Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 28 I Will Go With You

Therefore, it was obvious why he was going to take the land. Joan was in urgent need of a task which
could build her confidence and prestige in this industry. This project would be a very good opportunity
for her.

In the Lu Company, he could afford such a small amount of money.

As he had expected, Joan's eyes lit up. "Are you serious? That's great. In the past few days, I have
almost read through all the drafts you designed for at least two times. I haven't received any important
tasks. "

With a broad smile, she said, "Don't worry. I'll start to study the design since tonight. I won't bring
trouble to the Lu Company."

Happy is enough, Darren thought to himself as he cast a glance at Joan, who was a workaholic.

On the other side, in the villa where Joan had lived for many years, Celia and Laura had a party every
night. After they drove Joan out, the house became a small brothel.

Their father had passed away, and there was no one who could restrain them anymore.

The man sitting in front of them was the eldest son of the president of a bank. He knew Celia Xu in a
nightclub. He got to know her trouble by accident.

"Mr. Cheng, look at this bank card. That bitch just ignored my mother. We don't have the password."
She said in a wronged tone, leaning against Brooke Cheng.

Laura didn't think it was improper for her daughter to act like a slut. She picked up a glass of wine and
handed it to him. "Mr. Cheng, don't you know how evil that woman named Joan Gu is? No matter if I'm
related to her by blood, I'm her nominal mother and I am an elder. Moreover, Celia is her nominal sister.
The heartless girl just ignored our need for a living. "

After saying that, she began to cry, looking as if she was very aggrieved.

Brooke Cheng had been besieged by Celia recently. He not only bought a lot of luxury goods for them,
but also bragged as he was drunk.

"It's not a difficult thing. She's just nobody. My father is old now. He tells me his moral principles every
day. I don't think it's possible to get any chance from him, but..." He took a sip from the glass and said,
"But I'm sure I can deal with her. I won't let anyone hurt you."

The smile on Laura's face even made her makeup fall. "Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Cheng." Celia
gave her a look. She patted her head as if she understood what Celia meant at once. "Oh, I have a
poor memory. I just promised Mrs. Lu yesterday. They are in urgent need of a companion today and
asked me to play mahjong with them."

She twisted her legs, lifted her hand and walked out of the door, leaving the quiet villa to Celia.

She walked to a streetlight, where the light was better, and took out the diamond card from her pocket
to look it over. She snorted with disdain.

"Let me see how long you can be proud."

Joan had been busy in the computer room for hours. She had been very excited ever since the meal
was over. Rubbing her sore eyes, she pulled out of a pile of design documents and clicked into the
MSN because it was flashing.

"Miss Joan Gu, Mr. Scott Lu and Miss Jean Bai are going to hold their wedding in Bright Hall Hotel on
26th this month. We hope you will pay a visit."

It had only been a few days since they went through the divorce procedure. They just couldn't wait to
get married as if they had been expecting for a long time.

In that case, he didn't need to act hypocritically when signing the agreement. She even took the
initiative to give up the idea of divide the property, letting him laugh at her behind.

She couldn't clearly see the handwriting on the screen, and a feeling of bitterness surged into her heart
with tears in her eyes. It didn't matter that Jean made trouble for her, framed her and looked down upon

What made her most chilling was that her ex-husband followed another woman to bully her.

She calmed herself down. She couldn't go there like a fool, or she would be bullied by them in front of
so many people.

The call was answered immediately. She was silent for a few seconds before she said a word.

But Darren noticed her abnormality. "Why are you crying?" he asked.

"Nonsense, who's crying?" She explained in a hurry, "There's no reason for me to cry."

"Tell me, why are you crying?"

Darren acted as if he hadn't heard Joan's explanation. On the contrary, he had the most basic sense of
judgment. He could tell that Joan had been bullied. Thinking of this, Darren secretly clenched his fists.

Is it appropriate to take Darren to her ex-husband's wedding? All of a sudden, Joan regretted calling
him. She didn't know if it was too selfish to do so.

Darren hated to be arranged. If she did this, she seemed to touch his taboos. She was never such a
cautious person, but she just didn't like to be forced to do anything she didn't like. 'Treat others in a way
you want to be treated, okay?'' She was going to find some topic to muddle through, so she lamely
found an excuse.

"Nothing. My stomach hurts. Maybe I just ate too much."

They talked with each other in a tit-for-tat way at the beginning. Now they talked with each other more
and more naturally. A cunning man like Darren was always smart about her words. He finally asked, "If
you don't tell me the truth, I will keep an eye on you for 24 hours."

'This man!' This was an absolute threat. Would he put a man who monitored her around?

All of a sudden, she was all flustered. "I... nothing. I just received Scott's invitation when I checked my
MSN. Scott... and Jean are getting married. They invited me. "

"Stupid woman. Do you have to go?"

Her gloomy mood cleared up at once when she knew that she could pretend to not receive any e-mail
from him. On the other side of the phone, she vaguely heard Selina asking for his signature on a

It turned out that he was so busy every day.

She felt sorry for bothering him. She was about to hang up the phone to set him at ease, but Darren
was not in a hurry and started to plan a game as if a cat saw a mouse.

He said, "You can hide from him. But I know a man better than you. He might think that you still love
him so that he can brag about it."

"Who do you think is better when I'm standing there beside Scott?" he asked.

Darren's desire for exaggerated compliments made Joan feel better. He was her prey, she decided to
make fun of him.

"Well, it's hard to choose. Who should I choose?" If this woman were standing in front of him right now,
he promised he could eat her up because no one dared to make fun of him.

He had rarely been so narcissistic. Now that he finally wanted some praise, she seemed to have
racked her brain for this question and felt embarrassed?!

What an ungrateful woman!

"Joan Gu!" He called her by her full name. Joan quickly collected herself and answered, "Yes, it's you.
I'll see you on the 26th of this month."

The phone was hung up.

Sometimes, giving him too much praise makes him bored. When he was fed up with more
compliments, he found it interesting.

The pen was spinning around in his fingers. Joan's face came to his mind.

"Mr. Lu?" Being ignored, Selina had to muster up courage to call him again, "Mr. Lu!"


He asked back in a daze, but he startled Selina. She pointed at the blue case folder in his hand with
her finger and said, "This, you have to sign it."

After he signed the document, he turned it over to look for the place to sign.

"Well, Mr. Lu, you seem to... have already signed, and you can give it back to me. " She said gingerly.

He had signed the contract when he called her, but he kept it in his hand. After hanging up the phone,
he stared blankly. She even wanted to ask Mr. Lu if he was sick or not.

He was like suffering from amnesia.

He had been working for many years and it was the first time for him to embarrass himself in front of
his subordinates. He strove to keep his composure and handed the folder to Selina.

However, when the assistant took it from him, he didn't loosen his hand but grabbed it more tightly. She
couldn't get it out of his hand no matter how hard she tried.

"Selina, you have been with me for a long time, right?" His tone made Selina have goose bumps. Was
he going to fire her?

Although she always complained that working for a CEO like him was bad for her health, she had never
thought that she would quit her job here.

So she replied tentatively in a weak voice, "Yes, it has been three years."

"In the past three years, have you ever thought of me making a mistake?"

"No, Mr. Lu worked very hard and did everything in person. You didn't make any mistake."

Selina still couldn't figure out what he was going to say. It was just a whim today that he had to talk
about life with a little assistant in his office. He missed the past and looked forward to the future?

Both Darren and Selina were pinching a corner of the folder. Since Darren didn't loosen his grip on it,
she didn't exert too much strength to grasp it.

With a click, Darren loosened his grip, and the folder fell to the floor. He asked, "What about today?"

That was that he meant. She immediately understood and said, "Mr. Li, you were just tired. I'll make
you a cup of coffee!" She picked up the folder, turned around and walked out of the door, trying not to

The receptionist was amazed to see Selina holding back her smile. She had always been grim-faced
when she walked out of Mr. Lu's office, but today she looked unusual.

"Selina, what are you laughing at?" The girl asked out of curiosity.

After listening to her words, Selina suddenly realized that she was just smiling, and said, "I'm fine. I've
thought of something interesting."

Something interesting? The girl at the front desk pursed her lips. She didn't believe it at all. "Selina,
when you came out of the CEO's office, you were always in a bad mood. You were either calling with
anger or feeling depressed. Why do you look so happy when you come out?" she asked

She moved closer to Selina and said, " Is it you and the CEO..."She didn't finish her sentence, but
chuckled with her hands over her mouth.

Selina slapped hard on her forehead.

"You deserve it," said Selina.


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