself. So there were many times that he hoped that he could forget,
but in the end, there was still no way.

"I know you are good at wronging people like this. I didn't expect you to be so despicable. Although I
know you have my antidote, can you think about this? The most important thing is that if I don't protect

you, you will soon lose your life." Poppy was very capable, and even Austin was not necessarily her
match. So if he guessed randomly, she would definitely let him pay a heavy price.

In fact, in the face of such a thing, no one could be preliminary sure. In addition, there were many
reasons that she did not understand yet, so sometimes she hoped that there would be no
misunderstandings between each other. Moreover, many things were not so simple, so sometimes they
needed to be buried.

Scott had long known that he might be threatened, and such things were rare to see, so sometimes, it
was troublesome. Most importantly, there were many reasons that could not be used by him, so he
couldn't help saying. "In fact, I have thought about it too. But if you challenge my patience like this,
don't blame me for being rude to you."

"Excuse me, when have you been so polite to me? And I'm willing to do so much for you. But I think
you know clearly what you have done to me in the end!" Poppy felt that everything was beyond her
imagination, and she didn't care about it anymore. Besides, at this moment, she didn't want to argue
anything, because the more they argued, the more confused she would be.

So she pretended that she knew nothing about it!

Because everything was totally different from what she thought. Besides, there were many reasons
behind it. They are not that simple, so Scott said unhappily. "Although I know I'm a little despicable, I
won't get all these things out if I don't blame or punish you. Most importantly, I don't want to explain
many of these things to you. So now, the only thing you should do is to match me, not to talk nonsense
like this. In addition, there are many things between us we are not familiar with them. But I believe that
we two can at least deal with them! With a pregnant woman and a burden, we should have a good
harvest this time."

"Are you sure there are only a few people around them? Are you sure there is no one else? What's
more, it's just a strange number. If you do something bad because of it, if you are caught by others by
accident, I'll see what you will do then." Poppy continued to eat her own food. For such a thing, she
would never take the initiative to come to them, unless she was a fool.

Scott thought it made sense. Maybe it was a trap that someone set for him. Just like last time, he felt
humiliated. So he decided to think twice about it.

"In fact, it's not a big deal. Besides, it's not that simple most of the time. So, I still hope that we'd better
not be so casual again."

"As long as you can think it through. Don't say that I don't give you any chance. It's completely
impossible in such a situation." Poppy didn't care about such things at all. Most importantly, many of
the reasons were not so simple and clear, so sometimes they could be familiar with each other.

In addition, there were many reasons for this. Until now, she did not fully understand, but she only knew
that no one could chase after a loser.

Even if they didn't come to them like this, no one knew how confused they were.

So in the face of such a thing, it was better to think twice.

If they were careless, it would be too late to regret.

This time, Scott didn't reject her but nodded. "It's up to you. Forget it this time."


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