Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 17 He is my Ex-husband

Everyone's life path was different. Joan believed that she would be able to live a simple and happy life,
but she didn't expect that she would be forced to do what she had to with sharp thorns, and be ready to
fight back at any time.

"Sister, I really don't know what you are talking about."

She saw the horrible look on Joan's face, which was totally different from her faint in the meeting room
today. She couldn't help but shiver in her collar. "Mr. Chen couldn't leave this afternoon. There was a
contract that had been discussed for half a year that needed to be signed this afternoon, and he really
couldn't take it. So he told me to take good care of you."

"Then, he..." She pointed to the man in the bed and asked, "How did he know that I fainted?"

"Because you saved his number in your phone as "Husband". I guess you might be happy when you
see your family."

She loosened her fists and casually hung them by her sides. She called him that way when Scott did it
lying next to her. She was playing with him with a pillow in her hand.

"How old-fashioned!" She grabbed the phone back and sat on the bed with her legs crossed. Although
she said so, she didn't change the nickname of her phone number. Instead, she got the phone of Scott
and changed her name to "Wife".

She had been happy for days just because of this. But now, they had been such incompatible like water
and fire. He just wanted to force her to death. She trembled.

"Well, well, well," with her fingers rolling her curly hair, Jean walked step by step towards Scott and
said: "My dear, how come you didn't take good care of Miss. Gu? Oh, look, your feet is injured. Let me
help you to sit over there."

As soon as she finished her words, she swung her slender arms pretending to help her. But Joan only
felt that something was wrong with her. Jean wanted to push her arm away. As a result, the woman
seemed to be pulling her, but in fact, she was pushing her. Since her feet was not steady, she directly
fell over.

The receptionist cried out in alarm and quickly came to help her up.

"Sis, are you okay? 'oh my God! So much blood! How can I explain this to Mr. Chen?'. Sir, come and
help your wife up. "

The girl kept nagging, but no one came to help.

Scott took Jean's hand, and squatted in front of Joan and scratched her face with his fingers. "You'd
better save your energy. No company will employ you as long as I'm here? Don't forget that you are not
the graceful daughter of Gu family now. "

"Miss Gu, do you feel bad? Are you sad? " Jean also squatted in front of her and said, "Why don't you
speak? Do you still want to hit me? Left? Or from the right? "

The next second, she pulled out her hand from behind, which was so fast that Joan felt like she had
been a spy. The slap was so steady and hard that the five red fingerprints were like burning in an

"Don't you want to drive me away?" Her provocative tone rang in her ears. "Can you survive first?"

She lay there, enduring the pain in her back. She had gone through so many dangers, but she was still
alive. She didn't want to lose to Jean.

Shelly went out to call a nurse. When she came back, she saw the finger print on Joan's face. She
asked, "Where did you get that?" She looked around and muttered, "Where is your husband? Where is

he? "

"Sister, what's your name?" Joan held up half of her body with one of her arms and said to her. She
had been too alert before and had frightened her. It was not that Joan acted to be alert.

It was because few girls were as innocent as her in the world now.

"Shelly, you can call me Shelly. I just graduated this year. This is my first job. " There was a hint of pride
in her tone, as if she was confident in such a simple work.

Shelly was as confident as her was when she just graduated.

When she answered the phone, it was Fred Chen. It was true that he felt pity for Joan, but it was also a
difficult thing for him to do. After asking for her condition, he asked Shelly to give the phone to Joan.

"Uncle Fred," She said this in a peaceful tone. In fact, Uncle Fred called her and told her that she
couldn't get this job anymore.

As expected, Uncle Fred's voice sounded helpless on the phone. In the past few years, he had no
choice but to act according to Scott's will. He also had his own family to raise. As he was no longer
young, he couldn't do anything willfully.

"Joan, Uncle Fred used would fight with you if I were young. But now, I'm old. I'm two years older than
your father. I'm not bold enough."

"Uncle Jasper, please don't say that. I won't put you in an awkward position. It's not your fault. I'll pay
you a visit when I'm free. Say you hate me to Scott. The more you hate me, the better, so that he won't
be hard on you. " Joan said calmly, as if she had nothing to do with it.

People would become numb as long as the pain lasted for a long time, including their hearts and
bodies. The nurse came and helped Shelly to help Joan lie down on the bed.

Joan was lying on the bed, like a lamb to be slaughtered. The nurse and Shelly worked together to cut
off her hospital clothes. When they saw the glass inserted in her body, they were shocked.

"I'll call the doctor for you. It's too difficult for me to handle." After that, the nurse told Shelly to use a
cotton ball to wipe off the blood stains on the spare parts and not to touch the injuries.

Joan thought that she and Shelly were meant to meet. She buried her face in the pillow and talked with

"My dear sister, your husband is so heartless to ignore you." She asked innocently, "Are you having a

"We are divorced. He is my ex-husband."

Shelly stuck out her tongue. She realized her mistake and apologized, "I'm sorry, sister. I didn't mean

She was innocent because she didn't know the truth. It was her who kept holding on to the past. The
divorce agreement had been signed for a long time, and she shouldn't keep his phone number.

She asked Shelly to take out her phone from her coat pocket. She stared at the number for a long time
and pressed the delete button.

All the old love stories between her and Scott disappeared at this moment. She made up her mind to
find out the secrets of the bankruptcy.

She gritted her teeth. If it was true that Scott had planned all this, she wouldn't forgive him.


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