Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 41 A New Conspiracy

"I know you love talents and you are a good employer. Miss Bai has won the award of the architectural
design competition. I believe that her design won't be bad as long as you give her a chance!"

Joan raised a mocking smile, as if she were looking at a clown. Darren tried to solve this, but Joan
stopped him.

She walked up to the design competition crowd politely and said to everyone in Party A, "yes, it's true.
Mr. Luke didn't lie. She indeed won a design competition, because I was out of my league in that
competition, and lost to Miss Bai."

This sentence was like a thunder. Without paying attention to the secret signal of Darren behind, she
said directly, "I admit that I lost to Miss Bai. But during this process, I was not very convinced. Now is a
chance. I am willing to stand up with Miss Bai in this fair environment. Even if I lose, I am also sincerely

It cost nearly half of Scott's savings to get acquainted with the project owner in person. Since he
couldn't afford to lose the meeting, he turned down in panic, "Everyone is busy and there's no time to
take part in the competition. I came here today to get a chance for the design of Miss Jean's work. Miss
Gu also presented her presentation today without signing a contract. It's fair to compete with each
other. "

"Yes, I agree with you." She said to the man, who had been sitting behind the table and looking at them
with great interest, "Since Miss Bai and I are bringing the design and demonstration of the main
building today, I'm willing to bid for the design of the side building with Miss Bai. Our design will be
better than the real one, which means you can also have more choices, right?"

She turned around and gave a firm look at Darren. Jean then turned her head to give her a fierce look.

"Okay, it's a deal." The person in charge stood up and said, "For the sake of your fair competition, you
can all live in the hotel near our company after the field investigation."

Jean restrained her fear and gave an impeccable perfect smile.

Stretching out her hand, she said, "Miss Gu, fair competition."

"We compete fairly. Take care of yourself."

Both of them tightened their grip.

"We've already got the chance to negotiate with them. Why did you give them the chance?" As Darren
sat in the car, he couldn't control the confusion in his mind.

On the contrary, Tabitha looked at him. He was like an angry lion, adorable, not afraid of anyone at all.
She said to him seriously, "I've hidden enough!"

"From the day when she framed me with the miscarriage of her child, to the kidnap, and now, she has
been challenging my personal bottom line, but I have always been a role that I can't afford to lose."

Yes, she didn't want to do anything to hurt her. But she just wanted to let her know that she was not the
prey, and she could only stand firm behind Darren Lu.

However, there was still an unnatural expression on his face. He asked all of a sudden, "do you still
care about Shawn's taste? You want to fight against jasmine, don't you?"

"Of course not." She answered without any hesitation. "I'm full of slander. What's done is done and I'll
live with experience in prison for my whole life. All the people would think of me as a dirty woman, and
they can't treat me like a normal person."

However, her finger twitched. "At least I have to prove myself that I am not a jealous woman who will
kill an innocent baby!"

Darren got it. He put his arm around her shoulder and said, "You can do whatever you want. I'll support


Whether it was true or not, Darren told her with a phone call.

It was for Selina, "Postpone the recent meetings and send me an e-mail for anything urgent."

"But," With a rattled tone, Selina said, "Mr. Lu, it's time for us to sign a contract with each CEO. If Jian
Company takes advantage of some loopholes, all our previous effort would be in vain."

"Don't worry." He said confidently, "I won't have any free time in the company. "I have been with the
people from the Jian Company these days. I can see their every move. You just need to deal with the
company's internal affairs."

He had dealt with a lot of business affairs, so he could spare some time to accompany Joan as if they
were on a trip. While she was doing her work, he could help her see the surrounding activities.

Besides, they slept in the next room. He smiled at her in silence. 'I'll wait and see how you can escape
this time.'.

Nick opened the door to the room. It had been a long time since his brother left home, but the room
was still cleaned. When he came back, it was as clean as an King patrolling.

He had always kept a wary attitude towards him and her mother.

If he hadn't been so vigilant, he wouldn't have paid so much attention to arrange someone to steal his
confidential information. When his last game failed, he aimed at Zoey again and helped her think of
various ideas. It was not easy for her to win the favor of his most powerful grandfather in the family.

Zoey called him "Grandpa" sweetly, making it difficult for others not to like her. He had thought that he
was only one step away from success. However, his elder brother, who always respected his
grandfather, had flagrantly disobeyed his grandfather this time and brought another woman to his
birthday party.

However, it didn't matter. He had been waiting to see how his grandpa would punish him. When they
were young, no matter who did anything wrong, they were punished. Grandpa had a small room
separated for them, which would make them kneel in it for different time periods according to the
degree of the mistake.

The birthday party turned out to be her wedding event. When he saw Darren follow his grandfather in,
he thought he would kneel down till the next morning.

But he managed to play chess with his grandpa and make grandpa agree with his behavior!

Zoey gritted her teeth and complained to Nick on the phone. "You have promised me confidently that
you will make everything go well as long as I get your grandfather's consent. Then you can explain to
me what happened at today's birthday party and why I was like a joke today! Do you know? "

Nick was as irritated as Zoey. Clutching his phone, he ran to the garden and said in a loud voice, "If you
ask me, who should I ask? It's all your fault. You are so stupid that you can't even win Darren, what
kind of a socialite are you! "

"Don't you think I think it over and over? I even come up with the idea of drugging his drink! He is too
shrewd. I have thought of all kinds of methods. What else can I do? " Now she had lost her face totally.
She even let her assistant and Darren know that she had drugged him.

'A lady of high birth! How could she be so shameless?'. What she couldn't bear most was that the
woman who was first photographed by the reporters with him, then worked with him, and even brought
by him to the birthday party. He didn't avoid it, as if he wanted to show her seriousness to her family.

She and Nick would just be contemptible scoundrels?

Zoey snapped her finger nail into the palm of her hand and said, "Good brother, I need your help now!"

"I also need your help!"

They came to an agreement. He said that he would find a way to make Zoey closer to Darren, but he
only wanted her to do one thing for him!

"What is it?" Hearing that she could get close to Darren again, even if she went to the frying pan, it was
worth it.

"As long as you have the chance to get the financial transactions of the Lu Company." He said lightly,
as if it was as easy as picking up an egg in a chicken's nest. "Take a picture and send it to me."

"You are crazy!" Zoey asked him in astonishment, "You are the second son of the Lu family, but you put
me in a difficult situation. It was impossible for an outsider to do such a thing. If you don't want to help
me, you can say that. It's impossible to complete this task. As a shrewd man as Darren, he

also has tough assistants!"

The Lu Company had Nick's mother's informer who told her that Darren was not in the company these
days. All the trivial matters were handed over to Selina. This was a good opportunity.

If he entered the company without permission, Darren would definitely be surprised, but she was
different. She would pretend to be a shrew to make trouble in the company and put on an act. Even if

Darren knew that, he would not be able to decide why she entered the company.

"Don't you want to marry my brother?" His voice was full of temptation.

In the corridor, there were only two people, with simple suitcases, and the gurgling sound of luggage
was especially pleasant in the empty long corridor.

He reached out his hand and gave the room card to Joan. Joan took it, but he held her hand instead.
There was tenderness in his eyes. Joan didn't refuse. It had been a long time since the last time she
had such a sweet moment. She should thank herself for having the courage to spend time with the one
she loved.

"Ding -", they opened the door. She saw her room was right in front of Darren's. But all of a sudden, he
used his strength to push her into the room.

"Yes, there are two rooms." She was a little diffident. She still remembered that night when they met for
the first time, he went out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his body. He looked so

His wheat-color skin, well developed and muscular muscles, as well as the tight line of his body,
surprised Joan. She shook her head, trying to figure out what she was thinking about.

"Yes, there are two rooms, but they are not that good. I don't want to live there."

Nonsense! He did it on purpose. Joan's room was facing the north, and his room was facing the south,
so if he said this, it was obvious that he was looking for an excuse!

"Then, how about we exchange our rooms?" She reached out her hand for the room card, but Darren
didn't seem to hear it and didn't intend to change the room card with her. He personally put the suitcase
in the wardrobe. After sliding the room card into the drawer, he turned on the air conditioner.

His eyes were so calm that Joan didn't know what to do.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" A halo appeared under the light, lighting up the whole room.


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