Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 26 She Is My Girl

She put her arm around her daughter's shoulder and said, "Anna said she would take you to see Joan
tomorrow. The woman protected by Darren! If you want to deprive my precious daughter of her position
just by a press conference, no way! "

That woman, no matter in appearance or figure, couldn't compete with her. She, Zoey Su, was actually
not determined to marry him.

But she wouldn't allow anyone else to take her down. Only she could have choice to break up with
men. She felt very upset when she was kicked away by Darren who had been with her since she was a
little girl.

With a hint of understanding in her eyes, she said, "Don't worry, mom. I'm Zoey. Last time Darren
protected her. And this time, I'll let her know what kind of price she has to pay for the woman who dares
to take something from me."

Mrs. Su took out a box of cigarette from the coffee table, lit it and blew a big smoke ring. "Moreover, we
have everything in control. Mrs. Lu has watched you grow up, and she will help you. She will not admit
any woman other than you."

The villa of the Su family was the most lively every night. When her friends arrived, the chess and card
room on the second floor was almost noisy. Sometimes, Zoey would go to have a look, but today, she
went to her room with her cat.

"Honey, it's up to you, how much the stock of Ye family will surge?"

Family background meant big benefits to each other. As an experienced businessman, Darren was
clear about that. Since Zoey had booked tomorrow's date with Anna through a phone call, she wanted
to know what kind of woman Joan is.

All of a sudden, Darren became very busy with his work and had little time to drive Joan home. As his
nominal girlfriend, she had no right to make any unreasonable requests.

She was optimistic. The bus which cost one and the luxury car were just ways of transportation for her.
She just didn't know if it was her illusion. She felt as if someone was following her. She had turn her
head back many times on the way, but nobody was there.

"Have I watched too many legal programs recently? Am I suffering from persecutory delusion?" She
shook her head and mocked herself for being so pathetic. She was not rich or powerful, no one would
bother to follow her.

Not far away, the girl lowered her peaked cap and said, "Madam, I followed her to where she lives. Wait
for me to send the location to you."

The two people sitting opposite behind the window in the Bingo Coffee stirred the coffee with a spoon.
The older woman listened to the phone, and her lips gradually rose from the ordinary depression.

"Well done. Check your bank account number in half an hour."

After the phone was hung up, the young woman chuckled, "Auntie, you are really great at this!"

In everyone's expectation, Darren Lu got the bidding proposal for the land that was newly approved.
And he even wanted to tell Joan the news as soon as possible. She had been sitting on some trivial
work, and even more work had nothing to do with the design, so she didn't have the chance to display
her talent.

"Where are you?" He answered the phone.

"At home." She answered honestly.

"Don't eat tonight. I'll take you out for dinner."

As soon as he had given his order, a new phone call came in. Before Joan could respond, he said,
"stay at home and think about what you want to eat."

"But I have already... Hello... " The phone was cut off before she could finish her words.

"What? Are you inviting me to a meal or taking me to the execution ground? ', she complained with her
mouth pouted.

She had no choice but to look at the peeled potatoes in her hand. After she washed her hands, she put
all the food into the fridge and took out the phone to check the nearest restaurant!

She didn't plan to save money for him.

It seemed that he arrived earlier than he had said. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. "Coming, what's the

The moment the door was opened, it was not Darren who was standing there. It was Zoey Su and the
noble lady with a cold face. She met her when she went to the banquet. She is Darren's mother.


Anna waved her hand to stop her and put on an awkward look, "No, don't call me aunt. My last name is
An. I'm Darren's mother. You'd better call me Mrs. An."

"Okay, Mrs. An. And this is... Miss Su? "

Zoey raised her chin and looked at people with her nostrils. In that press conference, she gave her a
shameful nickname "Cow".

She still remembered that day when she finished this sentence, everyone in the room looked at the
joke and giggled, which made her hate this woman more.

Anna walked into the room and said, "It's a nice house with good location and spacious space. I don't
think a woman like you, who just came out of the prison and was driven out of the house by her
husband, is qualified to own a house here."

"Did Darren give it to you?" Disdain was written all over her face. Was this how the famous Gu family
taught their daughter to be shameless?

Trying to suppress her anger, Joan said, "He didn't give it to me. And I don't want to take it either. I just
stay here temporarily. When I get paid, I'll go rent myself."

Zoey walked up to her unscrupulously. When her palm touched Joan's plain white T-shirt, her eyes
grew sharp and her hands exerted force all of a sudden.

"Hiss." With a sharp sound, Joan was shocked to see that her clothes were ripped and her shoulders
were exposed in the air.

"Look, why don't you buy yourself two decent clothes when you get paid?" Suddenly, she remembered
something. She covered her mouth with her hand and exclaimed, pretending to be innocent, "Oh my
God! Do you only have one piece of clothes? I'm so guilty. How can you go to work like this tomorrow?"

"Miss Su, miss An, don't push me too far. Don't think that your dear son is attractive to anyone in your
eyes. I am telling you honestly, Miss Su, I am indeed not Darren's girlfriend, but he wants me to
cooperate with him and be his nominal girlfriend. Do you know why?"

Just as Zoey opened her mouth to say something, Joan suppressed her impulse to say, "That's
because he feels uncomfortable to see you. But I don't expect that you are still daydreaming. You don't
even realize why Mr. Lu hates you so much."

Anna was shocked by what her son thought. She didn't know that her son would think in this way. Zoey
had never been insulted like this. Since her childhood, she had been coddled all her life. However,

Joan abused her severely.

"Nonsense! I'll kill you bitch!"

"Bang!" Joan was heavily pushed to the wall. Zoey, who were in good condition of nutrition, was much
stronger than Joan who had irregular meals. Sitting on the sofa, Anna pretended to hear nothing of the
fight between the two women. In her mind, Joan, who had seduced her son, deserved a lesson.

Just Joan was about to blank out, she felt her throat was loosened and she squatted down, gasping for

There was a calm but sullen voice above her head, "Are you enough?"

The man lifted her up like a little dog. "Are you okay?" He looked at the mark pinched by Zoey's fingers
on her neck, feeling cold all over.

"Mom, I respect you for bringing me up. I won't say anything to you today." He turned to Zoey, but there
was no politeness on his face. "But you, I remember that last time I told you, if you challenge my
bottom line again and again, I will never care about our childhood friendship."

Before Zoey could say anything else, Darren had forestalled her. "You drugged my wine. Is it shameful
that the daughter of the Su family has to sleep with me by such dirty means? You call your Joan a slut.
I think you are even worse than those prostitutes in the karaoke, "

Zoey's face turned red and pale at his words, not only because she was embarrassed that he had
announced that she had drugged him, but also because she had been reduced to such a degree in his

"Darren Lu! Joan! You'll see. " Then she bluntly turned around and ran out.

"Mom, do you want to walk on your own or should I drive you home?"

These words were harsh. Of course she knew that these were the kindest things for her sake, so she
had to leave first. When she was going out, she glanced at Joan with anger.

This woman challenged the desire to fight that had never been ignited for many years. She would like
to see how long the little girl could be protected.

Darren looked down at the clothes and then picked up the shirt which he took as his pajama. The shirt
was long and a knot was slightly tied

at the bottom, which was right stuck around her belly.

"Let me take you to buy a set of clothes first." He took Joan's hand naturally.

With the help of Joan, Linda had won an interview with Darren Lu. Her salary and bonus this month
were unbelievable. She was shopping in this luxurious shop, trying to buy a silk scarf or something for
her poor friend.

After all, half of the credit went to her.

For rich people, luxury shops here were Heaven. But for ordinary people like Linda, they were not
treated like Gods.

"Is this silk scarf of other colors?" Her finger stopped on a handmade silk scarf.

"This one?" Before Linda could see clearly her face, the saleslady said, "You can't afford it."

The door of this shop was opened to everyone, there is no sign with "Only rich people can shop here"
on it! Linda didn't like to have a quarrel with the saleslady. They quarreled.

"You have to apologize to me!" She said angrily.

The saleswoman was not a pushover. She seemed to be an ordinary person and she could have said
anything harsher.

"It's okay that you can't afford it, but it's shameless to pretend to be a rich person and not willing to let
others talk about it." She was so furious that she could do nothing but roll her eyes up to the ceiling.
She had driven thousands of countrymen away every day. She was no exception.

Joan and Darren, who had just taken the elevator to the second floor, didn't know what had happened
as they saw more and more people gathering around. Neither of them wanted to get in the middle of
something, so they took a look at them from a distance and was about to leave.

Linda had been working in a news agency for many years, so her voice was typical when she
quarreled. Joan felt familiar with the voice, so she casually said to Darren, "I'll be back soon." Then she
forced herself through the crowd.


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